aka Jayce, Cloud, Shepard, Tabitha, K

Councilor Bureaucrat
  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Bureaucrat on Warriors Wiki
  • I am Nonbinary

hi i'm cloudy and i think feudal japanese men are cool

im straight and i think garrus is dumb

"This is where the magic happens, this is where the magic lives.
Our friendships weave together, stronger.
The bonds grow deeper, lasting longer.
And the greatest spell you'll know... is how the magic of friendship grows."

—The Mane Six | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

"It's not about who's wrong, as long as it feels right.
Don't think those stars won't align.

Jayce Lynn/KT
26 | Northeastern/Central Pennsylvania | They/She/He

Nicknames include Shepard, Tabitha, Vakarian, or variants of my past and present usernames.
Resident Tribe of Rushing Water enthusiast
Discord: @ademonslexicon#0496 | main twitter: demonslexicon | public twitter: anoblephantasm
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Current Mood (cw: language)

I've been doing this for ten years now, pardon the grumpy attitude. I don't always mean to be an asshole, I'm just very tired all of the time. I edit way too much, and I spend way too much time on here. Send help, the cat books have me trapped. I'm basically the resident mother of the wiki. Go to bed, all of you.
I'm the leader of both Project:Charart and Project:Characters. My chararts can be found here, and my project nominations can be found here.
My favorite characters are Cloudtail, Turtle Tail, Lightning Tail, Ashfur, and Pinestar. I also like the Tribe of Rushing Water, their ancient counterparts, and SkyClan. My favorite main arc book is Long Shadows followed very closely by Sign of the Moon, my favorite novella is Pinestar's Choice, followed very closely by Tawnypelt's Clan, and my favorite super edition is SkyClan's Destiny. My favorite arcs are Power of Three and Omen of the Stars.
Besides Warriors, I'm interested in Love Live!, Red Dead Redemption, The X-Files, Welcome to Night Vale, Final Fantasy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Far Cry, and Mass Effect. Chances are I'll like it if it has great female characters, space, aliens, or conspiracy theories. Some of my favorite music includes Shinedown, Aerosmith, Journey, Simple Plan, Stone Sour, Seether, and Slipknot.

David is one wonderful person, and I love them very much. They have seen a lot in the last few years, and I can never thank them enough for everything they've done for me.

My OC is Dreamcatcher, and she is a small, fluffy, silver-and-black tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes, and black points. Her Clan, rank, and status all change depending on the situation at hand, but she is most commonly a deputy, loner, or cave-guard.
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