Due to me being fed up with uneeded insults and me just being a naturally stupid and snappish person, I must warn you, if you are allergic to sharp toungues, cats, medicine cat herbs, or cute kittens named after Twilight characters, beware!!!

Hello welcome to my page. I'm Mousey or Mousefire, whatever you want to call me! -- MouseyLoveClan

About Me

Okay so I'm not that interesting but I guess I'm interesting enough. So I love warriors, of course and I like to read and write warriors fanfics. My teachers at school say I'm a fabulous writer but I disagree. But hey don't we all lie about are true talents? Yea...I thought so.

I like music and when I say I like music I mean all kinds of music. Country, pop, R&B, reggae, rap, the slow boring songs. Anything I guess is good. Music is also part of my life I would say. I always like a good laugh, ah the days were I was carefree. Anyways sometimes boredom gets the best of me and I post stupid videos of myself on youtube. If you can find my youtube channel, you get a prize.

Um I don't know anything else. Being on the computer? I guess school is okay, yea how about you?

Really? Awesome! Well if you really want to know about me seriously if you can find my youtube you get a prize that is....that i make a video of myself doing whatever you want to see. Making a fool of myself? Okay!!

I am a Miley Cyrus Hater and a Jonas Brothers Hater. Their music sucks and they have no talent at all. If you like Cyrus and Jonas, that is cool with me, cuz I really dont care cuz I have freinds well one freind that loves them both so yea.

Why am I bothering to rant? Isnt this supposed to be about me? Not my interests? Oh it says interests doesnt it? And if you havent figured out by now, I can program a computer but I barely have common sense.

Also, I have many nicknames. They call me Valerie, Cindy, Mousefire, Mousey, Omit, all kinds of junk. It is rather scary really.

Role Playing

First off I own my own site called New Century Clans. I have also recently made a site with Wildz called Starlight.

I love role playing!! I'm part of the sites, Clans of the Gems, Warriors Generation X, Clans of Warriors, Clans of the Lake, Warriors of the Lake, Future of the Clans, and of course New Century Clans and Starlight.

Other Stuff

Also I'm getting back into the normal editing mode. But yes other things in life get in the way of that. Anyway I want to say about my kitties. I currently have eight cats. Sunshine Dae, Doodle Bop, Deliah Rae, Natalie Marie, Garnet Exelby, Scrappie Doo, and Abbie Lynn. The youngest one I found in my wall and her name is Renesmee

I also write stories about things other than warriors such as things based of of real people and yet the don't know. :P

Ah yes my famous quotes:

"Do I look stupid to you? No nevermind, don't answer that question."

"Look in your trashcan, I may be in it!"

"We all have our own opinions, and mine is just different than yours."

"Don't mess with me, cuz I'm the mouse, the mouse on fire."

"Is he mental?"

"Why are you making a big deal out of it when it is going perfectly fine?"

Books I Own

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Fire and Ice.
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Info On Mousefire

Mousefire is a light brown she cat with dark brown paws, ears, and tail. Her mother was the medicine cat Tanglefrost. She has had a hard life, but has lived through it learning more and more about her past everyday. On my site, New Century Clans, she is LoveClan leader and in the stories I write, she becomes leader after all.

Life Summary

Mousefire was born on a cold leaf-bare morning deep in the forest, behind Star Cavern after Bon-Bon’s arrival in the clan. Her mother was the LoveClan medicine cat, Tanglefrost and her father was a blood thirsty warrior named Darkfang. Her brother Bramblebird was born in the same litter as her. Tanglefrost was already stressed enough when she had the kits, not only was she the medicine cat dealing with a pregnant loner, but her mate had betrayed the clan and got exiled. Since she was medicine cat, and would have gotten in much trouble with Kestrelstar if it was figured out, Tanglefrost gave Mousekit and Bramblekit to her best friend Redpool. Redpool had just had a single kit, Patchkit, who had died of weakness. She was nursing her two nieces, Janglekit and Seakit, whose mother and father had betrayed the clan by going and joining Darkfang in exile. When Tanglefrost asked Redpool to nurse the kits, Redpool knew they were hers. She said she couldn’t nurse four kits, probably only three. Redpool’s mother, Anniepelt, offered to take in Seakit so Redpool could take Mousekit and Bramblekit along with Janglekit.

