About me

I am Pebbleshine and I am new so hopefuly I can fit in! 

And I'd like it if people can help me around and stuff. Anyway my cat is Pebbleshine (at the moment i'm Pebblekit) and I want to know if I can make my own Clan. If you know how to please an you tell me, but before I finish you can call me Pebble or Pebbleshine.

Thks. Pebble

P.C.A Mentor: Echomist

Name: Isy   

Time zone: ???

Times I will be on Warrior wiki: For me 04:30 - 11:30. For people in america around 07:30am - 01:30pm  

Pets: Dog, Parrot, Dead hamsters May they Rest In Peace. :C And possibly a cat!!!! She is a garage cat though. You can gess why, but i'm calling her Roxy or speckles or speck or Fox (because she has small ginger flecks). 

Fave chart.s in warriors (in order): Poppyfrost, Jayfeather, Graystripe, Whitestorm, Lionblaze, Birchfall, Whitewing, yellowfang, cinderheart, cinderpelt, leafpool, crowfeather, stormfur & Brambleclaw.

least fave chart.s in warriors (Not in order): Hollyleaf, Firestar, Squirrelflight, Onestar & Brokenstar.

Memory for my hamsters; Jake, and Joseph!

Jake:  Who died on the 28th of September 2009

Joseph: Who died on the 14th of September 2009

2 brothers who now can rest together. :C :C 

Countdown to My Birthday on June 24.
Countdown to My sister's Birthday on April 4.
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Countdown to My Dad's Birthday on November 18.

the books I'm writing with Hawkstar of Thunderclan

At the moment i am writing some books and i would like some ideas and help so feel free to leave messages on my talk page.


   Eyes of the sky 

  • Spirt clan Start to talk to Pebblepaw.
  • Leafheart tells her about Spirt clan and what they do.

  Fire's blossem 

  • A fire is alit and Fireclan flee to Earth clan for safety the stay there for 1 and a half moons.
  • Fallenleafs dies by inhaling to much smoke and Shinningmoon becomes a medicine cat.
  • Pebblepaw, Rockpaw and Stonepaw become warriors.
  • leafheart becomes pregnant and Nightspot takes her place temporely. 

Falling stones 

  • Stonestripe falls in love with a Earth clan she-cat called Larkpaw (Larkfeather)
  •  Pebbleshine trys and break Stonestripe and Larkpaw
  • Stonestripe gets mad and says "You always get everything! You always wanted to be the best one! You always wanted to have a mate and didnt want me and Rock to have one! Your so selfish! I wish you were never my sister!!!!" and he ran away to earthclan.
  • Thornwhisker, Pebbleshine and Leafheart  go on a hunting patrol and and pebbleshine wants to see her brother (Stonestripe) from a cross the river. It is sorter a gorge and leafheart and Thornwhisker join her. leafheart says "He will come back and forgive you i promise." And she and leafheart walk away from the groge but thornwhisker stays. Suddenly Thornwhisker shouts "I Love you Pebbleshine and I always will !!!" and then the egde of the gorge crumbles and falls into the river with Thornwhisker to. Pebble shine shouts back to that she loves him before he hits the water. And turns to leafheart and says "I was going to tell him I was carring his kits toninght and leafheart says "Well at least there is some good news to tell the clan." and they walk back to camp without their prey. 
  • After a moon he comes to a gathering as a earthclan cat and he finaly speaks to his sister saying "Im sorry I just wanted to be with Larkfeather. And I miss you and Fireclan. and by the way larkfeather is carring my kits and he walks off. 
  • Pebbleshine starts to cry and runs to Leafheart for help but then she feels a cat beside her and relises that It is Thornwhisker. He tells her that he needs to talk to Her about why he needed to die and then disappers but Pebbleshine feels better now that she knows that Thornwhisker Is watching her.
  • A quater moon later she goes into the Queens den.
  • At the end of the book Leafheart is talking to Pebbleshine about how Thornwhisker must be pround of her and having kits is wonderful and she looks towards her kits playing but then Pebbleshine starts labor and leafpool gets Shinningmoon and Pebbleshine has 4 kits.
  • Leafheart returns to being deputy because her kits become apprentices. 

