"It's not about who's wrong, as long as it feels right.
Don't think those stars won't align.

Howdy! My name's Jayce, formally known as SnowedLightning. I'm an administrator/bureaucrat here, and I've been editing since 2009! I'm the leader of PCA and PC, and the owner/creator of our Discord server!

I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and in addition to my work here on the wiki, I also work close to full-time at a local retail I have very little tolerance for the idiocy that you'd usually see. I'm 26, by the way, and I use they/them, she/her, or he/him pronouns! I'm also a member of Wikia/Fandom's Community Council program! SnowedLightning.personal

Discord: @ademonslexicon#0496
Twitter: demonslexicon | anoblephantasm

Besides Warriors, I'm interested in Love Live!, Red Dead Redemption, The X-Files, Welcome to Night Vale, Final Fantasy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Far Cry, and Mass Effect. Chances are I'll like it if it has great female characters, space, aliens, or conspiracy theories. Some of my favorite music includes Shinedown, Aerosmith, Journey, Simple Plan, Stone Sour, Seether, and Slipknot.

Wiki stuff

I have way too many, I would honestly suggest just looking here. I have many nominations for PC and PB, but not as many for the rest of the projects. Those two have always been my favorites. I don't nominate too much anymore; I try and save some of the nominations for others who haven't had a chance to work on as many articles as I have.

Again, way too many to properly list here without probably crashing some browsers. I would suggest looking here if you're genuinely interested in my artwork. I've been active in PCA since late 2010, so chances are that ownership of a lot of images has passed to me at one point in time.

Mainly just for me so I can eventually work on them.

—Tribe of Rushing Water
—Ancient cats/Early Settlers
—The guardian cats
—The Sisters

—Turtle Tail
—Lightning Tail

Long Shadows
Firestar's Quest
Hollyleaf's Story
Tawnypelt's Clan
Sign of the Moon

Power of Three
Omen of the Stars
The Broken Code (so far)

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