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Hey guys. Remember me? If anyone cares to come here, I have a message for all of you. It is a revised version of a note I left for Bramble.

When I first joined this website, I was in the middle of one of the hardest times of my life. I had teachers accusing me falsely of things that could have an impact on my social and academic life, friends threatening to press charges for cyberbullying, and a boy who couldn't let me forget I had liked him and called me ugly or worse whenever we met.

That's when I found this Wiki. I had just sort of gotten into the books, and was plain curious. So I began to read up on characters, get to know the series a bit. And I fell in love. At that time, and still, the story of an unlikely leader, an underdog, really spoke to me, you could say, and I got hooked to the series. And then I discovered PC, and a few weeks later, PCA. I still remember posting my first charart, Snaketooth. It was a piece of garbage, and Ashshadow gave me VERY useful pointers on how to fix it up. I was a bit miffed at her for a while, me and my sensitive self, but I did get over it and came to respect her greatly.

Warriors Wiki was my escape, my safehaven. It did become a bit too much a part of my life at some point, but I got around that. Everyone here amazed me. i remember I considered myself part of the best group of users around, the fun circle, you could call it. Icestorm, Bluestar, Nightfall . . . my friends. As nice, and at some points nicer than my real life friends. At at one point, I did get addicted to this site. Life in reality was so horrible that I just wanted to loose myself in this site and forget my troubles. In the end, I had to grow up and face them, which I did.

Time passed, I matured, and my tastes changed. Like Bramble posted on her profile, Warriors is now a "fond memory" for me as well. I still remain active on Wikis, having adopted my own, the Wicked Wiki, and the Glee Wiki. But I am doing more things now too, I earned a high school scholarship and I will be taking three honors classes in the coming school year at my new high school. This year I took part in a musical production and sang on stage for an audience. I won a scholastic tournament, and I was voted "Most Intelligent" by my classmates.

To all of you new users, welcome to this Wiki. It is a wonderful site full of wonderful users that are dedicated, and well-lead. This Wiki is different from the one I once knew, but that isn't a bad thing. You all are the new generation, the new users who will continue to make this Wiki grow and change in the years to come, as the plots of the novels develop, so will you. Your strngths here will emerge in your real life. I wish you all the best of luck and will check in once in a while.

-former PCA Senior Warrior and devoted user,



Wow, hello. Not sure if any of you have been here long enough to remember me, but today is June 12th, 2014, and I just wanted to drop in and leave a quick update. I'm now a rising senior in high school, and life is wonderful. I'm a member of an award winning show choir, an AP and honors student, and about to head off touring colleges. I hope you are all doing well and I still have fond memories of this beautiful site. Take care.

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