aka Hayley, Redfern, Red, Cat, Fern, Lil Red

  • I live in I live on the border of India and Germany, it's a really big house
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!* I have multiple personalities and none of them like you!*the last person who called me crazy died under mysterious circumstances!
  • I am tired of filling out this box

File:Redfern.request.pngMy Real Life

I own a copy of Bluestar's Prophecy, SkyClan's Destiny, Battles of the Clans, The Fourth Apprentice, Night Whispers, Fading Echoes. All of the first, second and third series. I have read all warriors stories, mangas, super editions, field guides, and online stories, plays and essays. My BFF is Cinderblaze12. She's my friend in real life too! I keep trying to get some of my other friends to read warriors but they won't. I finally got one to read the first one but she's still reading it. Then she stopped. I think someone should delete the page for Allegiances of the Clans, it will never happen. It absolutely annoys me when people create pages that have nothing to do with Warriors. I say things like "Great StarClan" and "FOX DUNG!" at school. I am obbssesed with Warriors it is my absolute favorite series. I try to get all the books. I love drawing warriors cats and coming up with things i want to happen or different ways things in the series could have happened. I enjoy catching Sharpie markers that fall out of the sky, me and my two friends from school have twelve all together. KK bye.

My cat life.

I was born in RiverClan to my mother Icestorm. She was also half ThunderClan and on that side we have SkyClan in it. My father lived in WindClan with his old mate and two sons he's also half ShadowClan. I was apprenticed to Whitewillow. I met an apprentice to ThunderClan named Cinderpaw (later Cinderstar). We are best friends. Then I decided to to train as Spottedfern's medicine cat apprentice. Then I became Medicine cat with the name Redheart. StarClan called me to go to the Tribe of Rushing Water to solve a mystery. I couldn't tell my clanmates. I left RiverClan, I got lost on the way to the Tribe, so I lived as a loner named Red for a while. When I got to the Tribe I became a prey hunter named Red Sky at Dusk. When I found what I was looking for I came back to my clan but I had to be a warrior, Redfern. My friend was now a warrior too Cinderblaze (Cinderblaze12). I got an apprentice. Then I took a mate, Rockclaw. We have two sons, Rootclaw and Duststorm and a daughter Silvermist. I got another apprentice became deputy and then leader, Redstar, and Cinderblaze is leader of ThunderClan now so our clans are allied.


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.swardkcaB si resu sihT

Names I Have Issues With

Archeye-*to his mother* Okay so did you hate your son or what....

Aspentail-is it like asprin

Billystorm-can you explain this one to yourself I'm busy explaining names that need it

Blackbee-bees aren't black though

Bouncefire-OGS the fire is bouncing, RUN AWAY!

Braveheart-what if he's cowardly

Clawface-quick, claw his face-why-his names clawface

Cloversplash-is the clover like wet or something

Crookedstar-Rainflower, that's offensive

Dawnbright-I'd like it if it were Brightdawn but

Deadfoot-that's offensive

Driftkit-OGS the kit is drifting SAVE HIM!

Duskwater-water isn't a time

Eeltail-looks and sounds weird

Fallensnow-*to fallensnow's mother* did you name him Fallenkit

Fennelstar-what the heck is a fennel


Frecklewish-kk, so where'd wish come from

Furzepaw-congrats Furzepaw you've acheived the most stupidest name ever

Greeneyes-but aren't all kits born with blue eyes and they turn different colors cuz if not every cat i've met is biologically wrong

Halftail-that's offensive

Harrykit-can you explain this one to yourself I'm busy explaining names that need it

Harveymoon-can you explain this one to yourself I'm busy explaining names that need it

Hayberry-the hay is a berry now OGS

Heavystep-was he that over weight when he was born

Hollowbelly-is he hungry?

Hollowpaw-his paw is hollow!!

Jaggedtooth-that's offensive

Jumpfoot-what if he can't jump

Loudbelly-is he hungry?

Lowbranch-sorry Furzepaw, you just got beat out


Mossleaf-the moss isn't a leaf

Mumblefoot-a freaking talking foot

Nettlesplash-the nettles are wet

Nightmask-they don't know what masks are

Nightwhisper-is the night whispering to me

Oakstep-the tree is stepping

Oatpaw-how do they know what oats are

Oatwhisker-how do they know what oats are

Oddfoot-that's offensive

Olivenose-quick where's onionbreath and pizzaface

One-eye-that's offensive

Onestar (whisker)-did he only have one whisker

Pearnose-did she have an odd nose

Petaldust-its a dusty petal

Poolcloud-they don't have swimming pools and theirs no cloud in it

Quickpaw-what if he's slow

Ratscar-that's offensive

Redscar-that's offensive

Reedshine-he look! A SHINY REED!

Robinwing (RC)-he's a tom that's a she cat name

Robinwing (SC)-he's a tom, that's a she cat name

Runningbrook-what if she can't run


Runningkit-what if he can't run

Runningwind-what if he can't run

Sedgecreek-the sedge is in the creek

Shredtail-that's offensive

Silverhawk-that hawk is silver, call ripley's believe it or not!

Silvermask-they don't know what masks are


Smoketalon-the talon is on fire!!!

Sneezepaw-he can't sneeze that much


Stonestream-the stream is made of stone

Stumpytail-that's offensive

Sunfish-wow, run out of names much

Sunstrike-strike?? is she on strike?

Swiftbreeze-what if she's slow

Swiftfoot-what if he's slow

Swiftpaw-what if he's slow

Swiftstar-what if he's slow

Tallpoppy-those don't go together

Tawnyspots-he's not tawny or spotted

Tornear-that's offensive

Troutclaw-trouts don't have claws

Vixenkit-couldn't you say foxkit

Wetfoot-he's not always wet

Whiskernose-i'd laugh if it was whiskerwhisker

Whiteberry-OGS they berry's white

Whitethroat-i don't like throat in the name

Whitewater-i don't like water in the name

Willowshine-Oh look, its a shiny willow

Yellowfang-that's offensive

Heavystep the ever living!

Okay so what up with you? Were you secretly a leader we didn't know about and only had three lives then retired? Were their three brown tabby RiverClan elders named Heavystep at the same time? Or like when you died, in sunset, you were alive so after they burried you you clawed your way out and then when you died in long shadows they had to unburry you and then you died for real in between sunrise and the fourth apprentice, or are you going to pop up alive again!


Okay so like the most popular name and all we need is one in shadowclan and we're all set. and there was a tom named that! that is so a she cats name.

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