Countdown to Shigura's Birthday on May 28.

The Image in my CharCat Box is my dog, Lilly. ^_^ I gave her a warrior name, Lillypad. LOL. xD

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Shistar is black she-cat with a white chest and paws. She has one green eye and one blue eye with a long scar down one of her eyes.

Real Me

Welcome. I am Shigura, but you can call me Shigsy or um... Shigura. XD I love the Warriors Series, and do quite a bit of roleplaying myself! My favorite place to roleplay isn't on a forum, though. It's on a virtual pet site! (Lol) XD Although I first began to edit in October, I really started to become a member of the community around March 1st.

Stuff About Me

  • I am a Female. She-Cat, if you'd prefer. LOL. xD
  • I am in the age range of 13-99. LOL.
  • I use LOL and xD WAYYYY TOO MUCH.
  • I used to own a cat named Minnie, but she passed away. D=
  • I adore Warriors. LOL.
  • I am very bored at the moment. That explains this section, basically. xD
  • I ask questions WAYYYY TOO MUCH. xD

I also enjoy the Final Fantasy series- now THAT is pure Pwnsomeness. =D

Other Wikis

Old CharArt

(Yes, I was a member of PCA... I quit. xP)


My First CharArt!

This is the first version of Gorsestar. (See Approved) Pretty bad, eh? xD


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My first signature. Ain't it great? XDDD

Shigura BOO! 23:22, October 24, 2009 (UTC)

Mah Halloween Siggy. ;)

Shistar Mai Talk Page 23:41, March 2, 2010 (UTC)

My new siggy. =D

Ring Ring Banana Phone! 16:20, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

Ring ring ring... xD

Favorite and Least Favorite Stuff

(Don't be offended by these, this is simply my opinions on books, cats, etc.)

Shistar's top 10 Cats (From 10 to 1)

  • Firepaw - Notice the -paw, there. I love the fact he gets into trouble, and isn't perfect like he now. x3
  • Hollyleaf - Ahh, obsessive kitteh. She's so bad, and I love how she dies (?) Mysteriously. >:]
  • Jayfeather - Woodenshipping forever! xD
  • Yellowfang - Hehe, Grumpy meddie cats are just awesome. xD
  • Tigerstar - You're so evil, you're just cool. xD
  • Merry - Just because you're named after my BFFL. xD
  • Graystripe - A Journey from the Forest to the lake by yourself is epic, man! xD
  • Onestar - You're so mean to ThunderClan, but I still luv ya. xD
  • Brightheart - One of my personal faves. She's so awesome! =D
  • Scourge - Who doesn't love a tough cat who wears dog teeth? xD

Shistar's least Favorite 8 Cats (From 8 to 1)

(Yes, I don't dislike very many cats. LOL. xD)

  • Breezepelt - I bet Jayfeather's ashamed to have YOU as kin. >:/
  • Ashfur - GRARRARARARAG... Yeah. :)
  • Spottedleaf - You died. In book one. And you're still stalking Firestar's decendants. LOL. xD
  • Lionpaw - You and your stupid 'Let's claw the pelts off those WindClanners' is really starting to bother me. D=
  • Leafpool - Your obsession with Cinderpaw is really annoying me. D=
  • Squirrelflight - Not telling your mate about the three kits was just mean. xD
  • Daisy - Oh, wow, dude, face it, if Firestar weren't so perfect, you'd be out of ThunderClan in a heartbeat.
  • Firestar - You're so perfect, it's making me puke. I can't wait for whoever's the next leader... unless they become perfect, too. O_O LOL. xD

Shistar's top 5 Warriors Books

  • At Number 5, we have Firestar's Quest- a few slightly boring parts, but over-all, a great, great book.
  • At Number 4, we have Eclipse. One of my personal faves, I especially like the action. It makes up for the boringness of the last 3 POT books.
  • At Number 3, we have The Darkest Hour. I love the battles, drama and other stuff that occurs in this book. A pure win. :3
  • At Number 2, we have Secrets of the Clans. There's a few mistakes in there, but it's a great source of info. :3
  • And at Number 1, we have Into the Wild! One of the few books where Firestar isn't a Gary-Stu! xD

