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  • I live in America
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am Female =O

Hollyfire53 is the last remaining Blackstar account, and is pardoned by User:Eulalia459678 on the IRC, 12/27/2008. She will never vandalize again.

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Hello, vistors, as you probably know, my name is Hollyfire. I am the last remaining Blackstar account, and I have sworn not to knowingly vandalize this site again. Any messages for the accounts with a box on top reading, "this user is a blackstar vandal account" you may send me.

More about Me

I am Jewish, and quite sensitive about it, so I would really appreciate it if you didn't mention it. Otherwise, I confess, I really like to talk, so drop me lines anytime, I'm usually on the IRC in the evenings, about 8:00 on the Atlantic Coast. People have told me I'm efficiant, not to brag or anything. I'm top-of-my-class, in 4th grade, and if you'd like me to do anything you need, ask away!

Me and My Family

I am a girl, 10 yrs. old, and my cousins are a really annoying guy named Sean who keeps trying to strangle me, and about 7 teenagers, who smoke, and cuss around my 4 year old brother, who's name is Kevin. I have 2 other brothers, one is 11 in 5th grade, his name is Matt, and Nicholas, who is 6 yrs old and in 1st grade. My sister, Angelica, is Matt's fraternal twin, and is 11, and in 5th grade, also. We are located in Oakville, outside of Toronto in Ontario (Canada).


I roleplay a cat named Fireholly, who looks kinda like Brightheart, so once I get the graphic, I'll put it here:


I do not currently have a site for it, seeing I'm 10, but I will after my 18th birthday.

But Fireholly has hazel eyes, and a brown patch on his ears (see "Fireholly's Story below for more info).

I do have another site (which Fireholly's stories will be added to soon) called Cats of RiverClan, which needs a guestbook, I know, but I like it, anyway. The link: [1]. PLease tell me what you think of it.

My Faves

I don't really have favorites, but I agree with User:Silvertree on most of her opinions. My favorite book was Moonrise (I hate FEATHERTAIL), and my least favorite was The Sight (the weakest of all of them, if you ask me). I LOVE Brambleclaw in ThunderClan!


And, of course, I like Hollyleaf as well. She, too, emits awesomeness.

My name

My role play cat is Fireholly, so I reversed that, and I get Hollyfire. My dad was 53 when he died of a car crash, his car flipped into a ditch, seriously paralizing him. I really don't like to talk about that, though.

Fireholly's Story

Fireholly is a white she-cat with hazel eyes, a brown patch on her ears, and hazel eyes. Otherwise, she could pass for Brightheart's sister. When she was a moon old in HollyClan, the leader, Ivystar, ordered all the kits to be tested for their abilities, since the looming threat of SwampClan (pretty much ShadowClan) attacking followed him everywhere. Firekit failed the test, and Ivystar ordered him to leave HollyClan. Firekit looked everywhere for a home until Berryleaf, of SwiftClan (WindClan), found her, and Starystar allowed her to stay. Firepaw grew up in SwiftClan, until SwampClan attacked HollyClan. Ivystar was killed accidentely, and Honeysparkle (Honeystar) became leader. Silverberries became deputy. Silverberries was Firepaw's mother. A year later, TsunamiClan (did I spell that right? it's RiverClan) attacked HollyClan, wiping out most of the apprentices. Then Starystar told Firepaw that she originally was from HollyClan so she and her friend Whitepaw went to HollyClan to live. And soon Hollystar was old and retired, Silverstar made Firepaw and Whitepaw warriors; Fireholly and Whitejay. Soon Whitejay was deputy and promised if she becomes leader that Fireholly will be deputy. Later Silverstar told Fireholly and Whitejay that they are distant relatives, from their ancestors.

Pictures of Roleplay cats





Aquastar (leader of TsunamiClan):




Pearlnose (deputy of TsunamiClan):

Darkclaw (deputy of SwampClan):

Alligatorstar (leader of SwampClan):

          |            |
      Bananastar-----Rubyhearts   Flowerrose-----Sapphirenose
                   |                          |
Pearlnose---Shellfire                Carnationpaw
               |                      Leaffrost-------Blackhawk
           Ivystar                           |
 Unknown Tom--Berryleaf                Silverstar----Unknown Tom
             |                                          |
       Whitejay                                FIREHOLLY!!!!
Somewhere- Alligatorstar, Starystar, Aquastar, Honeystar, Darkclaw

File:LoLStamp.gif That is awesome!


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1. The Quest Begins

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