About me!

Hiya~! My name is Echo, and I own two characters. Echoeh and Briareh! Yeshh! So this is me.... And I am 100% Warriors! Go Rainwhisker!

Briar is a dark gray she-cat with two lighter tabby paws and a white dash on her face. She is a very tiny cat. (I haven't put much thought to her affie box yet.)

She is my current charrie, but you can still call me Echo.

Welcome to RushClan(:

I'm taking charart requests!

Please post the form belome onto my talk mage and I'll make you a character.


Pelt color/length:

Markings (if any) and body defections (such as a twisted foot):



Eye Color:

My favorite characters!

(Not in any order...)

Sol. I know everybody hates him, but.. you can't blame him for wanting power. I know he had a bright side, but most people just don't see it. I mean, wouldn't you want to act awesome if you knew so much?

Heathertail. She still loves Lionblaze, you know, and I'm still holding on to that...

Reedwhisker. Why not?

Cinderheart. She got a freaking second chance! From StarClan! ('m all for Cinder x Jay)

Brokenstar and Tigerstar. Do NOT blame them for being evil! Brokenstar was raised by a snappy, ambitious queen and Tigerstar.... well, I know for a fact he despises kittypets and half-Clan cats because of how his father moved away to be a kittypet (Pinestar), and he had a terrible mentor.

Littlecloud. You can't say he wasn't cool.

Brightheart. Most definately the awesome-est she-cat of the original series.

Yellowfang! Poor thing, her mate didn't care about her and her son hated her. Don't blame her for being grumpy!

Jayfeather... well, he's blind, but I love his power. <3<3<3 I feel like the shit when I read from his POV.

Graystripe. No one can hate Graystripe!

Rainwhisker, Of course he's my number one! :D Why? I love him. Nobody gave him enough credit, and the Erins didn't give him a chance at love. *glares* Though he was really loyal... Plus, nobody even mentioned his death! They say he was just "dead" right after Sunset and nobody ever gave a damn. :( I will miss you, Rainwhisker, and I will see you in StarClan one day... even if you haven't been mentioned there yet. *glares again*



EchoLeaf-fall.. 22:09, September 20, 2010 (UTC)


ⓔⓒⓗⓞI'm raisin the bar, I shoot for the moon, but I'm too busy gazin at stars..

Echofall Fate is in your paws


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