About the awesomness known as Hollytail... ;)


I'm too afraid of pain to be a warrior. Plus like, 10 people in my family are doctors. (Not exagerating; I don't want to bore you with the list...) So, this is Hollytail, a medicine cat. (despite the fact that I have sworn never to go into medicine in real life.)


1. Dovepaw's Warrior Name?

Q:Dovepaw's Warrior name?

The poll was created at 00:13 on May 7, 2010, and so far 160 people voted.

2. Ivypaw's Mate?

Q:Who do you think Ivypaw's mate will be?

The poll was created at 00:13 on May 7, 2010, and so far 143 people voted.

3. Dovepaw's Mate?

Q:Dovepaw's Mate?

The poll was created at 00:13 on May 7, 2010, and so far 155 people voted.

4. Will Jayfeather have a mate?

Q:Will Jayfeather have a mate?

The poll was created at 00:13 on May 7, 2010, and so far 159 people voted.

Results of Former Polls

  1. New Shadow Clan Deputy: Tawnypelt. By a lot...
  2. Favorite of the Three: All of the votes somehow became erased, but Jayfeather won. By a lot. Yeah...
  3. Should Squirrelflight and Leafpool be forgiven? The answer is yes.
  4. Ashfur, Good or Bad? Ashfur is in between.
  5. Most evil cat? Thistleclaw.
  6. Sadstorm's Mother? Brindleface.
  7. Graystripe's Parents? Willowpelt and Patchpelt

My Questions...

  1. Who is Sandstorm's mother? And, no, I REFUSE to believe that her mother is Brindleface. It is proved that she's not on page 255 of Into the Wild.
  2. Who is Silverstream's mother?
  3. Who are Longtail's parents?
  4. Who is Swiftpaw's father?
  6. Who knows when Firestar's gonna die? 'Cuz he's lived WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long.
  1. Does anyone know if Hollyleaf is actually dead? 'Cuz they won't go out and admit that she's dead in the Erin Hunter chat that I read... i hope that Hollyleaf is alive...
  1. Why was Millie not in the Alligiances of "The 4th Apprentice"?
  1. How do you make a "signature"? :)
  1. Is only the Family Trees incorrect on the warriors 'official' website, or are the answers from the 'Questions for Erin' section considered valid? *PLEASE ANSWER!*
  1. Where are the user boxes located? the only ones I saw were the ones that i posted at the bottom of this page... *HELP PLEASE*

My Theories

1.Lionblaze will mate with Cinderheart.

2. Heathertail's parents are Onewhisker & Whitetail.

3.Hollyleaf is ALIVE. In the 6th Erin Hunter chat, someone named Firefawn (i think) asked why they killed Hollyleaf, and the answer was: REALLY? Where did we say THAT?

4.Dovepaw's warrior name will be Dovewing, because of the Omen..."After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace shall come on DOVE'S gentle WING."

5.Jayfeather and Briarlight will become mates. He's always so gentle with her and he's never grumpy like he is with everyone else. Also, an Erin said that she might like for Jayfeather to have a mate (Quote copied ad pasted below)

CherithBaldry: It might be good to have that cool, touch-me-not outside of Jayfeather completely broken down by his feelings for another cat. Vicky? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

6. O.K. Sandstorm's mother is not Brindleface. Read page 225 of Into the Wild. So, who could her mother be? No matter what I believe, I've been trying to use logic to figure that out. Right now, I agree that Goldenflower was her mother, but we can't just jump to conclusions (mousedung! I ALWAYS jump to conclusions ;) LOL) The only options that I see are:

