I am of a clan called GlacierClan. I am a queen who is expecting kits. My mate is Amberswipe Hi I'm

Honeycrystal! I will not be posting my story on my page, I might MIGHT! Do it on my talk page but no guarantees. But I can give you the prologue and chapter 1 to my story. My best friend is Fernwing. My other friends I could say is Starlingflight, Juniperspirit, and Ravenwing. The anon Dawnice is a good friend too. She's gonna get an account tomorrow I hope. And Loudsplash100000 too. Well here's my page, enjoy.

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Favorite Quotes

Jayfeather: What's the matter? Worried I might give you medicine?

Ferretpaw: Shut up.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. *wipes tear from eye* That's a good one!

Bluepaw: Crookedpaw?

Crookedpaw: I'm guessing my warrior name will be Crookedjaw. Unless my tail goes the same way. Then Hailstar might have to rethink.

He's got a point. :D

Feathertail: Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once... don't make me save you again.

Oh Feathertail... :)

Yellowfang: At last! Are they filling the apprentices' heads with thistledown these days? Of course you're dreaming.

Yellowfang, I miss you

These next one's are from Fernwing's book. All from Tigerstar's reincarnation Tigerstripe, to funny...bunny. Enjoy this excerpt. :D

Meanwhile at the nursery. Fernwing had dark red eyes. “Don’t yell at Starlingkit like that!,” she yelled. “Oh come on! Have you heard her constant yelling! It is ridiculous! Could you please just shut her up for a moon.,” he said angrily. Fernwing made a strong wail. “She just wants a mate Tigerstripe, remember Red?,” she asked. “Don’t ever speak of him!,” he said. Starlingkit’s eyes gleamed excited. “Tell me what happened!,” she insisted. Tigerstripe ignored but then sat down. He got curled up and looked at his aunt. “Go ahead. Tell her the tragedy that is, my brother.,” he said. “Tigerstripe! It wasn’t a tragedy. It was a love story with a happy ending. Not for you though, Tigerstripe.,” she said..

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