Hello! I'm Phoenixfeather13 of MythClan! I'm deputy to Dragonstar. Yes, I'm a she-cat: I'm mates with Bigstep, and my kits are Griffinpaw, Snakepaw and Hugepaw. If you have any questions about me or my Clan, just ask! Until I figure out how to get an avatar made, I'm a she-cat identical to Firestar except for a long tail with a feathery tip.

Cats I like: Firestar (Who couldn't like him? Besides the Dark Forest Cats?), Leafstar (just mate with Billystorm already!), Spottedleaf (prettiest pelt I've seen EVER), Lionblaze (best fighting skills ever. End of discussion), Dovepaw (Wish I had her powers...), Jayfeather (what can I say? He's cool!), Leafpool (only complaint: GO BACK TO MEDICINE CAT DUTIES, GIRL!), Squirrelflight (Don't care if she told those lies, she's awesome!), Graystripe (He has had some pretty forbidden relationships, hasn't he?), Briarlight (keep her alive, Erins!), Feathertail (bravest she-cat I've seen), Bluestar (poor Bluestar. She tried to do what was best.), Silverstream (she went really far for her kits), Mothwing (She's brave to be a medicine cat without believing in StarClan), Mistystar (be proud of your heritage, Mistystar!), Yellowfang (I LOVE her sharp tongue!), Hollyleaf (She's good in my heart), Cinderpelt/Cinderheart (should I tell her? No :)), Crowfeather (he gets all the girls!)...basically, the good major characters.

Cats I hate: Darkstripe (tried to poison Sorreltail), Tigerstar (don't ask), Brokentail (YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE CALLED A LEADER!), Ashfur (I want to smash him!), Mudclaw (see Ashfur), Breezepelt (for obvious reasons as of Fading Echoes), Onestar (what's wrong with him??), Blackstar (he killed Stonefur!), Scourge (no matter how sorry I feel for him, he stinks), Thistleclaw (don't ask, again), Hawkfrost (he stinks!), Jaggedtooth (abandoned his Clan), and Mapleshade (whatever she's done, she should be stoned!).

Cats I'm neutral about: Sedgewhisker (...why? That was so not worth the battle, you bonehead!), Heathertail (Uh...), Rock (Even more confusing than Heathertail), Ivypaw (is she really that blind?), Tigerheart (Don't ask about this one), Flametail (...just leave that one alone), Brambleclaw (cool when he saved his Clan, uncool when he disowned Squirrelflight), and Stoneteller (can't explain that one either).

Real me: I was born on June 3rd, but for, ahem, certain reasons, all I can say is that I am old enough to be participating on this website. I own 3 goldfish, I've read nearly every Warriors book, and I like cartoons, anime, and reading. I'll get around to this eventually, so it's a work in progress.

Cat Bio:

I was born a loner, Blaze, in the mountains near MythClan's camp. By chance, one day, I was found by my future mentor, Rubyshine, who took me to camp. Dragonstar decided I'd join the Clan, and gave me the name Phoenixpaw. Eventually, I became Phoenixfeather, with a crush on Bigstep, a dark brown tom with amber eyes, which led to the birth of Griffinkit, Snakekit and Hugekit, and after six moons, they became apprentices. The deputy at the time, Amethystpelt (purple she-cat with blue eyes), took me on patrol one evening, and we encountered a huge bunch of rogues! StarClan must have protected me, because I only ended up with mere scratches. Amethystpelt was not so lucky. She was badly wounded, and I had to bring her back to camp. I learned that bunch of rogues were BloodClan, who had terrized Clans before, but I convinced them to scram. I was given an apprentice, Snowpaw (white tom with blue eyes), and five sunrises later, Amethystpelt died in our medicine cat's (Eaglesong, she-cat with a white head, brown body and gold paws) cave. I was made deputy, and eventually, Snowpaw became Snowstep, and I was soon given Lagoonpaw (blue-gray tom with gray flash on chest and green eyes) to mentor. Lagoonpaw is now Lagoonfeather, and my kits are warriors! We don't really suffer from winter, truth be told. We're used to living in cold areas, and this doesn't change.

Questions I have About Warriors Series

Was Pinestar the Henry spoken of in the first book? (I can answer that on my own: No)

Will Ivypaw continue to be mentored by the Dark Forest cats? (I don't think so!)

Will Berrynose stop being annoying? (Kidding. I love the little furball)

Will Heathertail announce she loves Lionblaze? (No)

Will I get Night Whispers? (Settled for getting it at my library, then got it for Christmas.)

Why didn't Blackstar choose Tawnypelt, for StarClan's sake? You know, as a MATE?

Things to Notice

I tend to ramble for no reason at all. Don't take some things I say seriously (I'm being serious right now!)

I also overreact. (OMG, a penny!)

I'm not bragging, but I've read most of the Warriors Books and Manga. I currently have yet to read Rise of Scourge (I keep spoiling Rise of Scourge stuff, though)

I will stick up for anyone who's being harrassed, but please keep in mind I don't have a lot time during the weekdays due to school, unless it's a holiday. Plus, I've only joined recently, so I may need to be told of anything going on.

I don't have a favorite Clan. The reason why? With each leader comes a different shade of the Clan, as with Dawnstar in Ancient ShadowClan in Firestar's Quest: it's possible ShadowClan weren't at the bottom of every trouble back in the day. Hopefully, with Mistystar for RiverClan, they won't be so snooty.

If it comes to editing the small things, like spelling errors, I'm the person to go to, but if it involves coding, then I will run like crazy. I may love being on the computer, but when it comes to coding, StarClan itself would have to mentor me!

Favorite Quotes

"Santa has sharp nails." Billy on a Yeti scratching his face on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Christmas Special.

"No! Xion! Who else will I have ice cream with?" Roxas to Xion in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

"If you're red and blue, then I'm yellow!!!" Bo-bobo on Czar Baldy-Bald the Third's power in BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo, volume 5.

"ACTUALLY, I DON'T EVEN LIKE BEANS." What it says behind Bo-bobo when he starts punching the Third Czar in BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo, volume 5.

"Makaaa...CHOP!" Maka's phrase whenever she Maka Chops someone from Soul Eater.

"T-They're kind of cute..." Liz about the mummies in front of her shortly before being licked from Soul Eater.

"You have dared to knock on the door. Now, the door is open." Truth to Ed when he attempts to resurrect his mom from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

"Food! Meat! Food! MEAAAAT!" Luffy when he wins from One Piece: Pirates Carnival.

(BEEP) Books! They tell you everything but where to find it!!" Ed about books (after reading about the Philosopher's Stone) from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

"It's from an...uh...evil cow." Kamek to Baby Bowser from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

"That's his eager face." Squidward to Squilium about Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants

(More will be added as I remember them)

Rant About Ancestors

I personally think StarClan's going cucoo in the head. Come on, you guys, you're supposed to be the smart guys here! Spreading panic among the Clans is the worst possible idea! Well, besides a bunch of ideas, but that's not the point here. And why shouldn't Jayfeather and the other Medicine Cats tell the Clans about what's going on?? That way, at least the Clans know what to do!

Wait a minute...0_0 I think I have an idea of what's going on...Tigerstar and some other Dark Forest warriors learned how to shapeshift, and now they're spreading panic among the Clans!

Could someone hand me mah Dark Forest cat killing kit? I'm going to leave Tigerheart, Antpelt, and Ivypaw alone, of course, but Hollowpaw and Breezepelt are in for it now!

That's about it! Phoenixfeather, out!

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