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Spiralflight is an all black she-cat with bright turquoise eyes and a white spiral on her forehead.She was born to Carrotwhisker along with her brother, Bearpelt. She never knew who her father was because he was said to be a loner cat that lost his life falling into a lake.

When Spiralflight was a mere kit, she didn't have many friends. She was ridiculed because of her spiral. She had one best friend, Stormkit. They spent a lot of time together, but they then went separate ways when Spiralkit decided to become a medicine cat. They still remained friends and had fun times, but sometimes they didn't see each other because of training.

Ever since Spiralflight was young, she knew she was different. She has had dreams from Starclan since she was very little. She dreamed about flying and making peace with the creatures of earth even though she knew in her heart it would never happen. Spiralflight became a very clever medicine cat. She created new healing techniques, and even made a few potions. She is always busy helping everyone in the clan, but sometimes she gets distracted by a mysterious tom cat. She knows she can't ever be with him because of her duties.

When Spiralflight became a medicine cat, she felt weird. Her body started to warm up, and then her back started to ache. there was a puff of smoke and Spiralflight started to hover! She looked behind her and noticed two little wings on her back! they were a bit ghost-like and not attached, but they still made her hover around. She couldn't fly very high, but she knew that her dreams of flying came true.

Spiralflight currently has no apprentices, but she hopes to have one soon.

Stormkit is now Stormstar, the leader of Ivyclan. You can read about their adventures in my collab fan fic with Featherwhisker.(Book still in progress)


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