Hi, everybody. I've got some rather hard news to deliver, I'm afraid. School has been unbelievably stressful, and I'm finding it hard to fully devote myself to this wiki. Life itself is stressful as well; even though I moved to this new town at the start of summer it is still pretty difficult to adjust. It is with a heavy heart that I say I think I'm going to have to leave Warriors Wiki. This place isn't really what it was when I first joined, I guess I could say it's lost its touch with me. It seems as if all the articles have as much work done on them as possible, I don't really feel as if I can contribute much except to revert vandalism or something like that. PCA...that's been the hardest. PCA was really special to me, I love art and have learned many things about it since joining here. But it's not the same; not the same at all. Every single character with a description has an image, and with the enormous amount of users that have joined PCA in the last few months there have been no chararts to reserve. We were really scraping the bottom of the barrel, and I hate that, I hate that for everybody; not just me. I'll miss everybody here so much, and I'm sorry I've been so inactive. I'll still be a part of a few roleplay sites, because I find them easier to be a part of; even with homework and life stress. I'll be on the IRC still, usually here - ##wika-catsoftheclans - and sometimes the PCA IRC channel here. I also apologize to Helix, who I sort of abandoned in our small couple user box project. (unless somebody else has figured out how to do it as well) Helix, I'll teach you how if you want, it's not complicated at all :) I apologize to Insane as well; I promised to put PC in order after I read SkyClan's Destiny, and I just never could finish it. (Yeah, on that note I'm in like, the middle of the book :/ ) We have required reading at school, plus homework, so it's been hard to find time for free-time reading; which I used to do all the time. And I'm also really sorry to those users who I promised charart requests in what, August? July? I'm so sorry, I really am, but I don't think I'll be able to finish them; although I might. I'll get them to you if I do :)
Anyways, thanks for the memories everyone, this is a hard goodbye. I love you all, and I hope to see you every now and then on the IRC :) Good luck to you all, Night Fall 03:35, November 25, 2010 (UTC)

Important Stuff

Here's a few things about me -

First, and most importantly, I'am a Christian! And I'am proud to say it! :D

My favorite color is dark purple

My favorite color combo is dark purple/silver

I love nature, and plan to go camping with my dad soon :D

I hate camp; you know with cabins and such. It's awful in my opinion. Why would I want to waste a perfectly wonderful summer of freedom at a smelly, bug infested (when I say "bug", I mean roaches XP) camp where you have to go to bed at 10:00, and wake up at 7:00 a.m double XPPPPPPP I would much rather go real camping with my dad, up in the mountains! *wistful sigh*

I love swimming, at the pool and at the lake!

I love to sing, but I need to work on really high notes, and really low notes.

I love art, paticularly sketching animals.

I'am naturally wired to be a night owl, but love to be up and awake very early in the day. I'm working really hard on a balance at the moment.

I'm home-schooled, and I'm really enjoying it! :D

I can't stand animal cruelty! When I grow up, I will definately be rescueing pets from animal shelters.

Well, that's all the imformation I can really give at the moment.

Books I Own

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Here's where I create my siggies

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Stuff that's way to long to show on my user page XD

Favorite Warrior Characters

  • Firestar - I really love Firestar; or atleast, Fireheart and Firepaw. He changed a bit too much when he became leader. But, I really love Fireheart. The reason warriors caught my eye, was because he was on the cover of "Into the Wild", and I myself have an orange cat. So, you can see why he would appeal to me :) -
  • Graystripe - Ummm, he's Graystripe! I think that's reason enough to love him :)
  • Sandstorm - I just love Sandstorm; she really loves Firestar. But sometimes, Firestar is a bit mouse-brained. I mean, in Firestar's Quest he didn't seem to realize how much Sandstorm really loved him. Oh well, they mnade up and I think he realizes the true depth of her feelings now
  • Squirrelflight - Squirrelflight was my favorite character in the NP series; I just love her fiesty personality. I also love how much she looks like Firestar :D
  • Jayfeather - It's hard not to like Jayfeather ;)
  • Willowpelt - Willowpelt was one of my favorite characters; even when I first saw her in the allegiances xD
  • Whitestorm - Same as Willowpelt; he's an awsome character. And I loved how humble and wise he was.
  • Silverstream - I love Silverstream a lot. She really loves Graystripe; infact, she loves him enough to let him be with someone else. I miss her so much :'(
  • Brightheart - I always loved Brightheart; just how sweet and gentle she was. I felt horrible when I first read what happened to her. I love how Cloudtail loved her even because of that :)
  • Brambleclaw - Brambleclaw was another one of my NP favorites.
  • Tawnypelt - I love Tawnypelt; she's just so awsome! I was a bit surprised when I read she had kits though; but she didn't seem to loose her spice even after that xD

