Neon Skylite

aka Neon, Sky, any deriative of my username

  • I live in Sydney, Australia
  • I was born on January 25
  • My occupation is Mimikyu fanatic
  • I am a big heccin memer
why am i such a piece of dysfunctional garbage™
— myself in Discord, February 16 2018

I'm Neon Skylite -- and I'm autistic, 14, a girl, and deep in this kitty-cats that kill each other hell first and in New South Wales second. I come into activity rather fitfully, to be honest, whether it's because executive dysfunction, schoolwork or just my interest in Warriors is waning (but remember, if you saw fact number 5 which says I'm deep in murder cat book hell, I'm never truly out of the woods when it comes to Warriors. It owns a part of my soul I am not willing to relinquish.)
Some of my other interests in no particular order are Pokemon, (mimikyu's my favourite) Ace Attorney, web games, (if you like them as much as i do, check out nicky case he makes good ones) tabletop games, and I will pretty much go down with Nintendo.
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