Hello there, welcome to my userpage! My name is InuKago, but you can call me Mink, I am a warrior of Project:Awards, Project:Characters, and Project:Character Art. I am a part-time editor here on the wiki but my thing is more to the area of art as I'm not very active with editing character pages. I also admin on BotC. If you need help with anything but I can guarantee that I'll pretty much send you in the direction of the Project's lead that you have a question in.

About Me

Name: Ellie
Title: The Rising Cure
Pronouns: They/Them or She/Her
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Place of Origin: Arkansas, USA (birthplace), Oklahoma, USA (hometown), Ohio, USA (current)
Interests: Warriors, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, WWE, AEW, MMA, The 100, etc. You could try just messaging me and starting a conversation about said interests.
Pet Peeves: Irritating sounds, conversations that go nowhere, etc.
Favorite Animal: Horse
Hobbies: Gaming, writing, art, flag spinning, dancing, etc.

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