  1. Goldenflower-she DOES seem to hold Goldenflower in high esteem, and brings her up in Code of the Clans, possibly signifying that they are kin. They also look alike, and Star Clan knows that she didn't get her looks from Redtail :)
  2. Frostfur-I agree that Frostfur and Lionheart were mates, but, once more, it was never confirmed, so we can't jump to conclusions. However, at the beginning of Into the Wild, Frostfur has four kits, soon after Redtail dies. Could these kits have been Redtail's kits? After all, Brackenfur and Thornclaw are bracken colored/golden-close enough to ginger?
  3. Mousefur-O.K., with absolutely NO evidence, but she never appeared to have a mate... still, as she never had a mate, and Redtail saved her life in the battle against River Clan...though he would do the same for any Thunder Clan cat... hmmmmmmm.....
  4. Dappletail-While Dappletail may have mated with Stormtail, we know that she had kits. Could she have moved on from Stormtail and mated with Redtail?...Yeah, I know how ridiculous this one sounds.
  5. O.K., this is the last option that I see, and actually is quite plausible. Someone brought this up on Sandstorm's talk page, and it's a brilliant theory. Sandstorm may not be fully Thunder Clan. The more I think on this, the more it begins to rival my belief that Goldenflower is Sandstorm's mother. Think... as someone pointed out, Thistleclaw was alive at the time, and it is certainly possible that he stooped to the level of stealing kits...perhaps Redtail gave her to Brindleface to nurse, if Brindleface had had kits that died? Ferncloud and Ashfur may have been her first litter to be ALIVE still... also, Sandstorm is fast, and can catch a certain prey that ANOTHER clan catches... that's right, Sandstorm can catch rabbits, like Windclan!!! Can she have a Wind Clan mother, and Thistleclaw found out, and then stole her on a raid. If he knew that Redtail was the father and brought her to Thunderclan, then the Clan would have a reason to be allowed to stay in Thunderclan!!! Perhaps only Redtail, Thistleclaw, Bluestar, and whoever suckled Sandstorm (Brindleface?) knew...after all, Mistyfoot and Stonefur's clan never knew that they were half-clan, except for Oakheart, Crookedstar, and Graypool... is this possible?

Quick Summary of Me

  • I am not good with computers, and I am constantly confused about how to edit anything correctly.
  • I typically try to help with something as best I can (and usually mess up while trying to help...).
  • I am SUCH a klutz! =)
  • I am very opinionated.
  • And stubborn.
  • I contradict myself on my opinions of characters and pairings a lot.
  • And I get easily frustrated when things don't make sense to me.
  • I am constantly smiling and/or laughing... unless I have a rare bad day, in which case, I tend to rant a lot. Especially at book characters that annoy me.
  • My former rant of Feathertail was an example of a beyond bad day... I just realized that it was still there and took it down. Basically, it sounded very Sith...
  • I tend to use caps to emphasize a point, not to yell. (The underline and Italacize and Bold buttons at the top of the screen tend to get stuck, and then EVERYTHING is italicized/underlined/bold. Oops... I think that that's starting to work again, because I've been able to use it again. It just takes a couple undo's and clicks and me yelling at the computer...).
  • I apologize in advance if anything I say (or would that be type?...) irritates you.
  • I also apologize in advance for the immense amount of Star Wars lingo and examples I use, but I obsess over Star Wars just as much as I obsess over Warriors (maybe more?... It kinda depends on the day...).
  • My best friend here (and pretty much everywhere) is Leaffang. She is one of my biffles at school, too.
  • I am a "creative speller". I cannot spell to save my life.
  • Soooo... yeah. Hi!!! =) (=

Name: ...I would willingly put that info on the internet because...? LOL, sorry!

Live: In the Milky Way Galaxy. Not going much more specific than that.

Clan:Wind Clan

Cat's Appearance:Black fur, green eyes.

Favorite Color:Dark Purple and/or green...

Hobbies:Reading, listening to music, reading warriors wikipedia, reading erin hunter chats, writing.

Favorite Music Artists:Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Cascada, Rihanna, Nickleback, Daughtry, Evanescence, P!nk....... the list goes on......


Oreo:A fat, black and white kittypet (Leaffang calls him Smudge :) Originally, we called him a very fat Tallstar, until we remembered Smudge...) My family and I found him outside of a furniture store, and he wouldn't let us leave without him!!! Literally, he sat down behind our car! =)

Daisy: a yellow lab puppy that my family just got on Friday :-D SHE IS CUTENESS!!!!! :-D Her warrior name is Daisyheart

Star Wars Lingo that I Will almost Constantly Use or Make a Reference To


  1. Kriff
  2. Stang
  3. Sithspawn
  4. Sithspit
  5. Emporer's Black Bones
  6. Blast
  7. Blaster Bolts
  8. Frip


  1. Luke Skywalker
  2. Anakin Skywalker
  3. Ben Skywalker
  4. Han Solo
  5. Mara Jade
  6. Leai Solo
  7. Jaina Solo
  8. Jacen Solo/Darth Cadeus
  9. Lumiya
  10. Tahiri Veila
  11. Natasi Daala
  12. Wynn Dorvan

To Leaffang, one of my BFFs...


