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The final book of The Broken Code arc, A Light in the Mist, is now released! Be wary of spoilers while browsing the wiki.


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hi i'm cloudy and i think feudal japanese men are cool

im straight and i think garrus is dumb

"Now... now and then, you come around... like there's something left for me.
We were one, we were everything.
I'm still here, but I'll just keep the rest for me."

Jayce/KT (Shepard, Cloud, Skye)
They/He | 28 | Northeastern Pennsylvania
Resident Tribe of Rushing Water enthusiast and hater of Squirrelflight's Hope

Discord: @ademonslexicon#0213 | twitter: @vakarian_effect
insta: ademonslexicon | Love Live! School idol festival progress
David is a nerd, and I love them endlessly.

Hello there! I'm just your resident insomniac editor who happens to be an administrator and bureaucrat. I've been on this wiki for twelve years, and I have no intentions of going anywhere any time soon. I currently lead two content projects: the one that makes all of the character art, and the one that helps out with writing character pages! My artwork is here and my regular nominated article work is here, but I do help out pretty much everywhere and edit all sorts of pages. I also once lead the book article project, but stepped aside to give others a fair chance, but I do sometimes help if the project requires it. If you have a question, please ask away! I don't bite, but sometimes I'm tired and forget to answer messages, please don't take it personally!
Outside of the wiki, I am a long-standing member of Community Council, and I am also part of the administration crew on Community Central. I am extremely proud of all of the work that I've done over the years, and consider it a humbling and honoring experience to be able to make a difference.

I love Cloudtail, Pinestar, Power of Three, The Broken Code, and Omen of the Stars, and no, these are not up for debate or discussion.