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  • I live in Der Untergang Universe
  • My occupation is eating chocolate all over the place, screaming at my Chemistry tests, punching burgers
  • I am better than Maple at bombing her talk page

I'm here. You missed. Get out of here if you don't ship Krebs and Burgdorf.

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I have literally nothing here. MinnowsWelcome toThomas Krestchmann! 01:30, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

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MinnowsWelcome toThomas Krestchmann!

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Icy: "Alright so I just finished rewatching the movie again and I'd like to report my Krebsdorf finding: prior to the burning the bodies scene, when there's the explosion and they're all outside, Burgdorf grabs krebs hand during the explosion. Watch closely. You'll see what I mean. Also if you saw the behind the scenes thing with Burgdorf ranting at Bormann then ... Just watch it. Also what am I doing with my life. I love that couple more than life. Fellow Krebsdorf shippers forever am I right"
Minnow: "okay now im literally crying because these moments are too emotional for my krebs and burgdorf shipping body. i exploded about four hundred times in an hour because THIS IS TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS. i am disintegrating into a world of nothingness. krebs and burgdorf is just too pure for the world. its too cinnamonrolly. iz 2 pure. *begins emotionally sobbing heart out and explodes once again*"
—Icy and Minnow exploding over the pure Krebsdorfness User Talk:Minnowflight/User Talk:Appledash, page October 2nd
Maple: "Which do you prefer, spoons or forks? And if you don't know, let me refrase it: if you were to be stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only choose one utensil to bring, which one would it be? and don't say sporks! They're pretty useless anyways imo"
Maple: "But it is extremely difficult to eat spaghetti with a spoon and I can't manage to do it. Meanwhile, you can simply drink soup by tipping the bowl and drinking it as if if it was in a cup. Or like a cat lapping milk of course >:3 But really I don't think I'd be able to choose one or another. Good thing we have both"
—Maple doing her analyzing of the future of utensils source, page A long, long time ago
"Er ist nicht in der Bunkeranlage"
— Otto Günsche being extremely useless in Der Untergang

"My antics are a work of art."
— Thomas Krestchmann/Hermann Fegelein being the amazing person he is in the Parody universe in Der Untergang
Burgdorf: "Das sagen ausgerechnet Sie? Ein Opportunist! Ein rücksichtsloser Karrierist!"
Fegelein: "Wie bitte?"
—Burgdorf half-ranting and Fegelein being the cocky badass he is. source, page Der Untergang
"Das war ein Befehl!"
— Dolfy beginning one of the world's most famous rants in Der Untergang
— Goebbels saying ugly words to match his face in Der Untergang
Real life Göring has an IQ of 138. This is much higher than Jodl's 126, and how this could be remains a mystery to modern science.
— A Hitler Parody Wikia User in Hitler Parody Wikia
"Dann entblößen wir die Westfront!"
— Jodl objecting like the baldy he always is in Der Untergang
"Ah, Mohnke... Sie sind da."
— Hitler not ranting at Mohkne in Der Untergang
Krebs: "Me and Burgdorf are getting married."
Minnowflight: "OH HELL YES YOU WILL I'M PICKING OUT YOUR WEDDING DRESS *Drags Krebs off his chair and into Bloomingdales"

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