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The Meeting

You walk very carefully and quietly into Skyclan territory. Even though you don't hear, scent, or see any cats, you can almost feel their presence, as though they're hiding in every crack and cave you see in the gorge.

A soft thump breaks you out of your trance-like state. You whirl around, unsheathing your claws and raising your hackles.

A beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with red-and-cream patches sits no less than a fox-length away, her thin tail curled delicatly over her paws. She gives an amused purr as she studies you with bright yellow eyes that burn like wildfire, obviously not intimidated in the least bit.

"You can put your claws away, you know," she meows, "I'm not going to attack you."

You slowly allow your hackles to lie flat against your back again, but you're still not sure if you can trust the she-cat. There's something in her eyes that tells you she knows more than you do.

"My name is Stealthfire," she says proudly, flicking her tail.

A second she-cat appears from farther down the gorge, bright green eyes glowing in the settling darkness. Her fur is a golden-brown color, with a lighter colored V-shape on her chest and tail tip. She is short haired, but she has a long, sweeping tail which swishes from side to side as she approaches. She sits next to Stealthfire.

"I hope this mouse-brain didn't bother you too much," she says, playfully thumping the tortoiseshell on the back of the head with her tail.

"You're calling me a mouse-brain?" Stealthfire says, equally playfully.

A loud wail breaks through the clearing as a young light-brown apprentice runs in front of the two she-cats.

"Mosswhisker, my paw hurts!" The apprentice cries loudly.

Mosswhisker sighs, turning toward you.

"Mind if we carry on this conversation in the medicine cat's den?" she asks.


"Now, be sure to stay off that cracked pad as much as you can Wheatpaw," Mosswhisker urges after she finshed putting a coating of softened yarrow on the injured paw.

"All right!" the apprentice says, darting out of the den. Stealthfire gives an amused mrrow as she watches the apprentice's hurried departure.

"I never thought I'd be a medicine cat at first," Mosswhisker muses, still staring at the spot where the apprentice left. "But apprently StarClan did. Would you like to hear my story?"

Mosswhisker's Story

I was born to Snowfoot, a longhaired white tom with a black spot on his nose, and Autumnheart, a reddish-brown she-cat. I was born along with my brother, who joined Starclan while he was being born. My parents named him Lostkit because of this. I was named Mosskit because of my green eyes, but there was another meaning to my name, even if my parents - or anybody else - didn't know it yet.

It was right before a severe outbreak of greencough that I earned my apprentice name, Mosspaw, and was apprenticed to Gorgefur. Then the illness struck, along with the first snows of leaf-bare. I caught the sickness and was starving, since most of the prey had become scarce during the harsh winter. My parents were doing the best they could, but my mother wasn't getting much food and she couldn't make enough milk. I was sleeping when I felt lighter suddenly, and I opened my eyes to find myself in the Whispering Cave, and I knew I had joined Starclan. But Fawnstep urged me out of the cave, telling me that it was not my place to join her yet, and that I had a job to do in my Clan. For a long time after that I spent most of my time sleeping and regaining my strength. When I finally found the strengh to get up, I found that my mother had died.

One moon after my mother's death, I was fetching new moss for the elder's dens. When I bent down to pick it up, it began to glow, even though the moss doesn't glow after it's been taken out of the cave. When I set it down in the elder's den, it stopped glowing. Every time I touched the moss it would glow, even brighter than when it was in the cave. Currentstripe interpreted this as a omen from Starclan that I was destined to be a medicine cat, and I became her apprentice. I was a natural at the job, and everybody else acknowledged this.

Later, during a hunting patrol, a bolt of lightning struck the tree that my father had climbed into while trying to catch a squirrel, and he went to join my mother and brother in StarClan. Two moons later I received my medicine cat name, Mosswhisker, and sat vigil in the Whispering Cave, where Autumnheart and Snowfoot told me how proud they were of me, and introduced me to Lostkit, who would have been a brown tabby had he lived.

Stealthfire's Story

After Mosswhisker finishes her narration, you glance at Stealthfire, who hasn't said a word during Mosswhisker's tale. You wonder what her history is, and why she didn't jump up the rocks. As if she read your mind, the tortoiseshell begins to speak.

I was born just outside Windclan territory. I had a brother and a sister, a black and gray she-cat with specks, and a ginger tom with white paws, muzzle, tail tip, and yellow eyes. When a badger attacked us, our mother took refuge in the Windclan camp to save us. Morningflower's kits had just joined Starclan, and my mother came down with whitecough. Barkface refused to let us leave until my mother was better. While she was recovering, she saw how the Clan worked, and decided that she wanted one of her kits to be raised there. I had gotten most used to the cats, so I volunteered, because I knew that my siblings weren't as comfortable in camp. My mother and my siblings left, but my mother promised they would never be far away.

Morningflower took care of me, and I took the name Stealthkit, but one day I fell into the gorge, and was washed into Thunderclan territory. Brindleface rescued me before I drowned, but I was scared, and didn't tell them I was Windclan. They thought I was a rogue, but they took me in anyway, and eventually, I was apprenticed to Willowpelt. All went well until my first Gathering. Bluestar mentioned that I helped drive off a fox, and Morningflower recognized me. I didn't want to hurt anybody by choosing one Clan over the other, so I ran, expecting to give up the warrior code entirely. They tried to run after me, but they couldn't catch up to me. I always was fast, even if I wasn't born in Windclan. I wandered for moons, until I came, sick and exhausted, to the biggest gorge I had ever seen. Currentstripe and Mosspaw found me, I was apprenticed to Sharpclaw, acheived my warrior name, and I've been a Skyclan cat ever since. To be continued...

Warriors in Real Life

All of the cats we know in "real" life.

Our cats

Amazingly enough, neither of us own any cats. Although both of us really want one.

Neighborhood cats

Cally - A tortishell she-cat with a white tail-tip and paws. Owned by Moss's nieghbor.

Angel - A brown tabby she-cat with white paws. Owned by Moss's neighbor.

Scourge - A black cat with ice blue eyes, and a really Scourge-like attitude. Owned by Stealth's friends/nieghbors.

Allen - A black tom with green eyes, owned by Stealth's friends. Edgar's brother.

Edgar - A white tom with green eyes, owned by Stealth's friends. Allen's brother.

Paige - A black and white tom with yellow eyes who is missing his back left leg. Like to hang out in the woods around Moss's house. Originally thought to be a rouge and was called Marbledpelt by Moss.


Dashedfur - A rouge cat who looks just like Ravenpaw - A black tom with a white tail-tip. He has yellow eyes. Hangs out around the woods around Moss's house.

Our Crack Couples

  • HawkxYellow - No comment.
  • BluexFire - They're both completely crazy!
  • WhitexWhite - Take your pick!
  • SmudgexCody - They're both fat and lazy, what more do you want?
  • SquirrelxOne - XP
  • FlossxDaisy - We don't know, either.
  • BumblexLizard - Once again, no comment. Whatsoever.
  • HeatherxDarkClan - :3
  • FirexSand - We'll give you a moment to think about that.
  • NightxSmall(ear) - Black and gray is the new black and gray.
  • BrightxShadow - Don't ask. Ever. We mean it.

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