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I am Phoenixpelt. I'm a male. I waited in dread to read Warriors. But when I found out it had a character list and a map, I fell in love with it. Since then, I read two Warriors series. Now, I finished three series. The Omen of the Stars series is coming in November 24. I don't really edit things much, though...

Please enjoy looking at Warriors Wiki. But beware. Beware of spoilers.

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I'm no longer going to be on this waste of time. I'm done here. So now, I'm off to play some Pokemon RPGs. And join Bulbapedia.

In the meantime, thanks for reading my dumb crazy junk.



Firestar - Uhhh...

Sandstorm - You should be disappointed in Hollyleaf. But I think you're even more disappointed in Leafpool. Don't ever get rid of Leafpool. EVER. I'm watching you.

Leafpool - I feel bad for you. I liked it when you were a medicine cat.

Brambleclaw - It's not Squirrelflight's fault that she lied to you, OK?

Squirrelflight - You and Brambleclaw would've had great kits together.

Berrynose - You're so annoying. Honeyfern dead was your punishment from StarClan. Why? For being so annoying. Nice job StarClan.

Hollyleaf - Did you really had to reveal Leafpool's long-kept secret to everyone at the Gathering? I hope you walk in the Place of No Stars.

Mistyfoot - I keep hearing rumors that say you have kits. Do you really have kits? If you do, who's your mate?

Sol - MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU TRIED TO KILL BRIARKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dovepaw - Cool powers. I just hope that Ivypaw doesn't find out.

YouTube Videos


Fred: I love your screams.

Cockatiel: Fred really needs to feature you more in his videos. You're like some kind of Mother Nature in "Fred Sees a Therapist".

Fred's Mom: Drinking a lot of beer and "working the corners" is wrong.

Kevin: It's not nice to mean to people like Fred! Not all families must be perfect!

Judy: I think why you're being mean to Fred is because you don't want anyone to know about your crush on Fred. I know you have a crush on him.

Creepy Heads: Fred always screams when he sees you both. The reason why is because you both only have heads for a body.

Bible School Kids: It's not nice to be mean to people like Fred. If you all don't care, then you're all so Year One that you all aren't even in the cool section yet. BURN!

Fred Doll: I want to know either you're controlled by Kevin, or you're a real life form.

Episodes From TV Shows

SpongeBob SquarePants

Help Wanted: I don't know its REAL release date. Anyways, it is a good pilot episode.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy I, II, III, IV, and V: My favorites. Of all time.

Squirrel Jokes: How come it takes more than one squirrel to change a lightbulb? (Comment in my talk page if you know the answer.)

Plankton's Army: Too bad Plankton didn't know his family were hillbillies. Also, Plankton's first name is "Sheldon". It's so funny. ...Sheldon!!! XD

Clams: Yeah, Krabs has gone insane. This episode could be a parody on Steven Spielburg's "Jaws".



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Super Editions

None. I've decided to not read them because they have over 500 pages.

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