My Odd Obsession

O.K. I'm going to say.. er, write this now. I. Am. Obsessed. If you don't believe me, write to Leaffang and ask her. Leaffang will tell you. I actually got so excited waiting for the new book to come out, that I filled an ENTIRE notebook with every single clan leader, in lists with their families, every single deputy, with their families, every single warrior with their families, all divided by clan. I also made lists (still in this notebook) of verified star clan members, verified Place of no stars members, herbs, poisons, diseases/sicknesses, my favorite characters, my favorite names, fan fiction, fighting moves, the warrior code, Firestar's lives, Bluestar's lives, glossary, books, prophecies, ceremonies with the right words, the characters I hate the most (Smallear and Speckletail are at the top of that list. Brambleclaw and Leafpool are also on it), and loners and kittypets, naming the families of all of the cats, and drawing family trees. Thunder clan's family tree took three hours and five minutes to do, and then a "friend" <cough, cough ANNOYANCE,cough, cough> dropped it into the toilet in the boys locker room. (YUCK!) Oh, well... what's done is done. Ohhh.. did I mention that I'm typing it all up, too? My mom asked me why I don't put this much time and effort into my school work (don't get the wrong idea, I'm actually an honor roll student). It is 90 pages long! [edit:its waaaaay over 90 pgs now. Im not counting.] Wow am I weird or what! Several friends have asked if I've considered seeing a phsichatrist.


Anyway, onto other things... Brindleclaw, Brindleface, Brambleberry, and Cherrytail are the prettiest cat EVER!! Bluestar's Prophecy is my favorite book, so far, but I can't wait for Skyclans Destiny to come out!!! And I can't believe that Poppyfrost has&nbsp Berrynose's kits in The Fourth Apprentice! I mean, her sister hasn't been dead that long and already, she has her SISTER'S mate's kits! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Book Series that I am Obssessed With

1.WARRIORS (why else would I be here?!?!?!)

1.STAR WARS (ties for first place!!)

2.Maximum Ride (GO TEAM FANG!!!!) <crying> WHY FANG WHYYYYYYYY????;_; <No, seriously, I actually cried>

3.Harry Potter (I went to a Harry Potter summer camp! FUN!)


My Favorite Conversation from Warriors

"Hey, Brackenfur!" [Squirrelflight] waved her tail at the ginger warrior as he padded past. "What's happening?"

"Mousefur just called a clan meeting," Brackenfur explained.

"Mousefur just called a clan meeting?" Brambleclaw echoed. "Can she do that?"

Brackenfur shrugged. "She's done it."

"Oh, good," Cloudtail meowed sarcastically. "More trouble. Just what we need."

This is copied almost exactly from the book Sunset, page 236. My favorite quote is Cloudtail's line. Personally, I think Thunderclan needs a change in leadership. Not that Firestar's not brilliant and all, but he's been the star for too long. And I don't think that that control freak Brambleclaw should take over, either. Who would be a good Thunder clan leader? The answer is quite simple: Hollyleaf. She reminds me a lot of Bluestar; she didn't want to be stuck in the nursery with kits, she was a politician type of cat, and she had the right type of ambition. Isn't she AWESOME?!?!?!?!?! But, as she probably won't (unless she comes back to Thunder Clan and takes over..i wish...) I think Thornclaw would be a good choice, too... although he CAN sometimes be mousebrained...

My top 25 list of Most Awesome Cats:

