Mudpool is a tom with hazel eyes, shaggy gold fur, darkening with age, to the point of being light brown, with barely visible dark stripes and dark brown paws with a darker patch on his right forepaw and tipped tail.

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The Gathering

You weave among the undergrowth, trying to scent any sign of prey, you stop and open you're mouth to taste the air, a warm scent of mouse makes its way into your scent glands, making your mouth water. Suddenly you see a flash of brown shoot from under the bracken behind you and into the brambles ahead, you feel your paws tingle with excitement, and give chase. You race through a sandy clearing and past an ivy-coloured oak tree at the edge of it, a strange, musky odor wafts into you're nostrils, but you keep you're pace and dive through some birch ahead of you, not wanting to loose the swift-footed mouse. You hear a sudden shake in the birch you've just past and spin around to face a light brown tabby tom, he sits down at the edge of a small, sandy clearing and wraps his striped tail over his dark brown paws. You feel your back arch and lip curl, baring you're teeth, and the strange tang you scented earlier fills you're nostrils again.

"You don't need to bare your teeth," the tom began, showing no hostility in his amber gaze. You hold his gaze steadily as suspicion floods over you like a swollen river, though you feel your muscles relax and your pelt lies flat once again. You sit down on some dead leaves, still you feel weary, even though you begin to trust the brown tom.

The brown warrior puffs out his chest as he meows proudly: "I am Mudpool, of SkyClan". SkyClan? What's SkyClan? 'You wonder to yourself.

"Oh, I'm sorry, let me explain," the tom meowed your thoughts, unexpectedly. "Living in a clan is a great honor, you see we live in the caves of a deep gorge, over there," the brown tabby flicks his tail onwards showing the direction behind you. You turn your head to see, but you see only shrubs and tall trees.

"Behind the forest," he explains. "Mothers, called queens protect and feed there kits, when the kits reach the age of six moons, they become apprentices and when they are fully trained, they become warriors, you see? The leader has the full responsibility of looking after the clan, with a little help from the deputy, who becomes leader when the current one dies. The medicine cat treats the wounded and reads signs from our ancestors, StarClan. We have different borders as well, to mark out our territory, like the one you just crossed." Your pelt prickles with memory, as you remember the strange odor that you scented at the old oak tree. That must be a border. You think to your self wonderingly. "I'm sorry, I know this must be a lot to take in, let's take this conversation back to camp." The brown tabby hauled himself from were he was sitting, and turned-tail to disapear into the undergrowth. You quickly follow, dodging tall trees and thorned bushes along the way, you follow Mudpool down a steep slope, a river divided half of it, and a gorge lined a big sandy hollow, cats padded along busily, each doing there own differant chore. You follow Mudpool to a shallow cave, carved in a side of the gorge. "Now where were we, oh yes, I remember being a kit, learning this to, they were good times." The tom continues. His amber eyes glinted with rememberance. "Would you like to here how I got to know the Clan, like you?"

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Name: Raffy (Thats all youre getting of my name :D)

Location: UK

Pets: Harryet-(Harry until we found out she was a girl!) brown-and-white Hampster ( :-( died many years ago)

Barney-Golden doodle (now lives with my family friend)

Bailey-Brilliant brown cockerspaniel with gold muzzle, paws, eyebrows and tipped tail. With a white dash on his chest.

Favourite Colours: Bright Red :)

Favourite Animals: Cats, dogs, Tigers and Wolverines

Favourite Books: Into the Wild, Firestar's Quest, A Dangerous Path, The Darkest Hour, Bluestar's Prophecy

Mudpool He's me as a warrior! All the stuff that happened to him actually happened to me (in human version lol :D ) I chose the name as fearly as possible because I didn't want to just make one up because it sounded cool, even if the name described nothing of me, because that wouldn't happen in the Warriors universe. I have brown heir, hence the Mud-, also, I'm named after my Grandpa on my mum's side, and he acted ALOT like Mudclaw...aparently, because he died before I knew him. I didn't no how to name my ending feraly. So, as the prefix is meant to be the personality or special trait of the cat, so I put -pool, because I love swimming, but I wouldn't want to be a RiverClan cat, because I love climbing trees too (and If you read Bluestar's Prophecy, you'll see RiverClan doesn't like climbing at all. To be a SkyClan cat you need to swim (Because of the river in there territory) and climb (because of there camp. And if you read Battles of the Clans you'll see they felt much more at home in the trees.) I guess I wouldn't have a choice in the Warriors world, I would be born in one Clan and that would be that............oops............ :P


Favourite Characters

(In no particular order)

Stonefur-Sacriffice (:'-o) Think about it. If he didn't save Feathertail and Stormfur-NO TRIBE!!!...and diffarent cats for the great jorney!!!

Onewhisker-Loyal to his clan and a great friend :D

Lionheart-Would of made a great leader :'(

Whitestorm-Fought to his death for the good of his clan...SO SAD lol

Greystripe-Got'ta love him!

Stormfur-Strong and brave! One day he should be leader!!!

Rainfur-I love that cat...not sure why though :-s

Sharpclaw-Hes coooool

Leafdapple-Great great leader!

Echosong-GREAT NAME!



Cinderpelt-Love her. lol

Cinderheart-Love he. You might have guessed ;)


Least Favourite Characters

(In no particular order)

Hawkfrost-I know its in the genes and everything, but seriously. YOU'RE A SECOND TIGERSTAR!!!

Tigerstar-MURDERER!!! lol.


Lizardstripe-Your the one that made Brokenstar evil...I hate you.

Thistleclaw-Don't make another Tigerstar...pleeaasee >:(

Socks/Ruby-You two are the ones that made Scourge evil...GRRR.

Scourge-Youve just got'ta hate SCOURGE!!!


Snake/Ice-God I hate them sooooooooo much!!!!!


Blackstar-Stonefur killer!!!...I loved Stonefur...*sobs*

Spiderleg-Even worse than his father!


Brackenfur, Brightheart, Thornclaw and Cinderpelt are Lionheart's kits.

Stormfur and Brook will have kits.

Hollyleaf is alive, but evil, and Lionblaze will kill her (and become leader of ThunderClan...maybe)

Hollyleaf Fan says:

"Also, I also was looking on an Erin Hunter Chat, and thsre are the exact words:" Firefawn: Why did you kill Hollyleaf? Vicky Holmes: Did I? Where does it say that.


I feel very sorry for ShadowClan, it's not there falt there leaders drove them to crulety, if Tawnpelt led them (wich she probarbly wouldnt) she wouldn't teach kits to be not so hostile, therefore, a nice ShadowClan. :D

Name Requests

If you want me to make you a Warrior name that fits you and isn't one that makes no sence about you but just sounds cool, here are a few steps:

1. Hair colour (ie. Brown, Blonde, Brown, with dark Brown fleck, Black)

2. Eye colour (ie. Green, Brown, Blue)

3. Special trait (ie. Climbing, Swimming, Fighting, Fishing, Running, Scars, Tall, Short, Fat, Thin, Sort Hair, Long Hair, Sharp Nails Other Marks)

4. Tell me what part of a name or a whole one you don't want.

Please Don't make it up!!!

Please give credit to my names!!! Even on other sites!!!

Thank you.


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