hi i'm cloudy and i think feudal japanese men are cool

im straight and i think garrus is dumb

"Ain't nothing normal when it comes to you and me.
I'd rather twist myself in knots, than watch you give up on your dreams."

"StarClan knows, I'm really too old for this, but I promise you I'll do my best."
—Graystripe in The Place of No Stars, pages 90-91


Jayce Lynn (KT, Shepard, Cloud, Skye)
They/He | 27 | Northeastern Pennsylvania
Resident Tribe of Rushing Water enthusiast and hater of Squirrelflight's Hope

Discord: @ademonslexicon#0213 | twitter: demonslexicon
insta: ademonslexicon | Love Live! School idol festival progress

I've been here almost twelve years, and I am an administrator and bureaucrat here. I started out as a chat moderator promoted by a rogue staff member, and I worked my way up from there. I have a lot of edits, due to me contributing for as long as I have. I lead PCA (art is here) and PC (article work is here), and help out pretty much everywhere. Curious what I plan on doing? Check out my to-do list!
Outside of the wiki, I am a long-standing member of Community Council, and I am also part of the administration crew on Community Central. I am very proud of the work that I do, both here on the wiki and Fandom-wide, and consider it an honoring and humbling experience to work with Fandom on a daily basis.
Also, yes, I love Cloudtail, Power of Three, The Broken Code, and Omen of the Stars, and no, I will not argue this with you for any reason whatsoever.

David is a nerd, I love them endlessly.
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