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Fireheart picked up the kit with his teeth, and left Graystripe beside the cat he had loved more than his Clan, more than honor, more than life itself.
— Narrator in Forest of Secrets, page 224.

Mossmask is a bit undersized for her age. Her pelt is sleek black, with tortoiseshell markings along with white. Her eyes are deep blue. Her legs are short, making it hard for to get in long strides. She can't run for long time frames. She is a skilled hunter but not very coordinated. Making paw-to-paw combat tough. She doesn't always aim her blows right. She is a bit clumsy at times, making her unable to climb trees due to her high risk of falling. She is however a strong swimmer and an average fisher, due to her RiverClan history. She has a nick in her left ear. She also is a fairly good tracker. Mossmask can be a bit reserved but will open up to you in time. Once she opens up to you she lets all her emotions spill out, leaving her vulnerable. She takes snide comments to heart and tends to get hurt easily. She also has a short temper. She tends to snap at others without meaning, being sensitive. Though she tries to be kind to everyone and stays loyal to her close friends, no matter what happens.

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