Shistar's least favorite Warriors Books

  • 1- The Sight. It took me 3 tries before I could actually get through the book. LOL. xD
  • 2- Dark River. I really don't like this book for some reason, with the exception of the tunnel flooding. xD

Books that Shistar Owns

(I'm too lazy to put in userboxes. x3)

  • Original Series
    • Into the Wild
    • Fire and Ice
    • Forest of Secrets
    • Rising Storm
    • A Dangerous Path
    • The Darkest Hour
  • New Prophecy
    • Midnight
    • Moonrise
    • Dawn
    • Starlight
    • Twilight
    • Sunset
  • Power of Three
    • The Sight
    • Dark River
    • Outcast
    • Eclipse
    • Long Shadows
    • Sunrise
  • Omen of the Stars
    • The Fourth Apprentice <- Leopardstar's a fish-brain. LOL. xD
  • Field Guides
    • Secrets of the Clans
    • Code of the Clans
  • Special Editions
    • Firestar's Quest
  • Audiobooks
    • Sunset

Books I want

From Most wanted to least...


In the Warriors Roleplay I do, My favorite characters for each rank are...

Leader - Duskstar

Duskstar (In the roleplay I do) was the leader of WindClan. He was a short-haired black tom with a grey patch on his left back leg that resembled a crescent moon. His jade eyes make him look like his evil half-brother, Darkstar.

Deputy - Dewclaw

Dewclaw (LOL, she's named after one of the claws on her leg, look it up. XD) is a long-haired orange-ish she-cat, with green eyes. She has countless scars up one of her front legs, and on one of her back legs is a greenish spot where she was once poisoned. Dewclaw has a long scar up her right eye, and is related to ShadowClan as well as ThunderClan.

Medicine Cat - Snowstorm

Snowstorm is a beautiful white she-cat with grey specks. Her eyes are crystal blue, and she was mentor to Willowleaf. Snowstorm sadly died of Greencough when it spread throughout ShadowClan.

Medicine Cat Apprentice - Scarstripe

Scarstripe is a grey tom with three large scars up his backside. He was a ShadowClanner but got lost when he was a kit and ThunderClan took him in.

Warrior - Midnaclaw

Midnaclaw (Named after a video game character, lol. XD) is a scarlet she-cat with brown eyes and black stripes. She was nearly fatally injured when Rainstar attacked her, in attempt to kill Swiftstar. Midnaclaw is Dewclaw's sister, and still doesn't know it.

Apprentice - Tigerpaw

Tigerpaw is an orange tom with black stripes. He was given his warrior name too soon, and died during a border fight with ShadowClan.

THE best Quote ever

"I pretended your tail was a mouse... and I caught it, too!" -Toadkit to Jayfeather. That made me LOL so hard. x3

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Stuff for Shistar to Remember

Links! ^_^


Yeah, there's alotta stuff here that I use frequently. Tee hee. :)

Feel free to use this thingy on your userpage if you're like me and constantly forget stuff. =3
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Important Stuff that I always forget the code for

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Moar stuff that I constantly forget

Order for family- Mate, kits, Parents, siblings, Grandparents(Great-Grandparents), Uncles/aunts(Great Uncles/Aunts), cousins, nieces/nephews(Grand nieces/nephews), Grandkits (Great Grandkits). 

Re-direct Categories! (Just a note for me to remember. ^^)
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[[Category: Mentors]] for all mentoring cats
[[Category: Minor Characters]] for all small/one appearance characters

Pages I have created

Crowclaw, a cat with only one line in the entire series! LOL! XD

Crookedstar's Secret, a page that was on the line between life and deletion. LOL. xD

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