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About me

Countdown to My birthday on September 12.
Countdown to The first day of school =( on September 8.
Countdown to The New Moon movie on November 20.


Some of my favorite things to do are read,mess around on the internet,and play Pokemon and Nintendogs

Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter,Warriors(well duh),39 clues,and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the Twilight Saga.

In school I get pretty good grades.

I have the cutest Saint Bernard puppy named bear.


I like to listen to music and I like the bands Green Day, 30 seconds to mars, My chemical romance and a lot of others.

My favorite song changes a lot but right now it is Minority (By Green Day)

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What I think about characters

  • firepaw/heart(not star)- He is so cute! And nice. And loyal. And pure awesomeness. But when it comes to she-cats, he is so CLUELESS!
  • onewhisker- Awesome... why did he have to go and become leader? Stupid Tallstar....
  • jayfeather- One of my favorite cats. He's so cool! Me like grumpy cats. Like him and his father. And his half brother :)
  • leafpool- DUDE! Get over it! Crowfeather became a jerk because of YOU! Idiotic emo cat. You are USELESS as a warrior! You may as well go to the elders den, for all the good you're going as a warrior! And thanks to you, your clan will probably die! Jayfeather doesn't know enough to be a full medicine cat yet!!!! All you do is ruin peoples lives! Hollyleaf DIED because of you, Crowfeather became a jerk because of YOU, Squirrelflight went all emo because of YOU, Lionblaze and Jayfeather lost their sister because of YOU, Jayfeather got all stressed out because of YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!
  • littlecloud- Shadowclan kitty..... other than that, AWESOME.He's my second favorite medicine cat :)
  • sandstorm- She is pretty cool. But she's a little too sensitive at times, and needs to calm down.
  • heathertail-I'm not sure about her......I'll wait for another book of two before deciding anything. I like her at times, but at other times she really annoys me.
  • breezepelt-WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?! Well, whatever it is, GET OVER IT!!!!!!! You USED to be awesome, but then you HAD to go all messed up and try to kill an innocent she-cat who was EXPECTING KITS!!!!!!! (Hmm....I wonder if the half brother killing pattern will continue with him and lionblaze or jayfeather... lolz, I bet Lionblaze will get mad that Breezepelt and Heathertail are mates, and kill Breezepelt in his fury XD)
  • cinderpelt- Me feel so sorry for her... she almost died because of Tigerclaw, then her dream of becoming a warrior was destroyed because of her injury. And the cat that she has a HUGE crush on is so clueless that he doesn't notice that she is in love with him! *Shakes head*
  • brackenfur- I like him. Hopefully, he will be leader after Firestar. He's really cool.
  • ferncloud- :( I feel bad for her. Her brother is dead, her parents are dead, she was terrified of her mentor, most of her kits are dead,really! She has HORRIBLE luck. But her surviving kits are pretty cool.
  • misyfoot
  • pebble
  • jag
  • talon
  • flamepelt
  • Tigerheart
  • Dawnpelt
  • half moon
  • fallen leaves
  • squirrelflight- Ugh.... she is possibly the most annoying cat in the clans, but in The Fourth Apprentice, I can't help feeling sorry for her. Stupid Leafpool. She messes everything up.
  • cloudtail
  • graystripe
  • feathertail
  • stormfur
  • gorsepaw
  • morningflower
  • crowfeather
  • ashfoot
  • ravenpaw
  • barley
  • sharpclaw
  • echosong
  • leafdapple/star
  • rainfur

cats that I don't like

  • tigerclaw/star
  • onestar
  • firestar
  • leopardfur/star
  • hawkfrost
  • daisy
  • stoneteller(I absolutely hate him)
  • scourge
  • bone
  • brokentail/star
  • ashfur(ashpaw is kinda cute)
  • ice
  • snake
  • sharptooth(not really sure that this one counts as a cat...)
  • darkstripe

I also role play at many different sites.

What I think about cats:

Firestar: You were so cool as the cute apprentice and the loyal warrior but when you became leader you got really annoying. Now I can't wait for you to loose your two remaining lives.

Graystripe: I like you. You can be annoying and frustrating at times but you are still a strong loyal warrior and a good friend

Sandstorm: Wow... you have changed so much since the first six books. Now I really think that you are pretty cool

Leafpool: You have had such a hard life..... you deserve way better.

Squirrelflight: I liked you better as the fiery apprentice. I'm a little worried abut you for the next six books because you lost your kits and brambleclaw.

crowfeather: You didn't deserve to be hurt so were one of my favorite cats up until sunrise but there I started to like you less and less. I hope that you will get back to normal in the Omen of the Stars.

jayfeather: You are the best cat ever!!! And your dad is one of my previously favorite cats, your mom is one of my favorite cats and you are a medicine cat which make me like you even more.

Tawnypelt:Wow, you are the only cool shadowclan cat. I really like you, and your kits are awesome. And you refused Tigerstars help when the creep tried to get you to help him in his plan to control the forest. GIRL POWER!!!!!

Hollyleaf: What is wrong with you? I mean really, that speech that you gave at the gathering was really Ashfurish. You hurt Squirrelflight so badly, and leafpool and brambleclaw too. You could have at least discussed it with your litter mates first.

More coming later.... I'm to lazy to type any more right now.

More stuff about me

  • I don't get upset easily. You can say whatever you want to me and I won't get mad.
  • I am on Team Jacob
  • I thought that Annabeth was the spy in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian
  • The main characters in books are VERY rarely my favorite characters. (For Harry Potter, It was Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, For Percy Jackson and the Olympians, it was Thalia and Nico, Warriors I only liked one or two main characters, etc.)
  • I like to write stories when I get bored
  • I am always reading.
  • I HATE Edward Cullen, but LOVE the Twilight Saga.
  • I love to Role Play and write Fan fictions.
  • Every wall in my room is covered by bookshelves
  • My room is NEVER clean
  • I like to make up strange, unlikely theories, then find all of the evidence for them.
  • SPOILERS FOR THE SEVENTH HARRY POTTER!!!!!! In my opinion, Ron and Hermione ending up together is just plain creepy. Harry and Ginny is a little better, but still strange.

Signature testing

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