When Mousekit was small, she thought Redpool was her mother and Janglekit was her sister. Bramblekit thought the same. When Mousekit, Bramblekit, and Janglekit turned 2 moons, Redpool told them the truth. She told Janglekit her parents, Talonclaw and Foxfur, followed Darkfang into exile and would never come back. Anniepelt told Seakit the same. Also, Redpool told Mousekit and Bramblekit about Tanglefrost and Darkfang being their parents. Mousekit got angry and upset. Janglekit tried to make her feel better, but nothing worked. One night, Darkfang ventured into camp and into the nursery. He tried to take Mousekit away, not speaking to Bramblekit at all. Mousekit asked him why he and Tanglefrost lied to her and Bramblekit. When Darkfang didn’t say a thing, Mousekit got upset and woke Redpool up. Redpool chased him out of the nursery. The next day Mousekit went to talk to Tanglefrost. Tanglefrost told her everything and she was all truthful to her daughter. Then, Mousekit knew, Darkfang was evil and Tanglefrost lied for the best. Mousekit told Tanglefrost she forgave her, and Tanglefrost was happy.

Mousekit and Bramblekit were apprenticed after Tawnypaw, Spottedpaw, and Cocoapaw. Mousekit and Bramblekit became Mousepaw and Bramblepaw and Janglekit became Janglepaw. Janglepaw and Mousepaw became friends with Cocoapaw before anyone else. Cocoapaw was friends with Spottedpaw because they were both full loners with no warrior blood. Janglepaw became friends with Spottedpaw before Mousepaw did becuase Mousepaw didn't like Spottedpaw too well. Bramblepaw always flirted with Tawnypaw and Spottedpaw because as Mousepaw states: Was very stupid. Kestrelstar later died and since he made Mousepaw's mentor the deputy Curlyfur, Mousepaw had the clan leader as her mentor.

Firepaw, Hawkpaw, Nightpaw, Graypaw, Skypaw, and Diamondpaw later became apprentices with the others. Mousepaw and Hawkpaw never did like each other and still didn't. Hawkpaw and Firepaw liked each other, it was very auvious. Skypaw and Diamondpaw got excited and hoped Hawkpaw and Firepaw would be mates later on. Mousepaw told Janglepaw she liked Firepaw and Janglepaw said: "Well if you like Firepaw, you better unsheath you claws because Hawkpaw will attack you!"

Mousepaw didn't listen to Janglepaw at all. Later a kittypet named Flora comes to the clan. Flora is six moons like Mousepaw, so Curlystar lets he join the clan as Berrypaw. Many cats don't like Berrypaw at all, but Mousepaw and Janglepaw are nice to her. Mousepaw tells Berrypaw about her mom being medicine cat and Janglepaw tells her how her parents are tratiors. They tell Berrypaw that even clan born cats aren't perfect and sometimes unwanted.

Mousepaw and Berrypaw hang out alot and for a couple of days the realize Janglepaw dissapears sometimes during the day. One day Berrypaw and Mousepaw follow her scent and it goes to Tree Crossings. Janglepaw is not alone, and many clan apprentices are with her. Even Cocoapaw!! Later they figure out Janglepaw met here with apprentice every day to chat and train. Cocoapaw only came to se her cousin Jadepaw. Mousepaw tells them it is stupid and to stop it. They don't and one day Mousepaw comes back. Dapplepaw, a SparkleClan apprentice, attacks Mousepaw and tells her to back off. Mousepaw leaves and later realizes Janglepaw likes a MeadowClan apprentice named Crowpaw. Mousepaw confronts Janglepaw about this and the two apprentices get mad at each other.

Firepaw later realizes that Mousepaw likes him. Mousepaw has Cocoapaw ask him were he heard it from and she said that he said Graypaw. Mousepaw asks Graypaw and he says Janglepaw told him. Mousepaw talks to Janglepaw and Janglepaw tells her that that's what she gets for getting mad at her. Hawkpaw realizes and Mousepaw has troubles with her.

One moon before Mousepaw gets her warrior name, Cocoapaw brings Mousepaw and Janglepaw with her on a walk and tells them she is leaving for SparkleClan with her mother to go with her cousin, aunt, and uncle. Mousepaw and Janglepaw are sad and Cocoapaw's leaving brings them together. Cocoapw leaves Mousepaw and Janglepaw alone for a moment. Mousepaw and Janglepaw realize they are fighting about stupid stuff and that they won't want to loose each other over it.

Later on before Mousepaw becomes a warrior, she meets two cats, Angel and Dapple, and they are from the Tribe of Frozen Waters. Mousepaw figures out the tribe lives close by the clans and learns about how they live. One day, the tribe's leader, Ice That Freezes Rivers, goes mad and turns tribe life into torture, as Dapple quoted. Mousepaw is able to help them, but in the end she gets a surprise. Angel, Dapple, and their friends, Mud, Rock, and Rose want to leave and join LoveClan.

Curlystar greedily takes them in as warriors when Mousepaw has her warrior ceremony with Janglepaw and Bramblepaw. Mud, newly named Mudpath, takes a liking towards to newly named Mousefire. Mousefire gets fed up because after her ceremony, Firepaw decides he wants to act like he likes her. Mousefire had already decided she wanted to get over him, but she realizes she can't. Mousefire and Jangleleaf see at te next gathering that Cocoapaw is now Cocoafur and she lets Mousefire meet Jadepool, her cousin.

