Hazelwing of LightningClan

aka Hazy

  • My occupation is Reading and writing
  • I am Female


Welcome to LightningClan!

Hi, I'm Hazelwing of LightningClan. You can call me Hazelwing or Hazy, too! Here is my userpage, where you will find my Charart, my signature, some quizzes and some polls. Ask me anything. I just finished The Forgotten Warrior, so I've read all the books. :D If you want a Charart, leave it to me on my talkpage! Just tell me what you want and when, and make sure to leave your signature so that I can get your finished Charcat to you!!!

mew Please go to to see me and my kitty friends!
Pets I own a fifteen-year-old tortoiseshell beauty named Molly. She's the sweetest kitty ever in my book!

WWikia Goals


My Friends

My friends are usually either my friends in real life or kitties on the live chat that I have fun talking to:

Friends This user counts themselves as a best friend of Sweetstar
Sweetstar is my real-life neighbor/one-of-my-best-friends, and I owe my love of the Warriors series to her! In our RP Clan, she is our leader, first of our friends to read Warriors and first in our school to get anyone involved. :) She is really an awesome cat, someone who's personality will wow you. She doesn't come on WWikia anymore, but she has a profile on our RP website .

Friends This user counts themselves as a best friend of Goldwing
Goldwing is one of my best best best best best friends. Golzi is crazy. Period. She likes to say waffle! Now you know I'm not kidding when I say that this is one cool cat. :D She is Sweetstar's deputy, and accidentally attempted to read Fire and Ice before Into the Wild. xD I can say the same for Goldwing as I can for Sweetstar, that she is inactive on the Warriors Wiki... But you can see her here !

Friends This user counts themselves as a friend of Stormfire 14:17, May 28, 2012 (UTC)

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