aka Special K, Icy, Icestar ;)

  • I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada (The most beautiful place on earth)
  • My occupation is Student, lifegaurd, aspiring geneticist, vet's assisitant
  • I am Female

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I had to have ice in my veins to do what I just did. I expect the ice to melt, but it doesn't. It just gets colder and colder.... And I welcome it.
— Scourge in The Rise of Scourge

My Userboxes

Welcome to my User Page, if you want to talk, leave me a message on my Talk Page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Im the current leader of PCA, and can help you with any problems with the project (Except archiving, don't even ask). Im around most days so just drop me a message and Ill get back to you ASAP. -ſceheartBlah blah

About Me

I started reading warriors because everytime we went to the book store my mom suggested I get “the one with the cat on the front. You like cats”. I’ve been reading them ever since and own every book. I live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada (duh) so be aware of the time zone.My real middle name is Teal, and that’s the reason for all the shades of blue and green on my page. I’m an only child, and have all the typically only children symptoms. Right now I'm trying to get the most chararts approved of all time.

Personal Info

  • Username: Iceheart (22)
  • Real Name: Krista Teal
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16 (I’m learning to drive!)
  • Birthday: February 22
  • Location: BC
  • Hobbies: Reading, art, trying to get a job, movie nights.


  • Season: Winter
  • Colours: Blue, teal, pink & black
  • Music: Country
  • Books: Warriors, House of Night, Hunger Games & anything by Ellen Hopkins
  • Animals: Cats, big & small
  • TV Show: Survivor & Tosh.0
  • Movies: Comedies. But all time favourite- The Green Mile (not a comedy)


I have read all of the books and my favourite is Forest of Secrets & Long Shadows.

Some of my favourite characters are Bluestar, Firestar, Ivypool, Sandstorm, Stonefur, and Squirrelflight.
Some of my least favourite characters are Leafpool, Dovewing, Speckletail and Leopardstar.

Thoughts on Other Users

  • Wildheart – Wildheart is one of by best friends and neighbours in real life. She’s good fun.
  • Nightshine – Nightshine was my mentor and is one of the amazing leads for PCA. She’s a great artist and put up with all my silly newbie questions. Left the wiki.
  • Scarletwind – My wonderful deputy who many months ago nominated me to be a SW. We're partners in crime at PCA, and the project wouldn't be where it is now if it wasn't for her.
  • Ivystripe – A fabulous SW, I helped her out a bit when she was new, and I can tell she's going to do big things for the wiki, we're tight.
  • Shellheart – She is doing wonderful things for PCA, and i can see her taking my place eventually.
  • Cloudskye – We've had are tiffs, but I know the project wouldn't be what it is without her, and she's a lot of help.
  • Foxleap – A good friend in real life. She thinks we’re to old for Warriors, but she still made her account :P
  • Fernpaw – Never on, but another real life friend.
  • Berrynose – Rarely on, never actually read the Warriors series, but made account anyways, to see where me and Wildheart always were. Another bestie.


PCA Chararts

Trying to get one of every rank
Sol.rogue Feathertail.warrior.alt Broken Shadow.queen Mothpelt.leader Shrewtooth.kittypet Leopardstar.deputy.alt Heathertail.warrior.alt File:Snake.rogue.alt.png File:Mintfur (SC).warrior.png Rain.elder.alt Jayfeather.mca.alt Owl File:Stoneteller(OTS).healer.png Redtail.warrior Redtail.deputy Redtail.apprentice File:Fallen Leaves.tb.png Rippleclaw.warrior Sol.warrior Echomist.queen Mosspelt.queen Sunstrike.warrior Beetlewhisker.warrior Sol.kittypet Silverstream.queen Foxwhisker.warrior File:Gorsetail (P3).queen.alt.png Morningflower.warrior Morningflower.queen Morningflower.elder Morningflower.apprentice Jake.kittypet File:Tigerstar.leader.alt.png Silverstream.warrior Floss.queen Floss.kittypet Lionstar.leader Owl Feather.queen.alt Owl Feather.queen Clovertail.queen.alt Bouncefire.warrior.alt File:Brambleclaw.kit.png File:Mudclaw (WC).warrior.alt.png Brackenfur.warrior.alt Lichenfur.loner Lichenfur.elder Briarlight.apprentice.alt Nettleclaw.warrior File:Flight.queen.png Brindleface.apprentice Crookedstar.apprentice.alt Tawnypelt.apprentice Brackenfur.apprentice.alt2 File:Snooky.apprentice.png File:Snooky.kittypet.png Buzzardstar.apprentice Brackenfur.apprentice.alt Gorsestar.leader Gorsestar.deputy File:Gorsestar.warrior.png File:Mintfur (SC).apprentice.png File:Mintfur (SC).kit.png Firestar.apprentice

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