aka burntclaw

  • I live in China
  • My occupation is ap calc bc, tbh
  • I am female


  • my cat art cuz i have no life
  • im burntclaw and its the only name that will not annoy me. DO NOT CALL ME LIFE/JIANG. I WILL NOT RESPOND TO YOU
  • she/her pronouns
  • used to be a senior warrior in project charart and a rollback on the wiki.
  • college student double majoring in physics/bio. academics are my life + a priority and as a result im not very active except for in the summer
  • BIG GAMER PERSON– big fan of pokemon, undertale, cave story, and botw.
  • literally nothing can offend me irl but i lose my temper very quickly online– be warned

man you must be bored to be reading this page lmao

Burntclaw 13:27, August 9, 2019 (UTC)

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