Jayfeather forever

aka Jay

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female


Hi! Welcome to my page! I am Jayfeather forever. You can call me also Jay, Dusk, or Catnip. I am new to wikia. I am a great fan of Warriors, and a great fan of the character Jayfeather. I have been a Wikia contributor for about a year, and have finally become a member of it. If you want to know a thing or two about me, you can read below.

May Starclan light your path!


I am a person of peace.

At below there is some little information about me:

Real Name: Dusk Eve B.

Age: 17

Eye Color: pale gray blue

Hair color: brown

Height: average

Nicknames: Catnip (by my brother (I honestly don't know where it came from)), Glacier (by my boyfriend (I guess it refers to my eye color)), Death (by a friend of mine (when I am mad I can be dangerous))

Hobbies: drawing (not on computer though), (might sound ridicuous) math and science, playing with my cats, Dapple and Summer, reading books (especially Warriors), playing guitar, internet surfing, and listening to music

Phobia: none (but I do get kind of scared when my friends creep up on me! I don't think that counts though)

Favorite Book Series:

Warriors - I have been reading them since when I was ten years old. Although, I was kind of late to be a member of Wikia. I'm still reading them, since there is still books coming out. My brother thinks they are for kids, but who cares!

Dragonriders of Pern - adult fiction books. They are totally great! I love reading them. My brother doesn't read them, but then he doesn't usually read books at all!

Favorite Character from Warriors: Jayfeather, obviously! I just love him! Jayfeather rules!

Other: If I am really angry at someone, I seek revenge!!! Muhahahahahahaha! Don't worry those people I would seek revenge from would be my school friends only!

You can contact me on my Talk Page or my email address made for this website, (please no spaning).


(it is not in any specific order)

1. Jayfeather - he is my favorite cat. I just like his attitude, and his grumpiness! I kinda think his blindness makes him cool, too!

2. Cinderpelt - I love the poor thing! I support FirexSand, but I also support FirexCinder. She was such a great cat... Death to Tigerstar!

2. Blackstar- IDK really, maybe because he is all dark and secretive. He is cool. I know he is a meanie and all, but you have to admit he has a style (hehe, it is a quote from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, "You might not like him, but you have admit it. He has a style...")

3. Yellowfang - same as Jayfeather, although I don't like her as much as Jayfeather.

4. Mousefur - Yay! Grumpy elders rule!

5. Hawkfrost - he was so cute in the manga series!

6. Scourge - he killed Tigerstar! Also, same as Hawkfrost!

7. Rainwhisker - IDK, I just do!

8. Firestar - I only like him because he looks like one of my cats, Summer. Plus, he did save Thunderclan. Otherwise, he is a goody two-shoes.

9. Sandstorm - I think she is great!

10. Graystripe - he is a big eater like my brother!

11. Brambleclaw - he. is. a. GREAT CAT!

12. Cinderheart - well she is Cinderpelt's reincarnation.

13. Clawface - the only reason is that he killed Spottedleaf.

14. Ravenpaw - why did he have to leave Thunderclan!

15. Dustpelt - no one. says. anything. to. DUSTPELT! He is freaking awesome! He is just too good for Ferncloud.

16. Cloudtail - I love his sharp tongue, short-temper and hot-head mind.

17. Tigerheart - he is just... awesome.

18. Stormfur - Stormfur live forever!

19. Mothwing - I agree with her: dying makes no one any wiser at all.

20. Stonefur - he is a great cat!

21. Squirrelflight - she is great and independent!

22. Sol - I think he is cool. Kind of creepy though...

23. Berrynose - aww... I like the silly furball!


(it is not in any specific order)

1. Tigerstar - I like some villians, but not this guy here! He is dead, but still messing up with the living!

2. Brokenstar - kit-stealer! Kit-murderer! Mange-ridden piece of fox-dung! Stuck-up idiot! Did I mention fox-dung?

3. Ashfur - Ashpaw was cute and innocent! But Ashfur is a total emo jerk! Get over with Squirrelflight already! I'm glad the villian she-cat killed you!

4. Hollyleaf - code worshipper! Total phsyco! Needs some treatment.

5. Breezepelt - how dare you touch Jayfeather! If you mess with Jayfeather, then you mess with me! Hope you drown in the depths of the Dark Forest!

6. Sasha - if it were not for your obsession with the stupid colar, poor Tadpole wouldn't have died!

7. Pinestar - I think Tigerstar hates kittypets because of you. You don't want to even risk your last life for your clan! No one needs a weakling like you! Off with you!

8. Thistleclaw - you arrogant cat! I never ever liked you! You are the cause of changing cute Tigerpaw to Tigerstar the evil villian! You beat him up everyday!

9. Ferncloud - kit-producing machine!

10. Ivypaw and Dovepaw - I simply don't like the two of them! (I like Dovepaw's power though)

11. Daisy - gosh, will she never get her stupid, fluffy butt out of the nursery and DO SOME WORK!

12. Darkstripe - do I need to explain? Come on, he has no loyalty in him! Plus, he gives me the impression that he might be gay!

13. Onestar - stuck-up furball!

14. Bluestar - poor Swiftpaw... Bluestar is insane!

15. Crowfeather - he has issues. I mean I won't be suprised if he has a secret crush on a Shadowclan she-cat!

16. Leafpool - she should get a life, instead of being miserable!

17. Leopardstar - selfish!

18. Heathertail - I hate her!


20. Nightcloud - eww...

21. Willowshine - stop being mean to Jayfeather!

22. Bone - you killed Whitestorm! Evil kitty! Apprentices killed you though! Hahaha loser!

23. Stoneteller - do I need to give a reason? Why does he even exist?!


In Warriors world I am Spottedears. I am one of the main characters of my own fan fiction, Deadly Fate: The Beginning , which is still in process.The other main character is Dragonswoop, Spottedears foster sister, and there is a few more. Spottedears was done by Night shine, and Dragonswoop was done by Rainlegs.


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