Hawkeyes, Firepelt, Nightpelt, Graylegs, Skyclaw, and Diamondpelt become warriors next. Firepelt then realizes that Hawkeyes and Mousefire really like him and he stays away. But later Mousefire confronts Hawkeyes about their fueding and they stop. Berrypaw also becomes Berryfang.

Later as warriors, Mousefire was on a patrol with Firepelt, Tawnyflower, Puffypelt, and Nightpelt. A group of foxes started attacking and most of the cats got away. Mousefire was conerned and scared in the making. Firepelt saved her from the fox's jaws. Mousefire told him she didn't understand why he saved her and he told her he loved her. When Tawnyflower told Hawkeyes of this, Hawkeyes was upset. Tawnyflower decided to be loyal to both fo her friends and not take sides. Spottedface, who was also torn between Hawkeyes and Mousefire, did the same.

My Opinion

I said I thought Jayfeather and Hollyleaf belonged to Leafpool and Crowfeather, and Lionblaze belonged to Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, turns out none of the three belong to Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. I'm betting on Leafpool and Crowfeather.

I was right about Ashfur trying to kill Firestar with Hawkfrost.

I beleive both Mothwing and Cloudtail will go to StarClan even though they both don't beleive.

I hope that Cinderheart and Jayfeather will fall in love.

I have a feeling that Stormfur and Brook probably wont have kits for awhile

I beleive Nightcloud shouldn't be juged. Crowfeather used her but she loves him!!! Leafpool needs to see that.

I beleive that Lionblaze will stop training under Tigerstar and Hollyleaf will become the evil one and later Hollystar.

If Hollystar is not possible I want Cinderstar!!!

Favorite Pairings

1. CinderXFire
2. SpottedXFire
3. SilverXGray
4. CinderXJay
5. HeatherXLion (both evil, it's perfect!)
6. FlameXHolly (Well they aren't related, and Flamepaw always is excited about Hollyleaf, so what they hey?)
7. BlueXOak
8. LeafXCrow
9. FeatherXCrow
10. WhiteXBirch (simple, sweet, satisfying)
11. LeopardXBlack (leader love!)

Least Favorite Pairings

1. SandXFire
2. LeafXAsh (this right here is garbage)
3. LionXIce (I get this one as much as I get Leafpool and Ashfur together)
4. FernXDust (this is just odd in my opinion)

My Favorite Charactors

1. Cinderpelt/Cinderheart- Cinderpelt loved Fireheart but never got what she wanted. i hope Cinderheart makes it all worthwhile
2. Tawnypelt- poor thing had to leave ThunderClan because no one liked her for who her father was.
3. Brightheart- survived the dog pack, and is very loyal and storng.
4. Bluestar- storng, independent, loyal although having a RiverClan mate. love you Bluestar!!
5. Scrouge- he killed Tigerstar and i feel bad for him cuz he was misunderstood by lots of cats.
6. Graystripe- his love Silverstream died kitting and then he falls in love with Millie. i feel bad becuase i think Graystripe is confused
7. Mothwing- yea she doesn't beleive in StarClan but oh well.
8. Yellowfang- she was great. she left her clan, killed her own son, she was a great kitty. i was so upset when she died.
9. Leafpool- poor thing got her heart broken. i know Jayfeather and Hollyleaf are her kits I just know it
10. Feathertail- so sweet and beautiful, CrowXFeather forever!!!
11. Nightcloud- Crowfeather used her, she needs more credit than everyone gives her
12. Firestar- he is okay, he saved ThunderClan so that is good
13. Tallstar- he was a good cat, his death was sad
14. Leopardstar- yea she allied with Tigerstar, oh well.
15. Brook Where Small Fish Swim- do i need a reason?
16. Stormfur- he is good cat and a good mate to Brook
17. Hollyleaf- she is so ambitious, i love it!!
18. Jayfeather- he may be blind, but he is not stupid! give him a chance!!
19. Spottedleaf- she loved Firestar, as many she cat did, but Spottedleaf was so kind and loving and was too young to die when she did
20. Cloudtail- he may not beleive in StarClan but he is awesome! I think what he did for Brightheart was great, but he shouldn't of ignored his mate when Daisy came along
21. Princess- she is so sweet ecspailly to give her eldest kit to ThunderClan

My Least Favorite Charactors

1. Sandstorm- evil tom stealing she cat
2. Blackstar- eh i dont need a reason
3. Squirrelflight- just like her mother! bleck
4. Stoneteller- he is too proud to accept help even if he did say Brook and Stormfur were dead. oh well!
5. Dustpelt- he has too sharp of a tounge

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