Mallinois is user-named after the great Belgian Malinois Shephard. She will give Pokemon walkthroughs for anyone in The Crystal, FireRed, Pearl/Diamond, and Emarald gmes. She cannot wait for PokemOn Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky, And the new Johto games-Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

--MalOcean 23:31, 1 July 2009 (UTC)


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I also own Escape from the Forest

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What I think of the Warrior cats

Other people were doing this, so I started one.
Firestar-Die, retire, leave the leadership position and Sandstorm behind, do something! I want you and Cinderpelt together.
Brambleclaw-Actually, I think you wouldn't have helped at all. You liked it when the kits were yours.
Leafpool-I hate you, but I hate your mate more. CrowxLeaf is a stupid, no-good, idiotic little crush-pairing that I want to destroy. A LOT.
Jayfeather- Why didn't you figure the secret out sooner?
Squirrelflight- You aren't senior warrior material
Dustpelt-It should of been DustxSand.
Sandstorm-No good tom stealing she-cat
Cloudtail-I liked you better as the headstrong kit.
Brackenfur-You should be deputy
Thornclaw-You need a mate, I think you should have Squirrelflight, even if you're an old man
Brightheart-You need an apprentice
Sorreltail-You and bramble is better than you and Bracken. He's too old. Plus, you're a great cat!
Spiderleg-Be with your kits. They love you, and you know you love them.
Birchfall-Good thing you're with Whitewing.
Ashfur-You and Squirrel would have never worked.
Whitewing-You are the fourth apprentice's mother! Love the kits!
Berrynose-You and Honeyfern was great...
Hazeltail-You seem nice.
Mousewhisker-MousexHolly... EEEEEWWW!
Honeyfern-Briarkit lives because of you...
Poppyfrost-You look like your mom.
Lionblaze-My favorite P3 character. Fight to live and live to fight.
Hollyleaf-You are psycho. But I'm sorry. Crowfeather and Leafpool su-stink, don't they?
Foxpaw and Icepaw-Why aren't you warriors yet?
Cinderpelt-I cried when you died. You are my favorite character ever, and I think if FirexCinder was real, Leafpool would be a pale gray tabby with a white chest and paws with her father's green eyes, and Squirrelflight would be the same, but she would have your blue eyes... *starts bawling*
Bluestar-Why did you have to die too? Waaahhh!

Feathertail-I didn't care when you died
Stormfur-What gives? You can't insult your sister, not when you love a TC cat!
Crowfeather-You are is a stupid crow-food eating idiot with a fresh-kill pile of crud and a hateing heart-breaking little squished up pile of rocks...
Crowfeather- and you eat toothpaste and break rules and make stupid romantic comedies...
Breezepelt-You and Heather is just gross.
Heathertail-Get away from Breezepelt!
Tawnypelt-A good shadowclan cat.
Rowanclaw- Are you a boy or a girl?
Crowfeather- And you can't do anything because you're a stupid little kit that's lost in Antarctica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fin

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