  1. Hollyleaf...granted, you went wacko, but you were AWESOME!!...Dunno WHY since most of your characteistics annoyed me... >:( Hmmmm...
  2. Crowfeather...YAY FOR THE GRUMPY CROWFEATHER!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jayfeather...Kay, I can just SEE an annoyed teenager in Jayfeather. None of the other cats are like that.
  4. Squirrelflight...Annoys Brambleclaw on the journey, hyper, gets in trouble, has FUN! Now, THAT'S an awesome cat!... Until she helped Leafpool. IK now hate her guts. But she used to be one of my favorite cats.
  5. Tawnypelt...she just IS.
  6. Blackstar...Sarcastic, untrusting, awesome....
  7. Ashfur...well, think of him like Hollyleaf. Same concept.
  8. Cinderpelt/heart...WHY did Firestar not see that you loved him WHY??????????????????
  9. Sasha...Don't question Sasha. She rocks. Why? She just DOES.
  10. Ashfoot...She's Crowfeather's mother! That automatically makes her awesome.
  11. Jingo...Jingo is an awesome cat, okay? She just IS. She IS!
  12. Cherrytail...hyper and overeager! Hooray!
  13. Mousefur...she's cranky. So?
  14. Longtail...he was awesome AFTER Darkstripe was exiled. WHY DID HE DIE????? ;_; ;_; ... Leaffang and I have been wearing black to honor his memory...
  15. Bluestar...Do I really need to explain?
  16. Heathertail...She and Lionblaze were sooooooooo cute together!
  17. Oakheart...He loved Bluestar; Bluestar loved him. <wails> Why do they hate each other now? ;_;
  18. OneWHISKER...okay, as OneWHISKER, he rocked. Just not as OneSTAR.
  19. Stormfur...he was the non-annoying kit of Graystripe and Silverstream. Need I say more?
  20. Featherwhisker...I LOVE FEATHERWHISKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  21. Dustpelt...Witty, scathing, skeptical, Dustpelt, kriffing AWESOME, etc...
  22. Birchfall...the apple doesn't FALL far from the BIRCH tree :) (Sorry, I know I need to get some new jokes (-:)
  23. Graystripe...come on. He's GRAYSTRIPE! How could you NOT love him?
  24. Tigerheart...Awwwwwwwww...he and Dovepaw are in love! <3 Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
  25. Russetfur...All hail the Russetstar that will never be!!!!
  26. Did I say top 25? Oh, well, this list is longer... oops...
  27. Ivypaw... Nooo! Don't listen to Hawkfrost! You'll break your sisters heart! ;_;
  28. Dovepaw... She loves Tigerheart!!! Come on everyone... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... <3 <3 <3
  29. Mistystar...ALL HAIL MISTYSTAR!!! :)
  30. Goosefeather...see Hollyleaf and Ashfur.
  31. Briarlight... <sniff> So brave... ;_; ... Horrible name though...
  32. Littlecloud...awesomest non-Thunderclan med. cat.

My Top 23 List of Least Favorite Cats:

  1. Smallear...Annoying.
  1. Speckletail...Bossy, annoying.
  1. Thistleclaw...Kriffing Demonic. I mean, STANG! Can't he stop beating up cute little Tigerpaw? (Yes, TigerPAW was adorable. Just saying.)
  1. Ferncloud...Bossy furball who sits around all day. BE A WARRIOR, ALREADY!!!!!
  1. Berrynose...come on. He's BERRYNOSE. They comment on every other page how much a stupid furball he is... mouse brain...
  1. Poppyfrost...STAY AWAY FROM BERRYNOSE! HE IS HONEYFERN'S MATE!!! TRAITOR!!! (to your sister, anyways)...
  1. Hawkfrost...need I explain?
  1. Snowfur...stop mooning over Thistleclaw and why do you run ACROSS the thunderpath? The Shadowclan warriors knew they were beaten. Now you just upset your sister!
  1. Scourge...You brought Bone to the forest, who then killed Whitestorm.
  1. Sharpclaw...*mystical voice*I see another Tigerstar in the future...
  1. Spiderleg...annoying, annoying, Spiderleg, annoying,... did I mention ANNOYING?
  1. Nightcloud...let your son fight his own battles. (maybe he'll lose, hehehehe)
  1. Sol...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  1. Mothwing...annoying! She's adorable though.... (point for cute kittys!)
  1. Leopardstar...How annoying can you get? "WAAAAAAAAY too big for her fur..."-dunno what page that's on, but it's in t4A, and it's true.
  1. Patchpelt...He was too annoying. And bossy. And rude. But the bad rude. Like, not Crow/Jayfeather rude. See what I mean?
  1. Dappletail...bossy furball. Once more, she gets points for being adorable and sweet as an elder. Just as a warrior, she kinda irks me.
  1. Purdy...annoying! He needs to stop being so self absorbed!
  1. Feathertail...BACK OFF!!!! CROWFEATHER IS LEAFPOOL'S!!!!!! YOU GET NO EXTRA POINTS, NO MATTER HOW ADORABLE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!! (I loved Feathertail UNTIL she got together with Crowpaw...)
  1. Firestar...He has been the star for waaaaaaaaaay too long.
  1. Brambleclaw...annoying, bossy furball...
  1. Leafpool...mature, non-fun loving, somber, Leafpool, annoyingly mature, etc...notice the pattern? She gets points for creating the perfect couple with Crowfeather, though...
  1. Daisy...see Ferncloud. (I don't blame Spiderleg for breaking up with her...)

