Countdown to Spottedhead's Birthday on November 30.


- 12/24/09 - It's Christmas Eve! Even Tigertalon and Scarclaw are putting aside their differences to celebrate!!!

- 12/25/09 - Purry Christmas everyone! Thank you Icy for the awesome present!

- 1/1/10 - Happy New Year! It's 2010 and the cats are at a Gathering! What a party......

- 1/12/10 - Everyone wish a happy birthday to Swiftclaw! It's the LivingClan's deputy's birthday and although he's not around a lot, he's a good cat. *hint hint*

- 1/25/10 - I'm halfway through Confessions of the Shadow!!! Now I just have to upload it, oh great....

- 2/14/10 - Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I started a new Fan Fic on WFW and I need all of y'all to vote! Check it out!

- 3/19/10 - It's Sandheart's birthday! Yay, me of all cats should be excited! *wink wink*

- 3/26/10 - Taking a cat nap on a kit-teh vacation!

- 9/5/10 - My grandmother just passed away today and I feel a new story coming on...

About Me

My role playing character is Spottedhead. I've read every Warriors book there is and I cannot wait until the next one! I've been into Warriors for about 6 months but I currently hold the record for "The Fastest Warriors Reader." When I met Erin Hunter, she told me herself. My friend, Wildfire and I are currently writing another Warriors series called Clans in Need. We're currently working on the first book called Confessions of the Shadow. The cats are whole new cats, whole new names, whole new storylines but the same concept. There are four clans in our book and they are: LivingClan, IslandClan, RockClan and GuestClan.

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Other Wikias I Go On


Name: Spottedhead

Reason: Same reason I'm on this Wikia haha!

Special Info: Well just see my page now for details!


Name: Spottedhead

Reason: *sighs* See above.

Special Info: You know already...


Name: Spottedstar

Reason: Fawnstorm told me too haha.

Special Info: I'm leader of LeafClan yay!


Name: Spottedhead

Reason: It's based on the site: It's a work in progress.

Special Info: I created it!

My Siggys

SpottedheadIslandClan's Deputy Den

SpottedheadThe Shadows Are Rising!

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GobbleheadHappy Thanksgiving!

Birthday KittyIt’s Spottedhead!

♥ Birthday Kitty ♥

:D Jinglehead ♥ Merry Christmas all! (made by Icestorm123 as a bday present)

SpottedheadIt’s the New Year! 2010!

SpottedheartHappy Valentine’s Day!

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SpottedheadHappy Easter!

SpottedturkeyHappy Thanksgiving!

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My Favorite Quotes

Rockclaw (Eveningswift): Where did that mouse-brained apprentice go?

Stormpaw (Eveningswift): SNEAK ATTACK!

Rockclaw (Eveningswift): Stormpaw, it's not really a sneak attack if you yell it like that.

Spottedhead: When life gives you lemons, make Coca-Cola and have everyone wonder how you did it.

Spottedhead: When life gives you lemons, squirt life in the eye and demand Night Whispers!

Will Robinson (Jack Robinson): Oh s**t!

Dr. Zachary Smith (Gary Oldman): A boy of your intelligence shouldn't swear...Oh s**t!

(From Lost in Space movie)

Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf): 911? 911? Are you there? Satan's Camero is stalking me!

(From Transformers movie)

Soldier: How did you get wrapped up into all of this kid?

Sam Witwicky (Shia Lebeouf): I bought a car, turned out to be an alien robot, who knew?

(From Transformers movie)

Vanessa: There's got to be an easier way to get a car.

Doofenshmirtz: You know what they say about taking the easy way out...

Vanessa: No, what do they say?

Doofenshmirtz: I would tell you but that would be taking the easy way out and you know what they say about that!

(From Phineas and Ferb)

Narrator: There was an empty seat at the Hogwarts staff table. A familar greasy-haired, hook-nosed person was missing...

Harry Potter: Where do you think Snape is?

Ron Weasley: Maybe he's sick!

Harry Potter: Maybe he quit because he lost out on the Defense Against the Dark Arts job again!

Ron Weasley: Or maybe he was sacked! Nobody likes him anyway...

Severus Snape: Or maybe he's wondering why you two didn't show up on the school train.

From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

About Spottedhead


Spottedhead is the deputy of IslandClan. She has sand-colored fur and blue eyes. She's spunky and never takes no for an answer. Spottedhead hates all RockClan cats because of their malicious leader and deputy (Yellowstar and Scarclaw). Currently, she has no mate and her parents are Dustmask and Crowtail, but she does have one apprentice, Fuzzypaw. She's very close to the leader of IslandClan, Thornstar, but she would never dream of being mates with him. She's happy with her role in IslandClan and Spottedhead's very friendly toward any cat in her Clan.

Spottedhead's Friends

Spottedhead has many friends but only the close ones make a difference in her life.


Fuzzypaw is Spottedhead's apprentice and together, these two she-cats are unstoppable. Fuzzypaw is a tortoiseshell with unusally soft fur. She's the only she-cat apprentice in IslandClan and everyone wants to be her friend. Fuzzypaw's unique and kind of shy but if you're her friend, you'll see her true colors. Fuzzypaw and Spottedhead were two of the IslandClan cats who chased off Scarclaw and Grayeyes from their territory.


