From top left to bottom right: Sunwhisper, Wolfheart, Smokecloud, and Lilymask.
I have a cat named Morris. He's a sweetheart. I love him. I am a female, so please refer to me as such, however I do not get hugely upset when someone misgenders me. Please call me Rocket or Rocky, unless I tell you otherwise. I LOVE Yellowfang, nothing can change my opinion on this lovley she-cat, she reminds me of Maggie (Maggie was my cat, she passed away in January) so much it hurts. I will always love her, she is an amazing cat and I could go on and on about her, but I won't. I was so happy when I saw that there was an SE for her! I am involved in PCA, UBX, and PC, where I am a warrior and mentor in the first, warrior in the second, and warrior in the third. You'll usually find me in PCA.  I was on here a long time ago, before I lost my old email address, under Lightningstar of ThunderClan. I fell out of the fandom for a few years, but I've returned! My favorite books are Yellowfang's Secret and Bluestar's Prophecy, and my favorite book covers are Fire and Ice, Dawn, The Sight, Sunrise, Night Whispers, The Fourth Apprentice, The Forgotten Warrior, Thunder Rising, A Forest Divided, The Blazing Star, Yellowfang's Secret (hardcover), Bluestar's Prophecy (hardcover), and Sunset. I have only read upto the last book on OoTS. I am a huge fan of SkyClan and ShadowClan, SharpclawWhitestorm, Thistleclaw, Windflight, Leafstar, Sagewhisker, Raggedstar, Silverflame, Brackenfoot, Brightflower, Snowbird, Scorchwind, and Yellowfang. I love Bruce Springsteen, Fall Out Boy, and Owl City, just to name a few. You can find my chararts here. Tumblr and Twitter? Ask for it, please. 


(PS: If anyone has any PDF's or Ebooks of any of the Warrior's Series, please shoot me a message on my talk! I'd love to read them again!)

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