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  • My occupation is Runner, Actress, Singer, Writier, Photographer/Photo Editor, and Absolute Weirdo!!!
  • I am Yeah, I'm a girl.

WARNING: This user page shall be under construction for a little while.  Now that I'm back, I need to clean up all this junk.  You have been warned. xD

If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow, and begin devouring humans, and from the same mouth you started devouring humans, you cried out to me 'I love you', would I be able to say 'I love you' the way I do today?
— Gin Ichimaru in Bleach, episode 308

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My personal image changes all the time.  Currently, I have Ambersplash, a light brown she-cat with dark brown patches and purple eyes.  

Hey y'all.  In case you haven't guessed or noticed, I'm Shadewing, aka Shadey, Shade, or whatever you feel like calling me.  I've been on here about two years, although I took a while off, er, last year I think.  I'm mainly active in PCA and PC, but I do make edits to the pages and such pretty regularly.  I do know my way around here pretty well, so if you have a basic to moderately complicated question, you can always give me a holler on my talk page.  I'm friendly (at least I hope). xP  Well, that's all for now.  Happy editing to ya.  User:Shadewing/Sig 17:29, August 16, 2013 (UTC) Shadewing

(And you should know that I am the biggest Heath Ledger and Harry Potter fan you will probably ever meet.  I'm also a nerd about a lot of other things.  You have been warned).

Oh yeah, and I (sort of) work for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Be jealous. x3

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Stuff About Me

Thoughts on Cats

Cats I Love:

Whitestorm: My favorite character. I love this cat. He's just so amazing.

Lionheart: Exactly like Whitestorm. He wasn't in the series long enough.

Yellowfang: So funny and wise at the same time.  I wanted to flip s*** when she died.

Spottedleaf: I don't know what makes me love FirexSpotted so much.  I just think they were cute.  

Sandstorm:  She's so independent and fierce, and I love FirexSand.

Bluestar: BP almost made me cry.  You were so strong and amazing and even if you went a little crazy, you came back in the end.

Runningwind: I don't know why. I just love him.  I wanted to stomp on Tigerstar when he died.

Tallstar and Crookedstar: Both are just awesome leaders, smart and loyal and intelligent.

Silverstream and Graystripe: Graystripe is funny, and he also never lets Firestar down and always stands by him.  And Silverstream...they were just adorable together.

Redtail: He was adorable.  I just love his fluffy tail. xP

Cinderpelt: She was so strong and brave and never gave up, even when she knew she was going to die.  That takes balls.

Cats I Hate:

Millie: Yeah sure, you did give up your old life to be with Graystripe, but he and Silverstream were just a match made in Heaven.  Plus you get really moody and annoying all the time. 

Lionblaze: You little arrogant weak-hearted b******.  

Thistleclaw: You made Tigerstar evil, and you were a horrible father to Whitestorm.

Tigerstar: You killed so many of my favorite characters, and you were just a jerk in general, even if your fighting skills were pretty sweet.

Onestar: Just because you want to bring WindClan's independence and pride back doesn't mean you have to separate yourself from the other Clans.  

Bone: You killed Whitestorm.  Enough said.

Ashfur & Thornclaw: Thornclaw is too bloodthirsty, and Ashfur just needs to grow up.  Trying to kill his own leader just because he was ticked about Squirrelflight?  Immature and ignorant.

Cats I'm ok with:

Leafpool: Medicine cat: I loved her. Warrior: Not so much.

Brambleclaw: You were amazing in OS and NP.  Like many characers, POT and OOTS ruined you.

Crowfeather: Dude, you and Feathertail were amazing, and I'm one of the few people that supported CrowxLeaf,  but after that you turned into a jerk!

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Boulder ~ Silver Nomination 

Rowanclaw ~ Silver Nomination

Ottersplash ~ Silver Nomination

Sharptooth ~ Silver Nomination

Mudfur ~ Silver Nomination ~ On CBV

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