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Hey! I'm Rainsong! Welcome to my page! (:

Human Form:

My name is Yasmin and I'm a Japanese-American! I love chocolate and drawing and my family! I have a pet cat named Bruce and he iis a fluffy, cute, Himilayan cat! He has a blind eye so he's such a klutz!

Cat Form:

I'm Rainsong and I'm a light brown tabby she-cat with bright purple eyes. I am a warrior of ShadowClan and my mother is Sagefeather and my father is Shrewclaw. My brothers are Ashkit and Lichenkit and my sister is Echostar, leader of ShadowClan. My nieces are Rainmist and Sunmist and my nephew is Clawpath.

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Sorry if I'm not making much Chararts anymore. I just don't have the time because of stupid schooll! >:( I promise I will try to make time. Someone give me some cat ideas!

I want to re-upload my Chararts again. But this time im gonna fix them to make them better(:

If you know someone named Cardinal, it's mee!

Thanks to PCA for making me an apprentice! Lol (:

Thanks to Rainlegs for making my requested Bruce pic! Your awesomeee !.(:

Just went on the Warriors website and figured out my real name is Clawpath, sadly, even though it's my nephews name! X(

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  • Mother: Sagefeather- white she-cat with ginger patches
  • Father: Shrewclaw- large, muscular dark brown tabby tom
  • Sisters: Echostar- blue-gray she-cat with piercing blue eyes
  • Brothers: Ashkit- gray tom; Lichenkit- brown tabby tom

My Cats- Kittypets

  • Sky- fluffy gray and white she-cat with dark blue eyes. She's a rogue and her mate is Scar and her kits are Frost and Speckle
  • Scar- sleek dark brown tom with green eyes. He has a ripped ear and is a rogue. His mate is Sky and his kits are Frost and Speckle.
  • Frost- small, fluffy white she-kit with pale blue eyes. She is a rogue and her mother is Sky and her father is Scar. Her sister is Speckle.
  • Speckle- a sickly light brown tabby she-kit with a dappled coat and green eyes. She is a rogue and her mother is Sky and her father is Scar. Her sister is Frost.
  • Bruce- chubby Himilayan cat. (fluffy creamy guy cat eith dark brown face, ears, tail, and paws.) He has blue eyes but the left eye is blind. He is a kittypet but sometimes hangs out with Tom, Sky, Scar, Flower, and Bounce.
  • Tom- fluffy brown tabby tom with white muzzle, chest, and underbelly. He has yellow eyes and is a rogue.
  • Bounce- Young black tom (apprentice age) with wide blue eyes. He has sharp claws and is a rogue. His mother died but his step-mother is Flower.
  • Flower- pretty light brown tabby she-cat with white paws and black tail tip. She has yellow eyes and is a loner. Her step son is Bounce.
  • Antonela- a mysterious cream-colored she-cat who sleeps in the shadows of the night. She used to be Scar's mate but then died of an accident. She is still a walking spirit who haunts the gang of cats and gives them dreams or nightmares. She has a grudge on Sky and will soon kill Frost and Speckle if Scar tends to love Sky once more. She mostly talks to Flower in dreams and only Bruce seems to see her with his good eye when she walks their pawsteps.

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Warrior cats I like

  • Jayfeather- I love grumpy blind cats! Love you sooo much! ♥
  • Scourge- I lve evil, phycotic cats! Your collar is studded with awesomeness! ♥
  • Brackenfur- Just very loyal and not some stalker!
  • Tornear- Because your name is too awesome and I love every cat in ShadowClan!
  • Ratscar- very random and I don't know why I like you! Your
  • Leopardstar- I love your pelt color and your name! You fit in with RiverClan really well!
  • Longtail- Your so old and I love your pelt color and especially your name!

Warrior Cats I dont like

  • Breezepelt- You are a phycho path and meaner than Mousefur and Crowfeather put together!!
  • Lionblaze- Your such a show off!
  • Firestar- Your boring and old and too much of a good cat. Please...just...die.
  • Nightcloud- You act like your son and you and Crowfeather are not a good match!
  • Millie- I support GrayXSilver. Please just get out of Graystripe's life! He needs Silverstream not you.
  • Daisy- your annoying and you just want protection! Ugh, lazy furball! Wont even hunt for her Clan, just another mouth to feed.
  • Leafpool- There are many reasons why I hate you. First of all, you betrayed your Clan. Second of all, you made Hollyleaf go crazy. Third, you broke the warrior code. Fourth, I just plain don't like you! Geez choose! ThunderClan or WindClan?
  • Brambleclaw- Your a show off, you are stupid, and your boring and bossy.

Cats im okay with

  • Hollyleaf- Your cool, but at the same time your not.
  • Ivypaw- Bad thing- your stupid. Good thing- you figured out your life was a trick, but you still act kinda ok.
  • Darkstripe- Your cool and klutz but you don't know where you belong

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Thanks for stopping by! See you soon ♥

Rainsong43 14:43, April 3, 2011 (UTC)Rainsong43

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