Dawn of danger

  • Stonestripe comes back with 2 of his kits
  • Barkstar dies
  • Leafheart becomes leader
  • Pebbleshine becomes Deputy 

Death's revenge

  • In beginning of book Rosepetal dies in a battle.
  • Bloodfang wants revenge.
  • Pebbleshine and Leafstar have to stop him.

The Beginning


The sun just appeared over the horizon and the birds around the camp started to chirp. The dew on the grass and flowers melted as the sun’s heat began to spread, but the air was still cold from snowfall. “Aren’t you proud of your Kits Creamfur,” murmured Rosepetal, “They’re very beautiful. Aren’t they, Spottedfrost?” “Yes, they are beautiful,” replied Spottedfrost “hopefully mine will be beautiful too.” Light started to seep through the brambles and the light from out the den looked inviting and fresh. Creamfur arose from her nest where her kits were sleeping and stepped out into the light. The morning air smelled good after her long night, and she was happy that she could have a nice, long stretch. Creamfur spotted the fresh-kill pile and a juicy pigeon with her name all over it. But then, something court her eye “Hazelstripes, stop sneaking up on me.” Hazelstripes sighed “How do you know it’s me?” “Because, Darling you do it all the time and ...” “Have you got thinner or something?” Hazelstripes questioned with her eyes shining bright. Creamfur smiled. “Yes I have very exciting news. You have now got two brothers and a sister!” Hazelstripes let out a squeal of happiness escape from her mouth. “Please can I see them now? PLEASE!” “Go on but get your brother and ...” she was already off, jumping up and down into the warriors den. Creamfur heard a threat from the den and it suddenly went quite And out came her eldest kits. “This way,” she sighed and they were already in the nursery. Then a delighted squeak came from the den followed by three smaller ones and as Creamfur stepped in three pairs of small eyes stared up at her. One amber, like his father, one green, like her, and one bluish-purple, like nothing she had seen before. “How many toms or she-kits?” asked Bloodfang, her eldest son. “Two toms and one she-kit,” replied Creamfur. “Hum?” Creamfur knew what he was thinking and didn’t dare say it aloud, but something crossed her mind what about the kits father, he didn’t know she was pregnant with kits!

