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  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is Student atm
  • I am Female


My name is Sophia and I live in New Zealand. I am a big fan of Warriors and Pokemon. I also play Minecraft and Roblox in my freetime. I'm pretty much a newbie on here, so i'm not perfect at editing, but i'm learning!

Expect some random editing on this profile while i test out stuff!

My main oc is called Honeyswirl, heres a bit about her:

— Honeyswirl, probably going to do something stupid for the 5000000th time in every single book she is in

Honeyswirl is a ginger she-cat with brown on her snout, ears, paws and tip of tail as well as a brown stripe running down her back and up her tail and a lighter ginger/yellow belly. She has amber eyes.

(Thanks Vec for the charart <3)


Honeyswirl was born to Nettlemist and Hazelstem of BreezeClan along with her sister, Fernleap. Shortly after her birth, Nettlemist accidently kills a kit, and is exiled for her crime. She attempts to take her kits with her, but Hazelstem convinces her to bring them back and they are now fostered by Firedust.

Years later, Aspenpaw, the medicine cat apprentice gets a prophecy that a cat needs to return to BreezeClan. Aspenpaw eventually finds out that Honeyswirl, Fernleap and him need to bring Nettlemist back.

In the meantime, Honeyswirl breaks her leg in a battle with BluffClan, and is being taken care of by the BrookClan medicine cats, where she meets Nightwing, who becomes a close friend. After returning to BreezeClan she also gets close to the apprentice, Viperpaw. She also finds out about the prophecy through Aspenpaw.

Eventually, Honeyswirl, Fernleap and Aspenpaw get consent from Hazelstar to go off and find Nettlemist.

After travelling a couple of sunrises journey, the prophecy cats find Nettlemist, who is now in charge of a rogue group. They are also introduced to Acorn, the last surviving kit of a litter Nettlemist had with an unknown rogue tom.

They spend a while with Nettlemist's rogue group trying to convince her to return, eventually, she agrees and they plan to leave without the rest of the group knowing, though Acorn finds out and blackmails them to come too.

-more coming soon-

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