aka Smitch, Lori, Aerosmitch, Miss Possum

  • I live in the realm of Fire Hive.
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is driving a bicycle made of your nightmares into your ear
  • I am all I ever dreamed of.

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I've been reading Warriors for about 3 years now (since the 4th-5th grade when my teacher gave me a copy of The Darkest Hour). I unfortunately read that first, and the first series was ruined for me. I've since read it many times, but it was never the same. I've read every Warriors book written so far but the latest two, one of which is sitting next to me as I type this. I own all of the field guides (but one), manga and super editions and I love to read them over and over again. I have several drawings of cats from the series I've done in the style of the manga and I'm quite proud of them. Thanks for reading my profile.

My friend type people~

Shoon- An awesome person.

Starry- She's the best editor ever, very very nice, and it's very wise for her young age.

Emma- Daisy was crying over Mousewhisker's body. His tail had been hacked off and shoved down his throat. From the looks of it, he had been choked to death. Suddenly, a large weight knocked the cream she-cat over. Yowls came from the clearing as cats poured into the clearing.

Pad- My first friend on the wiki ever and I love to talk about video games with her.

Millie- My best wife ever and the mother of my 5 beautiful banana children.

Rowan- Rowan likes Fry. I like Fry. The end.

Skye- Most mature, epical, funnest-person-to-talk-to-ever-late-at-night-ever. She has also given me valuable important advice for my life, that I value very much.

Tawny- Tawny gives me all of my awesome nicknames. We're TFW chapter buddies.

'Teldy- 'Teldy bear!

If you are offended that I put you on my friends list, leave a message on my talk page.

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