Least Favorite Characters

  • Tigerstar - He killed all the good characters!
  • Scourge - I hate Scourge, and I'm glad that Firestar triumphed over him. But I couldn't help feel sorry for him after reading "The Rise of Scourge".
  • Ashfur - He really carried the whole "Squirrelflight thing" way too far. I liked him at first; but not any more.
  • Hollyleaf - I really did like her before she went insane. I'm very mad at her though; I can't believe she thought she was doing the right thing when she told everybody about Leafpool!
  • Brokenstar - Let's see; he killed his own father to become leader, he broke his mother's heart, and he killed innocent kits.
  • Leopardstar - I liked her a little bit before she became leader; but after she let Tigerstar and BloodClan join RiverClan, I stopped liking her. Especially after she let Stonefur die right infront of her.

Characters I'm kinda ok with...

  • Spottedleaf - Well, I like you and all, and I miss you, but you keep showing up in every book! You are dead. And you really need to let Firestar go. Just let him live in peace with his true love Sandstorm. If she doesn't let him go, then she'll just be sitting in a pool of her own misery for the rest of eternity. If she lets him go, I'am positive that she'd be a whole lot happier. There was no chemistry between them, Firepaw just automatically decided he loved her the first time he ever saw her. But I don't think he ever loved her, he was obsessed with her. I mean, have any of you realized that the only thing he looks forward to when he sees her is her sweet scent, and her "pretty face and lovely dappled coat"? Seriously. In Rising Storm, when Cinderpelt told him that Sandstorm liked him, as he was leaving, he "felt a tingle in his paws that he had not felt before". He never felt that feeling with Spottedleaf. She just needs to realize that, but she's just being stubborn.
  • Crowfeather - I'm not sure whether or not I'm mad at you, or I like you. I'm just gonna wait and see how TFA turns out before I make any final descisions. But, at the moment, I'm not liking you all that much.
  • Onestar - I like Onewhisker. But I don't really like Onestar. After I read Cats of the Clans, I understand you better but still. Maybe Tallstar shouldn't have chosen you for leader after all. I wouldn't want somebody like Mudclaw leading WindClan, but still.
  • Daisy - Okay, your not so bad now that you've finally left Cloudtail alone. But I still wish you would do something for your Clan beside eat fresh kill and have kits. I can honestly say that I can't imagine you fighting, but at least learn how to hunt. It's not that hard.
  • Ferncloud - I love you. You're sweet and gentle, and I was really happy when you and Dustpelt became mates. But you're kind of wearing me out. I mean, honestly tell me, how long were you a warrior? You got your warrior name, and probably like, what, a few weeks later you were in the nursery with Dustpelt's first litter. Then, honestly not too long after Shrewpaw and Spiderleg were apprenticed, you became pregnant and moved into the nursery again with his second litter. Then you were finally a warrior for a few books after Birchfall was apprenticed. I was so happy for you! Then, I read The Sight and realized that yet again, you were in the nursery with kits. When I started TFA, I was so excited to see you as a warrior. But alas, you (with no kits) were still in the nursery. *sigh* You'd think that after all this time in the nursery, you'd be really anxious to get out and be with your own mate again in the warriors den. Oh well. There are some things I like about you and some things I don't.
  • Blackstar - The only thing that stops me from listing him as a favorite character is that he killed Stonefur. I mean, I know he was just following Tigerstar's orders but still.

