aka Zara

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on March 15
  • My occupation is University student
  • I am A Ravenclaw


Hello there!! I'm Zara, a huge fan of Warriors.

(My username was formerly Kittycat79).

Like to join one (or more) of my wikis? The links are below:


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Warriors Wiki Users I Have Made Charart For

  • Cheetahstar123
  • YatzSliversword
  • SquirrelflightLuva
  • Blizzardpelt
  • Goldenstripe
  • Ravenwing19
  • Lionheartfan122
  • CloverBlondestar
  • Wildbreath
  • Bluestar4oakheart
  • Rosepetal50
  • Mudstone of StarClan

If I have made a charart(s) for you, and you are not listed here, feel free to add your name to the list. I'll try my hardest to make sure I've added all the names of the users I have made charart for onto this list. Please add your full username onto the list, not your nickname or anything. Thanks.

My Warriors Character


Hawkstar is a beautiful, sleek, broad-shouldered dark brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and underbelly, one white paw, deep green eyes, soft, glossy fur, a torn ear and a scar through her eye and on her shoulder, haunch and leg.

(I made the charart myself).

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