The most awesome warrior names would be:

  1. Cinderdawn,
  2. Echomist,
  3. Echosong,
  4. Jaysong
  5. Dovesong
  6. Duckfang (lolllz)
  7. Hollytail, (duh! :) )
  8. Dawnechoes,
  9. Raintail,
  10. Shadowsong,
  11. Tigerfur,
  12. Smoketail,
  13. Ashtail,
  14. Nighttail,
  15. Russettail,
  16. Jaywing,
  17. Ivywing,
  18. Honeytail,
  19. Hollyheart,
  20. Icetail,
  21. Heathertail,
  22. Sandstorm,
  23. Hazeltail,
  24. Sorreltail,
  25. Willowpelt,
  26. Mistytail,
  27. Hawkwing,
  28. Stormsong.

Names that Are Not Right-Sounding to Me...

Names What I Think They Should Be
Briarlight Briarnose, Briarpelt
Lionblaze* Lionclaw
Icecloud Icewing
Mole_____ Dust-, Mouse-, Brown-, Etc.
Mud_____ Dust-, Mouse-, Brown-, Etc.
Rosetail Rosepetal, Roseheart
Poppyfrost Poppydawn, Poppyfur, Poppypelt
Honeyfern Honeytail, Honeyfur
Ivypool Ivyfur
Ferncloud Fernpelt, Fernleaf
Brightheart Brightflower
Nightcloud Nightfur, Nightshadow
Bluefur Bluetail
Snowfur Snowpelt

Furzefur (If they mean gorse (Furze), then say Gorse!)

Loudbelly Loudstream
Hawkfrost* Hawkfur
Frostfur* Frostflight (I know it makes no sense)
Berrynose Berryfur

*Means that the name suits the cat, but I still don't like it...

My Favorites Shippings

  1. CROWFEATHER & LEAFPOOL!!!!! BACK OFF, FEATHERTAIL!!!!!...And Nightcloud, though him having a kit with you to prove loyalty shouldn't count as a mate...
  2. Oakheart&Bluestar...THEY ARE THE GREATEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Well, after Crowfeather and Leafpool, of Course...
  3. Birchfall&Whitewing...THEY'RE SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!
  4. Brambleclaw&Squirrelflight...Oh my trent, it was so meant to be! Fall in love with her again Brambleclaw! Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeee?!?!!!!
  5. Graystripe&Silverstream...Millie, do everyone a favor and DIE!!! Not that I don't love you, but he was SILVERSTREAM'S mate!
  6. Berrynose& I not only hate Poppyfrost's name, but her, too!!!!
  7. Lion x Cinder- ok, while I still love Lion x Heather, it's been confirmed not to happen and this pairing has a lot of evidence. She is NOT a mary-sue; people need to back off & leave her alone! I don't love her, but her finding a mate isn't going to make her "perfect".
  8. Spiderleg&Daisy...It's a cute couple! Really!!!! WHY DID IT HAVE TO END?!?!?!?

My Couples Wish List...

This is the list of couples that I WISH for:

  2. Jayfeather x Briarlight :-)
  3. Tigerheart&Dovepaw...Awwwwwwwwww... sooooooooooooooo cute... and she thinks he's HANDSOME... she's so in love...
  4. Jayfeather x Half Moon: Soooooooooooooooo Cute!!!!
  5. Firestar & Cinderpelt...WHY DID HE NOT SEE THAT SHE LOVED HIM?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?
  6. Dustpelt & Sandstorm...I LOVE Sandstorm, just not when she's in love with Firestar. <sigh> Stupid-mate-stealing-she-cats...
  7. Ashfur & Whitewing...I know it's kinda odd... But I actually thought that Whitewing liked him. Ashfur was AWESOME, and I was kinda hoping that he would move on after Squirrelflight rejected him

Couples that I Absolutely HATE:

  3. Lion x Ice- to all the Lion x Ice fans- WHERE'S THE PROOF?

Favorite Warrior Books ( * means absolute favorite of all books)

ORIGINAL SERIES: 1.The Darkest Hour





1.Dark River*




1.The 4th Apprentice

Fading Echoes

Bluestar's Prophecy*

SkyClan's Destiny*


Code of the Clans (come on...LEAFPOOL is the narrorator!!! It's hysterical!!)

