aka Lindsay Ann

  • I live in Hogwarts
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Traveling with the Doctor
  • I am A Nerdfighter

Congratulations, earthling. If you are reading this, That means you've read warriors, and if you haven't, I'M GONNA EXPLODE! SO, READ WARRIORS FOR STARCLAN'S SAKE! what the dark forest!

Okay, all better now. just had some medication (lol) and some hot chocolate. So, where were we. oh yeah. IF YOU DONT READ WARRIORS, YOU'LL GO TO THE PLACE OF NO STARS! FINE, BE THAT WAY! hmm!

jk! whateva. but you better at least like harry potter, or else i'll UNLEASH MY WRATH ON YOU! okay. im done. for real. you can stop panicking right now, sit down, have a frappicino. mmmmmmmmmmm... =) LeopardkitSunClan Forever!

I'm more random than you!

Names I find kinda weird... and sad

a result of my extreme boredness
Sneezepaw-What kind of sick, demented mother would name their kit SNEEZEkit? Poor little cat...=1(
Ratscar- OH! I KNOW! get ANOTHER injury that gives him a cool elder name!
Rippletail- i really dont know why, but his name reminds me of a english bulldog drooling with a short light brown tail...idk why.
Olivenose-cats dont eat olives!
Stoneteller- i just hate it. CHANGE YOUR TRADIOTIONS! what do they call a cat training to be a healer? stoneteller jr?
Sunstrike- what are you? a bowling team?
Furzepaw-... plain akward.
Mossypaw-what's with the "y" isn't mosspaw good enough. i really hate the new warrior names.
Voletooth- i just don't like it.
Hollowbelly-that's one hungry cat!
Ferretpaw-"what's that one"named?"
"umm.. .uhh-ferretkit"
"his name is ferretkit! got a problem? didn't think so!"
and that's how i imagine him being named.
Foxleap-actully, it's pretty cool. it's better than foxcatcher! lol
Squirrelflight-you get used to it, don't you?
and more. im to lazy to type them.

Randomized Facts

  • I can recite the ENTIRE Hogwarts theme song by heart.
  • I have a lil pet parakeet named Tweeter and he can talk. He can open up his cage by himself and when he flies around he lands on people's heads
  • It's 1:30 a.m. right now. But's it's a Friday.
  • I like cats. and dogs. and birds. and guinea pigs. bunnies. squirrels.
  • I HATE old music. Try listening to my dad's itunes. Pure torture.
  • I'm bored. How 'bout you?
  • I think i just failed my math test.
  • Do you have a brownie? 'Cause I want one.
  • Kim Possible is on. wow that's old.
  • I have a violent sister. She's 13 and a leeeeeettttllle annoying.
  • I think i just ran out of randomness.
  • Nope! I Never run out of weirdness! Never. At all.
  • Oh my Starclan its 6:30 and i havent gone to bed yet. Think that's weird? its 6:30 AM! Really, I was watching 40
videos in this good series on youtube.
  • Oh my Starclan, my friend is an idiot! on this site we belong on, she WON'T stop pretending to be inposture! I think SHE is the imposter and weirdo who randomly pops up from time to time with random messages! she REALLY is annoying.


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