"Show yourself! Step into your power! Grow yourself into something new."
Elsa, Iduna; Show Yourself


About Me
Before we get started.. I should mention that David is a gay loser and they are my very best friend and gayass partner <3

My name is Jayce, and I'm one of the sysops here. I'm twenty-three (Contrary to popular belief, I am not Purdy), nonbinary, and I live in the central-northeastern area of Pennsylvania. My pronouns are they/them, she/her, or he/him, and if you happen to know me under a different name, then I ask that you please don't call me that. I'm a night-shift working individual, so chance are you'll see me on at times that wouldn't be appropriate for my timezone.

I've been on this wiki since 2009, and I edit this place way too much. I am the leader of PCA and the deputy of PC. I used to be the leader of PB, but that was a time long past, and I have since passed on the reins.

I am certified Pokemon, Love Live!, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, The X-Files, and My Little Pony trash, and chances are you'll see me obsessing over one or the other. Some of my favorite characters from those franchises include N Harmonia, Tabitha, Garrus Vakarian, Cloud Strife, Lightning, Fox Mulder, Nozomi Tojo, Mari Ohara, and Sunset Shimmer. My favorite Warriors characters include Cloudtail, Turtle Tail, Lightningtail, Pinestar, and Ashfur.

I listen to music, and tons of it. I really like Journey, Aerosmith, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace, though. Most of the time, the quote at the top of my userpage will come from a song by one of these bands, or something from a video game, book, or movie.

> Project:Books - handles book articles, and those related to it.
> Project:Characters - handles character articles.
> Project:Charart - handles pixel artwork.
> Project:Reality - handles real life aspects of the series.
> Project:World - handles other aspects of the series, such as prophecies, prey, territories, ect.

> Project Nominations - All of my nominations for PB, PC, PR, and PW.
> Chararts - My PCA chararts.
> Guide to Warriors Wiki - Incomplete; will finish.
> Icy's Talk Page - Talk page for Icy, one of the other sysops here.
> Community Portal

If you need to contact me, the most preferred option is to use my talk page. I also have the following social media platforms or other websites where I can be reached; Please do not use these options to complain about a block, reverted edits, or other problems.

List for those who've asked who some of my more common chararts feature.

  • Dreamcatcher, also known as Dreamstar ;; silver tabby she-cat with aquamarine eyes.
  • Hollyfeather ;; black-and-brown chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat.
  • Valorsong, formerly known as Turtlepaw, orange-and-white tabby tom.
  • Spidernose, formerly known as Spider ;; dark brown tabby tom.
  • Alexander ;; patched black-and-white tom.
  • Shepard , less commonly known as Whitemask ;; tuxedo-style black-and-white she-cat.

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