Chapter 1

Bloodfang didn’t know where to start, his plans were smart and his fate was pointing him in the direction he hoped for. But, something was troubling him. ‘What if someone found out?’ He thought to himself. He had a glance at his future helpers/ siblings, but something was different. ‘I thought one kit had blue eyes?!’ When he looked again they were the same colour he saw a moment ago. Purple. Then the kits stopped playing and before Bloodfang’s eyes, the she-kits eyes turned blue again. Did his mother know about this, well even if she did he was going to tell her anyway. Bloodfang walk over to where his mother was eating and lay down beside her. “Can I talk to you?” she lifted her head from her wood pigeon. “What is it?” “It’s about the she-kit” he whispered, he saw Creamfur tense. But carried on “her eyes change colour” “I was hoping nobody would notice...” “Well I did” he answered in a low growl and walked off hoping on-one was following him and raced to the deputy and asked if he could go on a hunting patrol wishing to dig his claws into some animal. But still wondering if he should kill the she-kit before his father gets home from his journey. Not long after he left Bloodfang scented a squirrel and he got into the hunting position and stepped gracefully inch by inch closer to the animal. Suddenly the squirrel leaped and the chase was on, Bloodfang Vs squirrel. Quickly Bloodfang made the pounce and he felt the flesh of the animal beneath him and mage the quick nip in the neck and the body went limp. He had won. Bloodfang decided to eat; he didn’t care about the Warrior code. It was just some rules four cats made up, but now their dead. So he just ate the squirrel and carried on with the hunt. After awhile, Bloodfang decided to head back to camp with a sparrow, 2 mice and a hare. As he entered the camp a clan meeting was about to be held, but by the medicine cat, Fallenleaf. Bloodfang dropped his prey at the fresh-kill pile and padded over to the high-hill. “As we all know Foxstar is on his last life and is very ill,” Fallenleaf spoke, “and needs a cat to help him since his deputy Barkwhisker is out on a Trip to the ‘Cats of pointed Rocks’.” All the cats started to whisper and it echoed around the camp. “I will help Foxstar if none of you cats are going to!” “Thank you Hazelstripes, I’m sure he will appreciate you’re...” “I don’t need any help!” called a grumpy voice, “I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself!” Hazelstripes Muttered something under her breath and walked forward towards Foxstar putting on a fake smile and began to talk to him. This is great; his sister is looking after the leader. ‘This day is getting better and better by the second. But it won’t work if the deputy comes back early, to think about it it’s only been a moon so it will be a long time before he comes back.’ “Also Foxstar has an announcement.” “Yes I would like Skykit, Shinningkit and lightkit to step forward,” he called. They all jumped forward with delight shinning in their eyes, “You are now 6 moons old and time to be apprentices. I call upon my warrior ancestor’s look at these kits to protect them though their warrior training,” his voice echoed “Skykit, Lightkit do you promise to learn the ways of the warrior?” “I do” they said in unison. “Then from now on Skykit you will be known as Skypaw and Lightkit you will be known as Lightpaw. Nightspot I think you are ready for another apprentice, send your quick thinking and your battle skills to Lightpaw. And Bloodfang I think you are ready for your first apprentice...” Bloodfang smiled yet again his plans were growing stronger “...send your courage in battle and battle skills to Skypaw.” The clan all cheered ‘Skypaw, Lightpaw, Skypaw, and Lightpaw’ “And I heard that Shinningkit wants to be a Medicine cat, so Fallenleafs do you accept Shinningkit to be your apprentice?” “Of course I do more help around the medicine den.” “Then from now on Shinningkit will be known as Shinningpaw as a medicine cat apprentice!”

Chapter 2

As the clan began to disperse, Bloodfang noticed the she-kit playing with a butterfly. This is my chance! He thought, if I’m going to keep this clan clean of omens, this is my chance to do it and kill the she-kit now! He got into a hunter's crouch, and slowly headed toward the kit, as if he were stalking prey. Just as he was about to leap in the air, he noticed something moving. He looked behind him to see that the Clan wasn't paying attention to him or the kit. Must have been a Squirrel, he thought. Now the she-kit was in plain view just a rabbit length away, and he leaped into the air. All of a sudden wham! He was bowled over by another cat. When he landed, he was face down in the dirt and both his hind legs were pinned down by another pair of hind legs. "If you even touch Pebblekit," hissed a voice in his ear, you will be food for the badgers!" "Lmfart!" mumbled Bloodfang with his face in the dirt. So that was the movement I hear! He thought, she was stalking me! Just as suddenly as he was bowled over the pressure was off of him. When he got up, he saw Leafheart crouching down, claws unsheathed if need be. "Don't think I don't know what you did on your hunting mission," she said her voice taut with anger, "I let it slide because you need your strength, especially this leaf-bare if you want to catch any prey. But that doesn't mean I'm goanna stand by and let you kill an innocent kit who happens to be your kin!" "How did you know I ate a squirrel?” he asked, amazed that she would know since she had Whitepaw to train. "I gave Whitepaw a break today," she said, "because she is ready to become a warrior and we need her fresh for Barkwhisker's return since he promised that Whitepaw would be his first warrior. I'm goanna let this slide, Bloodfang. Since her eyes change color, you thought this was an omen and wanted to get rid of it. But one wrong move on Pebblekit this day forward and everyone will know what you did today!," she turned and bounded toward where Windsong, Honeydrop, Gingerwave and her brother, Fallenleafs, were. She made it seem like everything was fine as she bounded over to where her friends were. But he did not miss the look of hurt and anguish in her eyes. If she still loves me, then why doesn't she become my mate?! Thought Bloodfang as he walked over to the nursery. When he Hazelstripes and Leafheart had been apprentices, he and Leafheart had been very close. But when it was time to become warriors, she started to hang around the nursery a lot, and practice her battle moves ALL the time. Then Fallenleafs told her to beware of a pair of fangs covered with blood that would encircle her with flames. Well it happened but not until after a moon of not speaking with each other. The night it happened it was in a battle with Earth clan. Bloodfang was battling another warrior near the edge of a cliff, and where a twoleg fire was still smoking. He knocked the warrior off the cliff, after making him push brush into the smoke, and a ring formed around Leafheart. The warrior was only hanging by his paws now, Bloodfang had a choice to make, let his dignity suffer by letting an enemy warrior die or lose respect from his Clan by letting Leafheart die. He decided his dignity was worth more than his Love and rescued the warrior. Luckily Nightspots had seen what happened and by the time the other warrior was up, Leafheart was safely on the other side. But, the battle was 4 moons ago, he thought, Leafheart is one of the gentlest, patients, and forgiving she-cat I know, how can she still hold a grudge against me! Then again she has been spending a lot of time around Nightspot lately, but he's always shy around she-cats, especially since his first mate broke up with him 6moons ago. Oh! Why do she-cats have to be so difficult?! "W-w-when are w-w-we g-going to t-t-train fot h-h-hunting and F-f-f-fighting?"squeked a small voice behind bloodfang. He turned around and saw Lightpaw, she looked sow small but she had just become an apprenice. 