My Favorite Warrior Couples

  • GrayxSilver - You guys were made for eachother! I love you guys together so much!!
  • FirexSand - Awww, I was so happy when Firestar chose you Sandstorm!
  • BramblexSquirrel - Brambleclaw, what is your problem? You know you love her with all your heart!
  • CloudxBright - You're one of my absolute favorite couples in the entire warriors series!
  • OakxBlue - Ah, young love. You're one of my favorite couples!
  • WhitexWillow - I don't know why I like them so much I just do.
  • CrowxLeaf - I was really sad about the tragic end to this pairing :( I think out of all of Crowfeather's loves; he loved her the most.
  • CrowxFeather - They're sweet :3 I wonder what would have happened if Feathertail hadn't died... would all three of them be fighting over Crowfeather? You just gotta wonder these things.
  • RainxPetal - They're so cute! And they really love eachother. I was so sad when Rainfur died.I hope that in SkyClan's destiny the Erins don't pair Petalnose up with some random tom like Sharpclaw, like they did with Berrynose and Poppyfrost. O_O
  • StormxBrook - I like them way better than StormxSquirrel. He loves her so much that he'd leave his own home to come live with her! Awwww!
  • TalonxNight - I know they're not together, but I really wish they were. I hope that whenever the tribe comes back in the story (which I'm sure it will) I hope they'll get toghter :D
  • ThornxDaisy - Okay, before you say, "WHAT?!" Let me just explain. First of all, Thornclaw really needs a mate. I mean, his brother and sister have mates and kits, he's gotta find love too! And for Daisy, if she isn't going to hunt and fight, she might as well give birth to strong healthy kits that would make wonderful warriors like Mousewhisker, Hazeltail, Toadstep, and Rosepetal. (I'm kinda mad at Berrynose right now) And after I started thinking about it, the more I liked it. And now I'm at the point where I think they'd be perfect for eatheother. When in reality, they hardly make contact throughout the whole time she's been in ThunderClan. So I really want them to get together at least by the end of OotS. Does that explain things?
  • TigerxDove - I highly doubt that Dovepaw will break the warrior code to be with Tigerheart, but I have a small feeling they'll get together. I thought it was cute how he wanted to protect her, and she got mad at him :D It reminded me a little of Ashfur and Squirrelflight, only it wasn't infuriating when Tigerheart wanted to protect her, just sweet :)
  • RipplexPetal - I think they loved eachother. They seemed really close on the water expedition, and not just because they were trying to stick together. I was really sad when Rippletail died, and I hope Viki doesn't give Petalfur someone else to be her mate
  • TigerxSasha - I hate Tigerstar, but I love Sasha. And it was really nice to see a softer side to Tigerstar, rare, but nice :D I felt so sorry for her, when he called her nothing. That made me MAD! >:( He loves her, but he loves power more than her. *sigh*
  • LittlexCinder - I really like this couple :3 They're so sweet together
  • MousexMinnow - Aw, come on! Why didn't the Erins go through with this pairing? I thought they were sweet, it was cute the way Mousewhisker acted around her. It makes me mad that they forgot about eachother. The Erinds really need to make a minor character fall in love with someone from another Clan.

Couples I think are cute

  • ThrushxBlue - I think if Oakheart didn't exist, then Thrushpelt would be a wonderful mate for her. Although, I don't really think she would have ever been truely happy with him :( If she didn't feel the spark before she met Oakheart, then I don't think she would if he didn't exist at all.
  • CrookedxBlue - I thought they were cute when I read Bluestar's Prophecy :)
  • LionxBlue - When I read Into the Wild, I thought they were cute :D And I still think they are, since Oakheart and Bluestar seem to hate eachother in StarClan :P
  • SharpxCherry - I think maybe they'll be together in SkyClan's destiny. I liked the love/hate relationship with them, and they were just cute :D
  • PinexSasha - I think he liked her, he was being very friendly to her. And I think if I didn't love Tigerstar and Sasha so much, I'd like for them to be together.
  • WhitexLeopard - Awww! It made me more sad that Whiteclaw died after I heard these two were mates. If he was a decent cat, and he had lived, maybe Leopardstar wouldn't be such a brat.
  • BumblexIvy - They're cute :3 I really hope they end up together
  • HawkxIvy - I'm not entirely serious about this pairing, I just think it'd be funny xD

