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Countdown to Shimmerpool's Birthday on February 15.
The summer time has arrived for me being out of school, but my Upward Bound program is about to begin for me. Once it starts, I'll be away during the week and will only be home Fridays-Sundays so I won't get a lot of work done on the site for anything (including PCA) I also have tons of summer work to do for college class -.- I like being in high school but this is ridiculous!-- ♩ Shimmerpool ♪ Never B ♭ ♫ Sometimes B ♯ ♬ But Always B ♮ 02:14, May 29, 2011 (UTC)
Current: LightningClan
Residence: StreamClan, Kittypet


Sparkle, Shine, & Sheen
Firestorm, Spottedwing
Birchclaw, Flamespirit, Moonfeather, Ternkit (deceased), Dovewing, Sunheart, & Blackstripe

Mentor(s): Pebbleheart, Graystripe (in dreams)
Apprentice(s): Rainfall, Lightstream

About me

My role playing character is Shimmerpool.
I've read almost every Warriors book including the manga, field guide, and super edition. I've been into Warriors for about 6 years now. I play the trumpet in my school concert band/marching band/jazz band.

I've been playing for at least 6 years now.I'm a fan of any music ^^

I'm in every advance class, which means I'm smart, but yet I tend to be very slow on things. :D Oh wellz...
I love the color blue, which I'm sure you can tell.
I'm a big Pokemon fan. For those pokemon fans i have these games: Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Pokemon Puzzle League (on Nintendo 64), Hey you Pikachu!, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon LeafGreen (2), Pokemon pinball, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red rescue team, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue rescue team, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, Pokemon Rangers 2, Pokemon XD, Pokemon Collosium, Pokemon Platinum and finally Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver.
I also have a Yorkshire terrier puppy named Pebbles.
I clearly forgot how I use to love Digimon, being a huge fan of Takari (thats TK and Kairi being together as a couple :D) and their Digimon, Patamon and Gatomon. My favorite seasons however are only 1 and 2.
I'm a small fan of the Twilight series, only liking Eclipse the most. Why yes, I'm a Jacob Black fan a.k.a. Taylor Lautner :P I run with the wolves.
Also Hamtaro! Some of you might remember those cute little hamsters or what they call themselves, Ham-Hams ^_^
I'm currently a Warrior of Project Character Art, used to be Senior until I had to step down because of issues with schedule and time. I tend to watch the site on my free time in case if vandals stike which tends to happen daily might I add.

About Shimmerpool

Shimmerpool is a silver tabby with ice blue eyes. She is a descendant of Graystripe, who she meets secretly in dreams. She once was a kittypet back when she was only about 6 moons, but joined LightningClan with her friends and they received their apprentice names. Shimmerpool's best friends are Jayflight and Firestorm. Jayflight is a she-cat who lived next door to her when they were still kittypets, but went to join the Clans with a couple of friends, Tigerstripe and Lionclaw. Firestorm was a loner when he and Shimmerpool first met in Twoleg place. They became fast friends when Shimmerpool's housefolk took him in on a rainy night. There he told Shimmerpool of the dream he shared of living in the Clans and asked her to join him, but she declined. However, they met up again in LightningClan a few moons later and had apprenticeship together. Shimmerpool joined StreamClan for a while after seeing how many cats reacted with her favoritism of water. There she grew close with Thundercloud, Mistystar and Ashstar's son. Of course, when the two Clans were going to battle each other for stolen kits she stopped the battle in time, along with Firestorm and Thundercloud, after having found the kits. Though many cats questioned her loyalty to which Clan she joined LightningClan again, saying farewell to Thundercloud. She is now a chosen cat out of 8, being the one with powers to understand other animals. Though at times this power can be a nuisance as she can now hear her prey talk, it still comes in handy during tough situations. She has once again fallen in love with a cat in another Clan, Spottedwing, but doesn't fear the code as much as they aren't in the forest.


Shimmerpool was an eager to learn apprentice. She can be shy when it comes to newcomers at Gatherings and is a fantastic hunter. She loves to go swimming in the stream when she gets a chance. To many LightningClan cats think it is still hard to live with a cat who loves the water as much as her. She is very intelligent and will speak her mind when needed. Though she tends to stay with her friends even when going on patrols. At times she can be stubborn, as she is headstrong and believes in what's right despite what someone may think of it going against the warrior code.

My Stories

1. New Beginnings
2. Starshine
3. Conjoined Forces

Me and Pokemon

I'm absolutely a huge Pokemon fan, but I do have my own favorite shippings when it comes to it. Most of you might have already read the games I own and I don't feel like repeating all of that again. I do have some fanfictions too, but most aren't finished either. I'm also apart of some Pokemon sites like bulbapedia, a pokemon wiki and PokeCommunity a Pokemon forum. On both of these sites I'm none as Cerulean15. Cerulean is for my favorite character of the anime, Misty since she is from this city and I adore water Pokemon just like her. 15...well it's my lucky number.

Shippings I believe in

1. PokeShipping- I just love this shipping. It was my first one which makes me a big supporter of it. The two always argue and have even been called lovebirds. What's more to say? Named for the first to be shown in the Pokemon Series.

2. ContestShipping - They're made for each other. He's always giving roses to her. She has even shown some jealousy. What's more to say there's love? Named for there love in Pokemon Contests.

3. PenguinShipping - These two have been best buds since they were in preschool which I think is so cool. He's the only one who can call her her nickname xD. Very cute since they also have the same first starter which is why they are named this shipping. Piplup is a Penguin Pokemon after all.

4. RocketShipping - Don't call me crazy because I believe in this, I just do =p. Gotta love these crazy heads. They always hug each other when there's fear and stare into each others eyes when something good happens. Named for being team members of Team Rocket.

5. QuestShipping - One of my newest favorites ^_^ These two are so cute together. Not sure how exactly they got the name..

6. HandymanShipping - A stupid name for such a good shipping. But I guess with Tracey always helping the name makes sense. I'm new at this one too because it was only shown during the Chronicles part of the anime. I hope more is shown.


My sets of signatures I'll use now and again.

  • ♪Shimmer

  •  Shimmer 


♩ Shimmerpool ♪ Never B ♭ ♫ Sometimes B ♯ ♬ But Always B ♮

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