"Rest now will will start tomorow," he said nicely and before Bloodfang could blink She sprnted into the apprentice den. Is she really that scared of me he thought 'and he walked out the camp entrance to take care of some thing he needed to do.  

Element Warriors


Fireclan: It is like thunderclan but has windclan's spirt to run and be in the freash air. Fireclan cats mostly peaceful cats and try to make fights stop if they are unessery. Also many Fireclan cats are shy and Quiet.

Waterclan: It is like Riverclan and waterclan cats love to swim. Their main prey are fish and the personality of many waterclan cats is that they never back down from a fight, they like helping other clans if needed to and they a quite competvif.

Earthclan: Earthlan cats are very kind. They are always there find any cat or clan needs help. Many personalitys of earthclan cats are kind, Gentale or friendly. They love to have acompony and are very protectivf if any cat or thing is disrecpectful to the clans or Spirtclan.

Airclan: airClan is like wnd clan. they are vain and only respect cats that earn their respect. They love the sun and hate it when it is Whitefall. They are amazing hunters and hiding. Most Airclan cats quite young and are halfclan cats because 4 seasons ago bagers and foxes killed most of the warriors and queens.


Whole clan noitces

If you would like to join the element warriors plese contact me on my web page and please includ the following:

  • The cat you want/ the cat you made.
  • The discription.
  • The rank.(Warrior, kit ect.)
  • If you want the personality
  • If you want the mate and/or the kits

It would be very helpful if you choose a cat from the list. And if you want to be more than one cat the limit of how many cats you have is 4.

Also if you have join you have to at least drop in and see what is going on. But that doesnt mean every week, it could be every month or 2. 

Fire clan notices 

Foxstar has died and Barkwhisker is our new deputy.

Leafheart is the new Deputy.

Shinningkit, Skykit and lightkit are now apprentices.

Water clan notices

You have a new Medicine cat apprentice! Articpaw.

Earth clan notices

You have a new kit joined, Lightningkit. Mother Featherstripe.

Air clan notices

Element clans

Fire Clan

leader:Barkstar a brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Blizzerdpaw 

'Deputy:Leafheart a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes and white patches all over her body.ApprenticeWhitepaw(Hawkstar of Thunderclan)

'Medicine cat: Fallenleafs a redish-brown tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Shinningpaw

Warriors: Addertooth a smoke-grey tom with brown and black spots and bright amber eyes. 

