aka Lois

  • I live in the Netherlands
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is Going to study biology
  • I am Gamenonbinary
Hello! I'm Maanhart, but you can also call me Moonheart or my real name Lois. As you may have guessed, I'm a Warriors fan. :p I love Harry Potter, Wings of Fire and Pokémon as well. I have been a member of Project:Charart for some time and I used to be an admin at the Dutch Warriors wiki. I have a DeviantArt page. I'm currently reading The Broken Code arc and I'm planning to (re)read the entire series, which is probably going to take my entire life. I think my favourite Warriors book is Ravenpaw's Farewell, but don't have a favourite character at the moment. I like being outdoors when I'm with other people, but when I'm alone I prefer reading and doing random stuff on the computer.
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