"Turtle Tail, I know you'll always be with me," he called. "You waited a long time for our love to grow and it won't die now. I'll fight for you, Turtle Tail, and I'll make sure that your kits have a future on the moor, safe among friends." The clouds touched, becoming one. "I will not fail you." Calm enfolded him. As birds began to sing in the new day, Gray Wing felt strength seep back into his limbs."
—Gray Wing The First Battle, page 220

Hii I'm new here (my profile's about 3 days old), but I'm a big fan of Warriors ever since 4 and a half years ago. I've read all the books nad I create my own cats (and Clans) and Warriors Special Edition books :P. May StarClan light your path!

"Stuff" I've edited so far

  • Gray Wing of WindClan
  • Warrior Books > Bramblestar's Storm (What is this I can't see it while I'm editing tho) ----> Template:Chart/step2
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