Wildpelt a tortoiseshell she-cat with long fur and blue eyes.

Parrotpelt a tortoiseshell and white tom with amber eyes.

Fallenash a white tom with dashes of ash-grey and green eyes.

Oakbreeze a brown she-cat with red stripes and blue eyes. (Me! Pebbleshine)

Leapingflames a red tabby tom with big amber eyes.

Windsong a silver she-cat with a brown stripe along her spine and tail.

Honeydrop a cream and ginger she-cat with blue eyes.

Gingerwave a ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Honeypaw

Smugepelt a black and white she-cat with amber eyes.

Nightspot a Hasome black and white tom with silver eyes that always sparkle. Apprentice: Skypaw  

Plantcatcher a brown tom with moss-green eyes.

Thornwhisker a hansome young looking brownish-ginger tabby tom with a white chest and paws with soft amber eyes

Rainfoot a BIG dark grey tabby tom with soft, big eyes.

Redfur a red she-cat with blue eyes.

Smallspot a small white tom with a small brown spot on his back and eye.

Mousestripes a white tom with brown stripes and amber eyes. Apprentice: Firepaw

Suntail a golden tabby tom with a bright, fluffy tail and BRIGHT yellow eyes.

Poppywhisker a fluffy pale, light brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Bloodfang a white tom with ginger tabby spots and blood-red eyes. Apprentice: Lightpaw

Hazelstripes a brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Berryheart a dark ginger tom with amber eyes.

Whitefur a white tom with amber eyes.

Snowtail a pure white tom with green eyes

Senior Warriors: Moonfur a silver she-cat.

Greyfoot a pale gray she-cat with dark grey paws and blue eyes.

Sharptail a black tom with a white tail tip.

Tallpelt a fluffy brown tom with amber eyes.

Stormheart a silver tabby she-cat with pale green eyes. Apprentice: Mudpaw

Queens: Creamfur a golden and white she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Rock-kit, Stonekit & Pebblekit.

Spottedfrost a pale silver she-cat with dark grey flecks and blue eyes.

Roseleaf a brown tabby she-cat with darker circals around her eyes.

Blackdash a ginger she-cat with black dashes. Mother of Nightkit, Reedkit and Dark-kit.

Apprentices: Skypaw a blue-grey tom with white chest and blue eyes.

Shinningpaw a pretty silver tabby she-cat with silver-blue eyes.

lightpaw a white tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Honeypaw a she-cat that looks alot like her grandmother, Honeydrop.

Mudpaw a silver tom with brown paws and green eyes

Whitepaw a white she-cat.

Firepaw a tom which looks like a fox with dark blue eyes.

Blizzerdpaw a brown and white tabby with pale blue eyes.

Kits: Nightkit a black tom with blue eyes.

Reedkit a black tom with amber eyes and a brown sploge on his nose.

Dark-kit a black tom with amber eyes and white paws.

Rock-kit a grey tom with dark grey spots and amber eyes.

Stonekit  a light gray tom with white stripes on his body and green eyes.

Pebblekit a tortoiseshell and white she-kit with purple-blue eyes.(Me!: Pebbleshine

Elders: Raggedfur a ginger tom with long fur.

Ice-eyes a black she-cat with silver-blue eyes.

Deadtail a brown and ginger tom with a broken tail hence the name. 

Leaders of Fire Clan
Mousestar Before the beginning Bluewhisker, Burntbelly
Burntstar Before the beginning Seedheart
Seedstar Before the beginning Redflower, Smallfur, Silverdawn
Silverstar Before the beginning Jumptail, Toadriver, Foxtail
Foxstar the beginning Barkwhisker
Barkstar the beginning - Dawn of Danger Leafheart

Deputys of Fire Clan
Bluewhisker Before the beginning Died
Burntbelly Before the beginning Before the beginning
Seedheart Before the beginning Before the beginning
Redfower Before the beginning Had kits
Smallfur Before the beginning Died
Silverdawn Before the beginning Before the beginning
Jumptail Before the beginning Died
Toadriver Before the beginning Died


