aka ღHαηηαнღ

  • I live in earth
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is school -_-
  • I am
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Hi there! I hope you enjoy my page. Do you want to ask me something? Than ask it! =^^=

Hello everyone. My name is Hannah and I love, love, LOVE WarriorS so much! I hope you are enjoying my age because I'm working with it. Questions? Ask!

About me and the wiki
Well, I think you allready noticed it but as usually I just can't paint so good on the computer. That is because I am not so old like you all. I'm 14 years old. So I hoe you understand this. And if that's for you old enough to learn painting, than don't forget about the studie's. So yeah...that's all.

Have a nice day!

-Rooderik -Always keep calm!

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