aka Hawkstar

  • I live in StormClan camp
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is Warrior, Loner, Leader
  • I am a She-Cat

My Cat

Hawkheart is a huge long-furred dark brown she-cat with darker brown stripes, white paws, underside, muzzle, and tail-tip, ice-blue eyes that turn amber near the pupil, long claws, a chunk taken out of her right ear, and a scar over her left eye.


The user, Hawkheart, is the author of the Darkening Skies Fan Fiction and a member of the Warriors Wiki. She is currently reading Eclipse 'and Firestar's Quest . She enjoys art, writing, cats, and whenever on of the Erins messes up.

"Please note, everyone, that I am now taking charart requests! Only example I can show you is of Hawkstar up there - I made her. Feel free to send me something on my talk page if you'd like some charart!"

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==My favorite pages== * Scourge

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