Before the beginning the beginning
Barkstar before the beginning The beginning
Leafheart (The middle of) the beginning  --------------

Medicine Cat's of Fire clan
Spottedtail Before the Beginning Mousestar - Burntstar
Oakleaf Before the Beginning Burntstar - Seedstar
Sugerears Before the beginning Silverstar
Mossfoot Before the beginning Silverstar- Foxstar
Fallenleafs before the beginning - ----------- Foxstar - Barkstar

Water clan

Leader: Rushingstar a blue-silver tom with white wave like stripes and blue eyes.

Deputy: Coldpelt a pale grey tom with amber eyes.

Medicine cat: Silvercloud a black she-cat with a silver spot on her back. Apprentice: Articpaw

Warriors: Leapordfang a ginger she-cat with sharp teeth and amber eyes.

Swimmingeyes a white and brown tom with unusal blue-green eyes.

Light-tail a pale brown tom with a fluffy tail.

Shimmingsun a golden tom with green eyes and flecks of white all over his back.   Apprentice: Jaggedpaw

Gingerfish a thin furred bright red she-cat with blue eyes.

Blackwhisker a black tom with a white muzzle and ears.

Goldendawn a golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Snakefoot a pale brown tom with dark brown paws and amber eyes.

Dovepelt a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice:  Longpaw

Grape-eyes a black she-cat with grape green eyes.

Woodstripe a ginger tom with a brown stripe from his back to his belly with amber eyes.

Grayriver a white she-cat with silver stripes on her tail, legs and neck.

Mudbird a mud brown tom with green eyes.

Pinefur a hansome reddish-brown tabby tom with brown eyes. Apprentice:  Lightpaw

Fallingstripe a grey she-cat with long stripes down her back.

Lilyclaw a golden and white che-cat with long claws and blue eyes.

Leapingfish a black she-cat with flecks of silver  all over her body.

Sorringheart, a white tom with a black chest and belly and silver eyes.

Kinkpelt a silver tabby tom with unkept fur and green eyes.

Snowriver a grey she-cat with a white stripe down each of her sides.

Senior Warriors: Deadear a silver and black tom with sheaded ears since he was a kit.

Sparrowclaw a pale brown tom with black paws and tail tip and blue eyes. Apprentice: Squirrelpaw

Shadowheart a gray and white tabby she-cat with black around her chest.

Feathereyes a ginger she-cat with pale silver eyes.

Silverpool a silver she-cat with black flecks and amber eyes.

Apprentices: Articpaw a fluffy snow white she cat with beige fur over her eyes, that looks like a mask, beige ears, beige and white puffy and tabby tail, pink nose, huge sky-blue eyes, sweet minty smell, and a song-like voice. (Hiddensun)

Lightpaw a Dark grey tom with white siames tips and amber eyes.

Jaggedpaw a ginger tom with jagged stripes and green eyes.

Longpaw a long legged white she-cat with black spots and a long tail.

Squirrelpaw a reddish-brown tom with blue eyes.

Queens: Spiderdrop a pale ginger long furred she-cat with a spot on her back. (Mother of Whitekit and Bluekit)

Cloudstream a white tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Sugerfur a silver and black spotted she-cat with silver eyes.

Deweyes a black and silver she-cat with blue eyes.(Mother of Riverkit, Swimmingkit and Robinkit)  

Kits: Whitekit a pale ginger tom with white stripes and blue eyes.

Bluekit a blue-gray she-cat with a black spot on her back.

Riverkit a silver tabby with amber eyes.

Swimmingkit a brown tabby tom with black stripes and amber eyes.

Robinkit a brown and black she-kit with Blue eyes.

Elders: Smallfoot a black tom with small feet.

Harewhisker a grey tabby tom with green eyes.

Redspots a white she-cat with red spots and amber eyes. 


Leader: Gingerstar a pale ging she-cat with Bright gren eyes.  

