I am a felis catus

aka Felis

  • I live in somewhere
  • I am a cat
I am I am a felis catus, or Felis for short.
I am a felis catus.personal

This is a picture of my OC, Sweetfall. Thank you to Patchfeather for making it.

Things about me

  • I mostly play warriors/cat-based games, such as WC:UT, and evolution-based games, like Niche.
  • I love cats, and like dogs. I also like almost anything to do with nature.
  • The first warriors book I read was The Forgotten Warrior. The second was The Last Hope. The third book was likely Bluestar’s Prophecy. As you can tell, I’m not one to avoid spoilers.
  • I usually make character summaries, though sometimes I’ll edit typos and links.
  • I’m not that active, but usually do a few edits from time to time.

My favorite series

  1. The Prophecies Begin
  2. Dawn of the Clans
  3. A Vision of Shadows
  4. Omen of the Stars (It's the first arc I've ever read in Warriors!)
  5. The New Prophecy (Though that's a real original arc name)
  6. The Power of Three (There's really no villain—Ashfur is just an enemy.)


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