aka Snow, snowy

  • I live in Mystery
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is Troll in training
  • I am Depends on my mood

Hi, and hello, I am snowclaw ( or Amanda or Amberclaw ) along with warriors I also like ( tough I love warriors ) Percy Jackson,and Ever After High. As you can see I love fantasy. I am looking forward to making more edits throughout the year my goal is over 60 edits by chismas 2017, hope fully I get that, so I am not that good of drawer so known of these pictures I use are mine they are the artist pictures and yes I am a huge firestar fan! But when I learned Sandstorm died I was like noooooooooo...........! I also like the math game prodigy! In truth before I knew about warriors wiki I created an oc, her name is amberclaw so please call me that.


My favorite pages

  • chacaters: firestar
  • chacaters: sandstorm
  • chacaters: graystripe
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