Deputy: Runningfur a short furred black tom with a long tail, muzzle and legs.   

Medicine cat: Spottedtail a cream and brown she-cat with spots al over her tail.

Warriors: Blackheart a white tom wth a black chest and blue eyes.

Ratfur a grey and brown spotted tom with amber eyes.

Mousefoot a dark brown tom with 1 pale brown paw and tail tip.

Woodstripe a white she-cat with grey on her head and back with a brown stripe running from her head to her tail.

Bluefeather a white she-cat with blue-grey stripes.

Yellowflower a ginger and white tabby with amber eyes.

Snakeclaw a brown tabby tom with razer sharp claws and blue eyes.

Sunheart a yellow she-cat with black and white spots and amber eyes.

Dirtfoot a silver she-cat with mud-brown paws, ears, tail and muzzle.

Mudears a redish-brown tom with a brown head helmet.

Wildtail a white, brown and black she-cat with a really fluffy tail

Goldenfur a golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Seedfur a brown tom with grey spots and silver eyes.

Waterheart a blue-grey tom with faint black stripes. Leaftips a ginger she-cat with autumn leaf brown paws, tail, ears and muzzle.

Firerose a red she-cat with amber eyes.

Blazingheart a white tom with faint red stripes and a red chest and belly.

Flowerblossem a cream tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Speckledwing a white she-cat with brown and black speckals on ecch side of the belly.

Crysteleyes a black she-cat with silver eyes.

Senior Warriors: Featherpelt a silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Yellowtail a brown tom with a yellow tail.

Grasswhisker a pale grey tom with big green eyes.

Foxblaze a red she-cat with white muzzle and green eyes.

Bragerstripe a black tom with a white stripe from his nose to his tail and white paws. 

Queens: Featherstripe a silver she-cat with long fur and faint goloden stripes and green eyes. 

Kits: Lightningkit a solid black tom with a yellow lightning print on neck. He's michevous and always gets into trouble but thats what makes the apprentices like him. (SpottedheadRC)

Apprentices: Dirtpaw a Mud-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Birchpaw a black and brown spotted tom with amber eyes.

Hollypaw a Ginger and black spotted she-cat with amber eyes.

Larkpaw a spall ginger tabby she-cat who is really shy with bright blue eyes.

Sweetpaw a grey tabby she-cat with a black paw and tail tip.

Rabbitpaw a silver ang dark grey spotted tom with big amber eyes.

Mosspaw a cream she-cat with brillant moss green eyes.  

Elders: -----

Air clan

Leader: Windstar a pale grey tabby tom with big green eyes.

Deputy: Hawkfeather a she-cat the colour of hawks feathers with blue eyes. 

Medicine cat: Moonheart a small silver she-cat with black paws.

Warriors: Twiststripe a white and black tabby tom with stripes wihich look like they are twisting over.

Barkfur a brown tom with green eyes.

Rabbitfur a ash grey tom with blue eyes.

Toadheart a brown and white tom with amber eyes and grey tabby spots.

Whiteflower a ginger she-cat with a white spot on her tail, right back paw and on her left eye.

Jumptail a black she-cat with a fluffy tail and green eyes.

Blackleaf a black and white she-cat with amber eyes. Heathereyes a grey tabby she-cat with heather colour eyes.

Sparrowheart a brown tom with black stripes and silver ear and tail tips.

Bagerclaw a red tom with long claws and tail.

Ashtail a brown and pale brown spotted she-cat with a grey tail.

Redstripe a black tom with a red stripe on his back and green eyes.

Mossfur a silver tom with a flully tail and 1 amber  and 1 green eyes.

Tall-legs a long limbed brown and silver tom with green eyes.

Poppyspots a silver she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes.

Silvertail a grey tabby she-cat with silver stripes.

Skyeyes a black and grey tom with sky blue eyes.

Shrubtail a white tom with a dark brown tail and paws.

Birdspot a grey and black she-cat with silver eyes.

Sandfoot a pale ginger she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.