My Least Favorite Warrior Couples

  • GrayxMillie - Okay, I love Millie, but I hate GrayxMillie. It was so random! He felt nothing towards her but friendship for the first two books of Graystripe's Trilogy, but right at the beginning of the third it was like bam!, he loves her. That doesn't make sense. And I think the Erins just put them together because it seems predictable; like they went on a long journey together so they have to fall in love. I think that she has only taken part of his heart, but he really loves Silverstream. I have high hopes that Millie and Graystripe will eventually break up, but of both of their accords. I don't want Millie to be brutally dumped like Daisy. I really hope that Graystripe will be with Silverstream in StarClan :)
  • CrowxNight - I don't like this couple, but I do feel a little sorry for Nightcloud. It was mean of Crowfeather to take her as a mate just to prove his loyalty. But she's so obsessed with him...and she's just a bad kitteh :P
  • FirexCinder - Hmm, they just don't seem good for eachother. It'd be too akward. She's so much like a little sister to him, they have an apprentice/mentor bond, and a leader/medicine cat bond. They don't need to be mates, Sandstorm is Firestar's true love.
  • FirexSpotted - Spottedleaf has got to get over Firestar. There was no real relashionship between them, I don't think he ever really loved her like he thought he did. He just thought she was pretty, and smelled good. Yeah Firestar, perfect reasons to love someone.
  • ThistlexSnow- I hate Thistleclaw. I just don't believe that Snowfur would fall for such a blood-thirsty phsyco. Poor Bluestar!
  • CloudxDaisy - What the crap Daisy? BACK OFF!!! He only ever really liked your kits, not you. However, I'm glad you've finally gotton it through your thick skull that Cloudtail loves Brightheart. And your not so bad now. But I'd still like it if you acually did something for your clan.
  • BerryxPoppy- They really are very random. I know that Poppyfrost says she had feeling for Berrynose when Honeyfern was still alive, but where did Berrynose's feelings for Poppyfrost come from? Man, everytime a tom's mate dies they completely forget them! Graystripe, Crowfeather, and now Berrynose. It makes me sooooo sad :'( I never adored Berrynose and Honeyfern, but I loved them together. Then she died, then I read TFA, an I was like, what the hec? Poppyfrost, his deceased mate's sister, is his mate now?
  • PinexLeopard- What?! Leopardfoot, you married an old man! Seriously, he was old when you were a kit. Them being together is just... weird.

Couple Theories

TallstarxMorningflower = Gorsepaw

  • I think it's pretty likely; Gorsepaw and Tallstar are both bicolored. And he did train Morningflower, perhaps they fell in love after she became a warrior.

OnestarxWhitetail = Heathertail

  • Heathertail and Onestar are both tabbies. And, again, Onestar trained Whitetail. She became a queen pretty shortly after she recieved her warrior name. And they seem, close. I was a bit surprised when she wasn't made deputy, she seems deputy material. And, Whitetail trained Crowfeather's son, Crowfeather trained Whitetail's daughter. Makes sense :) But, I think it's more likely that Onestar and Whitetail are mates, more than it is likely that Heathertail is their daughter. Anyway, I think OnexWhite is cute xD

OwlwhiskerxGorsetail = Sedgewhisker; Thistlepaw; Swallowtail

  • Meh, this theory is based more on pelt colors rather than social interactions. Gorsetail, the mother, is gray and white. Swallowtail is gray, and Thistlepaw is white; I bet they got their pelt colors from their mother. Owlwhisker is a brown tabby, (the only one in WindClan at the time of Thistlepaw, Swallowtail, and Sedgewhisker's births) and Sedgewhisker is a brown tabby. So, he's probably the father of the three.
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