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yo! im new here. the names Murkrow, or Murk for short. ill be adding more to this page alot later. so uhm...if theres any problems with my stuff, uhm...please let me know. ill be sure to fix it sometime when im not lazy D:

im tryin to get used to this place. so therell be many mistakes made by Murk. SO PLEASE DONT KILL ME. *hides*

-- About Murkrow--

Murkrow is a blue cat basically. SHE (yes, Murk is a girl) loves to draw & one day hopes to become an animator or cartoonist.

She is also a gamer. she has Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PC & PS2. send her a message to find out what her game accounts are to play along with her!

Murk also loves to read. Mostly about animals, really. her favorite series are Redwall & Warriors series.

If theres one thing she loves the most, is music. you will always find her listening to music, especially when drawing. she likes anything except Rap, R&B, Reggae(ton) & anything of those genres. her fav types of music are Techno, Dance, Electronica, Classical, Video Game, Rock & a bit more.

--Murkrow's Warrior Characters--

She was given the name Waterkit/Waterpaw/Waterheart for her unusual blue colored fur & for her loving attitude towards other cats.

Waterheart is a blue & light blue long-haired she-cat with green eyes. Shes light blue from her pink nose to her under-tail, & the rest is dark blue. She has a brother, but it is currently unknown where he is. The other cats find her weird, cuz shes always mentioning her brother would do this or do that in her dreams & tell her things she would normally never know about other places unheard of by the clans. She also has a sense of humor & always likes to make light of tight situations.

She can swim as good as a Riverclan cat (tho she dislikes gettin wet, but her fur makes good camoflauge in watery places), hunt as good a Thunderclan cat, stalk as good a Shadowclan cat (but her fur makes it impossible to hide), & run a bit slower than a Windclan cat (she can keep up with one of them for a few hearbeats before she begins to slow down & tire out). Those abilities make her even more weird & the other clans say that she is half-clan with all the other clans, as if all her ancestors came from each clan.

Nobody knows where she came from. Only Waterheart knows. She was found by her clan in the forest in the middle of a blizzard. Its a wonder & a miracle she survived. Its quite a complicated story she refuses to tell anybody else within the Clans. Her mom, an unknown cat, died while giving birth to her & her brother in the forest. They were both stuck in her mom's belly when she died, & couldnt get out. StarClan sent their mother back to her body to get them out so they wouldnt die in there. Her mother came back to life, gave the last few pushes, then died as soon as the kits came out. Their father was nowhere to be seen; he disappeared a few minutes before their birth & was never seen again & his body was never found. Waterkit & her brother got separated somehow when a blizzard suddenly came into the forest. Luckily, a few forest Clan cats found Waterkit in time to be saved. Its believed the same thing happend to her brother, but possibly by a loner.

Waterheart eventually finds out in one of her dreams where she really came from & how it all happend. When her mother died & came back to give birth, she was told she was born from StarClan. In other words, her mom became a StarClan member, she came back to give birth to her & her brother, making them "StarClan members". As much as this sounds weird & impossible, Waterheart was the proof that StarClan can still give birth to kits. Tho some StarClan members believe that since her mom came back to life, Waterheart & her brother arent Starclan members because they are living. Its quite complicated, & Waterheart puts it in these words: "I was born of StarClan!".

Shes always sees her brother in her dreams; he says he will find her one day & he will always guide her in her dreams. She will wait as long as she has to, to see her missing brother.


Randomkit's name says it all. He just a very small short-haired white tom with pale green eyes.

He appeared one day out of the blue, & he said his name was Random. He earned the name Randomkit & does whatever he likes, despite the yelling he gets for his troubles. The strange thing about him is that he never grew bigger than a kit ready to be apprenticed. So he takes advantage of this & often travels around the clans, sometimes acting as spy for each clan. Sometimes he acts as a loner. Really, hes just a random kit that does whatever he likes.

  • STRAIGHTLINE [[File:Straightline.jpg|thumb|Straightline (Picture by Murkrow)]]

Straightline's name comes from the stripe that runs down from his forehead to his tail. He lives in WindClan & is one of the fastest senior Warriors due to his long legs. He is very active which is a bit unusual for a cat his age. Straightline's amber gaze & soft voice can make any scared kit become calm, & he is well known for that reason among the clans. He prefers not to fight, despite being one of the oldest Warriors, & will try to reason with the enemy instead, without once gettin angry. This tom will only fight as a last resort if things dont go well.

He also has a little bit of knowledge in herbs & medicines; he was once a medicine cat's apprentice, but decided to leave that duty to someone else who was more interested in becoming one. Straightline instead became a warrior that rarely fights, preferring to guard the camp instead of goin into the fight. Many of the other cats from other clans, & some within, think hes a wuss cuz of that.

more characters to come...

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