Swurlfur a Dark ginger tom with spots that look like swurls.

Barkfoot a Pale brown tom with dark brown stripes on his legs, tail and ears with big green eyes.

Senior Warriors:

Blueclaw a blue-silver she-cat with amber eyes.

Geryheart a dark grey tom with blue eyes.

Wildfire a tortoriseshell she-cat with wild red-amber eyes.

Flyingsoul a silver tabby tom with blue eyes.


Applepaw a red she-cat with white muzzle and green eyes.

Crowpaw a white tom with grey tabby spots and green eyes.

Cloudpaw a grey and white tom with silver eyes.

Shortpaw a black she-cat with big amber eyes and a snapped tail.

Queens: Tigerlily a brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. (mother of Furnkit and Toadkit)

Blossemwhisker a silver she-cat with black stripes on her back.

Kits: Furnkit a brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Toadkit a brown and black spotted tom with blue eyes.

Elders: Mouseflower a tortoiseshell and brown she-cat with amber eyes. 


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My fave and least fave things!

Things I LIKE!!!!!

Cats, Jelly, monsters, Jelly monsters, potatos, Beef and mushrum pie, Lamb stew, my Family exept my brother, My friends, Science, Maths, English, Books, Warrior cats, the computer, Drawing, swimming, P.E, talking but I'm shy, reading, dancing, History, my dog Bessie (SHE ROCKS, but smells in a bad way) and I like my LIFE!!!

Things I hate!

People copying me, geese ( don't blame me I had an insadent), Geography, ARABIC I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!, How the world is being polluted, Swimming laps, the bleep test, Popular people ( Ooo look at me I'm so popular!) and I hate, HAte, HATE, people who kill and/or people, animals and LIFE! CURSE YOU LIFE KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My favorite pages

* [[:File:Jayfeather.png|Lionblaze]]


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Sire: Addertooth
Dam: Creamfur
Sister: Hazelstripes

Brothers: Bloodfang, Rock-kit, Stonekit

Uncle: Whitefur

Aunt: Windsong

Cosuisns: Honeyheart, Whitedash, Mudeyes.

Sisters-in-law: Rosepetal, Spottedfrost.

Nephews: Berryheart, Leapingkit

Neices: Rosekit, Peachkit

Neices-in-law: Emberkit, Sunkit, Lionkit

Family tree

                                Leapingflames - - - - Honeydrop                                Deadtail - - - - unknown she-cat
                                                 |                                                         |
                                   -------------------------                                             -----
                                   |                       |                                               |
              Windsong - - - Whitefur                Creamfur - - - - Adderfang                         Redfur - - - - unknown tom
                         |                                    |                                                 |
    ----------------------------             -----------------------------------------              -----------------------           ----------------------------
    |            |             |             |         |        |          |         |              |                     |           |                          |
Honeyheart    Whitedash   Mudfoot   Hazelstripes  Rockspot Stonestripe  Pebbleshine Bloodfang - - Rosepetal        Spottedfrost- - - Nightspot     Leafheart  Smugepelt
                                                                                               |                                      |       |         |
                         ---------------------------------                      ------------------------------                        |       -----------   
                         |             |                 |                      |         |         |        |            --------------------------    |
                         |             |                 |                      |         |         |        |            |           |            |    ------------
                      Skypelt      Lightriver       Shinningmoon - - - - Berryheart  Roseleaf  Peacheyes  Leapingfire   Emperpelt   Lionfur     Suneyes            |
                                                                    |                                                                                        Unknowen kits
                                            |          |         |         |         |        |
                                        Gingerkit   Berrykit   Moonkit  Shinningkit Creamkit Sweetkit

This is a test so dont blame me. And this is Creamfur as a Queen: [[File:Creamfur_copy.png|left|Creamfur]]

Siggs test

   IsyIt’s Pebbleshine!     

It’s Pebbleshine!!!!     

PebbleshineIt’s ME!      

PebbleHe He He It’s ME Isy!!

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