My Favorite Series of Warriors Order:

1.Power of Three

2.Omen of the Stars

3.The New Prophecy

4.Original Series

Favorite Quotes

Hello, Twilight? Deathnote called. It wants it's apple back.

-Someone's User Page (can't remember who's :( ... Why can't I remember this?) and they got it from someone's dA siggy... Well, one of my friend's made it their siggy, too...

Dorvan: "Eat your vegetables, children, or Admiral Daala will come for you."

Daala:"Just get out."

-Wynn Dorvan and Natasi Daala in Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash

Han:"Did he say 'scoundrel'?"

Leia:"He did."

Han: "It's gotta be wildly popular scoundrel or no deal."

-Han and Leia Solo making a deal with Wynn Dorvan and Natasi Daala in Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash

Daala: "Did you actually use the phrase 'wildly popular scoundrel for him?"

Dorvan: "Of course. Part of the agreement."

-Wynn Dorvan and Natasi Daala in Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash

Ben: "There was a baby like that. But I don't want to talk out here in the open. Someone might hear. Let's take a short walk into the Trees of Imminent Doom."

-Ben Skywalker explaining his idea of how and why Tribeless Sha was killed by a Nightsister on Dathomir. Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash.

Ben: "After lunch I think I'm going to start asking new questions."

Luke: "And when someone asks you to talk to her among the Trees of Imminent Doom?"

Ben:"I say yes, close my eyes, and pucker up for a big kiss?"

Luke:"There, that's the Skywalker survival instinct at work."

-Luke and his son Ben Skywalker discussing the investigation Ben is making to find out who among them on Dathomir is actually a Nightsiter who killed Tribeless Sha, in Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash.

Ben: "Don't feel bad. Civilized politics are even worse."

Kaminne: "How so?"

Ben: "Incompetants don't get automatically get killed right away. Sometimes they even get reelected."

-Ben Skywalker and Kaminne in Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash.

Kaminne: "A- what is it you call it?"

Tasander:A deed. To the hill. For the Jedi Order. I think you should build a new school here. So now there is a piece of land you can use, right in Bright Sun territory, if you want it.

Ben: Thank you. Hey, Dad, I got my job as a landlord back.

-Ben Skywalker, Kaminne, and Tasander Drest, Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash

Jaina:"There are times where being Han and Leia Solo's daughter has been the most exasperating thing in the univerrse."

Jag:"And at other times?"

Jaina:"A source of great pride. Come to think of it, both conditions apply to being Jagged Fel's lover."

Jag:"Ah, the backhanded compliment. Something all the Solos have mastered."

-Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel; Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash

Luke: "Well, a reasonable Sith, what next?"

-Luke Skywalker, Star Wars;Fate of the Jedi; Allies

Ben thought that Han Solo could learn a thing or two from this Sith about infusing one's voice with sarcasm.

-Ben Skywalker's thoughts, Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Allies

Luke: "Are-are you proposing a formal alliance?"

Taalon: "Precisely."

Luke: "I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound like a very Sith thing to say."

Taalon: "This creature, this Abeloth, has the audacity to reach out and harm our apprentices. Our Tyros. To toy with the Tribe-the Sith. The insult cannot be borne. It will not be borne. We are going into the Maw. We will find her. And she will know pain a thousand times worse than anything she has visited upon us. She will learn what it truly means to attack the Tribe. We shall take delight in destroying all that is precious to her and then, slowly, we will end her."

Ben: "That, however, is a very Sith thing to say."

-Luke Skkywalker and High Sith Lord Taalon discussing an alliance to stop Abeloth, Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Allies.

Vestara:"Being ordered about, constantly in danger, having to scramble for plans just to stay alive... that's what it's been like for me for my entire stay on Dathomir. What's it feel like?

Ben: *sigh* "Like life as usual."

-Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai, Star Wars; Fate of the Jedi; Backlash

Saba:"This one is a hunter. This one does not know how to defend or flee."

Danni:"This one is a scientist. This one didn't used to know how to kill."

Saba:"Danni can return to using human grammer now."

-Saba Sebatyne (Barabel) and Danni Quee (Human), Star Wars, Enemy Lines; Rebel Dream

Tycho:"We'll put that in your biography. General Antilles was so good, he couldn't fail when he tried to."


-Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu discussing Wedge (commanding) winning a battle he was intending to lose, Star Wars, Enemy Lines; Rebel Dream

Kell:"'The bantha crows at dawn'."


Kell:"You know. 'The bantha crows at dawn.' What's the countersign? *aims hydrospanner as if a blaster* "Or perhaps you're not Section Head Iella Wessiri at all? Pull that ooglith masquer off, or I open fire."

Iella:"My husband never really told me how annoying you were. *turns to Luke* Thirty minutes. There's news." *leaves*

Kell:*disgusted* "No countersign indeed. What kind of holodrama is this?"

-Iella Antilles and Kell, Star Wars, Enemy Lines; Rebel Dream

Iella:"I'll give you that exteremly annoying mechanic." *talking about Kell*

Luke:"Thank you so much."

-Luke Skywalker and Iella Antilles, Star Wars, Enemy Lines; Rebel Dream

Darman: "We'll try getting Uthan out via the drains. If we can't, it's plan D."

Fi: "Cheer up, we've still got E through Z plans."

-Darman and Niner are trying to get Dr. Quail Uthan out of a Seperatist base with Fi making comments, Star Wars: Republic Commandos: Hard Contact

Bardan: "Thank you for flying Jedi Air." *grins and shakes hands* "Have a nice afternoon."

Sev: "You're all insane." *stalks away*

-Bardan Jusik and Sev after Bardan just wildly outflew enemy ships while kidnapping Jiss, Star Wars: Republic Commandos: Triple Zero

Ordo: "In three..."

Mereel: "What happend to in five?"

Ordo: "I just ran out of patience."

-Ordo and Mereel discussing the timing of the explosives they are setting off, Star Wars: Republic Commandos: Triple Zero

Scorch: "Let's ask sev. He's a dead-body-ologist."

Sev: *picks up skeleton arm; falls apart in his hand* "Yep, he's dead all right."

Scorch: "Sure you don't want a second opinion, Doc?"

Sev: "Nah, I'm prepared to go out on a limb."

-Scorch and Sev discussing a skeleton deep in the water on Doruuma, Star Wars: Republic Commandos: True Colors

Obrim: "Okay, I'm ATU. I've arrested him for looking at me funny. Now, move it, or I'll book you for constructing me."

-Captain Jaller Obrim to a med droid who was about to kill Fi because he was "brain dead" but still breathing unaided, breaking him out of a Republic med center because Fi was "government property", Star Wars: Republic Commandos: Truer Colors

Vau: "Who's authorization are we claiming? I need to fix the ID chips."

Kal: "Oh, Chancellor's Office. Might as well tick him off completely. I hate doing half a job."

-Walon Vau and Kal Skirata after an arrest warrant was put out on Kal, Star Wars: Republic Commandos: Order 66

Vau: "We'd better have a good reason for taking a psycotic killer with us tonight."

-Walon Vau, asking why Bardan Jusik took Arla Fett out of an insane asylum when she was not the intended target, Star Wars: Republic Commandos: Order 66

Do Bothan politicians ever tell the truth?

Sure! They'll do anything to win an election!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

What do you call sleet storms on Hoth?


-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

How many stormtroopers does it take to change a glow panel?

2! One to change it, the other to blast him, then take the credit for the work!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

What's the difference between a Jedi Knight and a Jedi master?

Ask me in about 20 years!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

What's the difference between a lightsaber and a glow rod?

A lightsaber impresses girls!

-Jacen Solo (shortly before cutting off Tenal Ka's arm in sparring practice.); Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

What time is it when an Imperial Walker steps on your chrono?

Time to get a new chrono!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invicible

What's the difference between an AT-AT and an Imperial officer?

One's an Imperial walker while the other is walking Imperial!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

What do you call the person that brings dinner to the rancor?

The appetizer!

-Jacen Solo; Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

What's the difference between a lightsaber and a glow rod?

About 2,000 degrees!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

Why was the Jedi master cross eyed?

He was trying to control his pupils!

-Jacen Solo; Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

How long does Uncle Luke need to sleep?

One Jedi knight!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

Why is a droid mechanic never lonely?

He's always making new friends!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

Why do wampas have such long arms?

Their hands are so far from their face!

-Jacen Solo, Star Wars; Legacy of the Force; Invincible

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