Sandheart and Spottedhead are very close friends. They've been best friends since they were kits. Sandheart is a yellow tom with green eyes and he's a warrior of IslandClan. Sandheart and Spottedhead have been through much together and either one would be devastated if the other got hurt. While Spottedhead seems to have a crush on Sandheart, Sandheart doesn't seem to notice or pay attention to the fact that they could be more than friends.


Thornstar is the leader of IslandClan and Spottedhead deeply respects him. They discuss many things together, from hating RockClan to friendly chats! Thornstar seems to like RockClan and for that reason, he and Spottedhead have many fights. Once the fight is over, they're true friends and you can simply see it.


Wildfire is a golden red she-cat and a warrior of LivingClan. She was once a queen with one tiny yellow kit but no one knows what happened to that kit. It was so small, it didn't even have a name yet. Wildfire and her mate, Swiftclaw were devastated when they found out. Spottedhead and Wildfire have a bond between each other that no one understands. Wildfire and Swiftclaw always sit with Spottedhead and Thornstar at Gatherings.

The Creation of My Stories

Wildfire and I are currently writing another Warriors series called Clans in Need. We're currently working on the first book called Confessions of the Shadow. The cats are whole new cats, whole new names, whole new storylines but the same concept. There are four clans in our book and they are: LivingClan, IslandClan, RockClan and GuestClan. We're not finished yet but I'll post more on the detailed plot each time we add more to the story.

Confessions of the Shadow

First off, this is not a true Warriors book by Erin Hunter. This is like a role-play story. The author is Spottedhead with help from Wildfire.

About the Story

Everything is changing. The Clans (IslandClan, RockClan, LivingClan, and GuestClan) don't know where to turn next. RockClan is getting more sinister and GuestClan is keeping a secret that could change the way the Clans see the world. Overall, everyone is getting more protective as the days go by. But when a warrior from RockClan and the medicine cat from GuestClan get together, their plan could literally alter the forest.


If you'd like to control any of these characters, let me know. Note: you can only adopt cats that have nothing next to their name.


Leader: Shadowstar- a sand colored cat with brown paws and ears (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Deputy: Loudtail- a striped tortoiseshell tom

Medicine Cat: Redheart- a black she-cat with a white belly and fiery eyes (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Warriors: Bramblesky- a navy blue-gray she-cat with the ability to talk to StarClan (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Iceshadow- a golden tom with lime green eyes (controlled by Wildfire)

Hawkclaw- a pure black tom with white spots all over and long claws

Thornbelly- a black she-cat with dark green eyes

Patchnose- a white tom with a black muzzle

Lightningheart- a light brown tabby she-cat

Thunderbird- a large ginger tom with amber eyes and long fur (controlled by Hawkfire98)

Apprentices: Hiddenpaw- a white she-cat with mysterious black eyes MENTOR: SHADOWSTAR (controlled by Shimmersong)

Leafpaw- a tabby she-cat with a white muzzle and green eyes MENTOR: BRAMBLESKY

Breezepaw- a blue-gray tom MENTOR: ICESHADOW

Rainpaw- a red-brown she-cat with a white striped tail MENTOR: HAWKCLAW (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Whitepaw- a pure white tom with short fur MENTOR: PATCHNOSE

Queens: Thrushear- a light gray she-cat with long fur MATE: LOUDTAIL

Birdfur- a golden she-cat MATE: UNKNOWN

Littlefern- a small brown tabby she-cat with navy blue eyes MATE: THUNDERBIRD (controlled by Hawkfire98)

Kits: Mousekit- a light brown tabby tom MOTHER: UNKNOWN (controlled by Wildfire)

Clawkit- a tiny fiery orange tom MOTHER: THRUSHEAR

Longkit- a tortoiseshell she-cat with a long tail MOTHER: THRUSHEAR

Fernkit- a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes MOTHER: THRUSHEAR (controlled by Snickers20)

Sweetkit- a slender tabby she-cat with white paws MOTHER: LITTLEFERN (controlled by Hawkfire98)

Elders: Leopardlegs- a black and white striped tom


Leader: Yellowstar- a sand colored tom with a light brown tail (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Deputy: Scarclaw- a white tom with black patches and a long scar on one paw (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Medicine Cat: Brighteyes- a tortoiseshell she-cat with bright blue eyes (controlled by Elorisa)

Warriors: Mousetalon- a dark brown she-cat

Swiftspot- a black and white spotted tom (controlled by Wildfire)

Wetflower- a black she-cat with a white tail and belly

Grayeyes- a dark gray she-cat

Apprentices: Mudpaw- a black tom with brown eyes MENTOR: YELLOWSTAR (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Tanglepaw- a stone gray tom with one black paw MENTOR: BRIGHTEYES

Ashpaw- a dark gray tom MENTOR: MOUSETALON (controlled by Sunblaze)

Bluepaw- a black and white striped she-cat with dark blue eyes MENTOR: WETFLOWER

Queens: Hollystripe- a white tabby she-cat with amber eyes MATE: UNKNOWN

Cinderpath- a dark gray patched she-cat MATE: SCARCLAW

Kits: none

Elders: Tigertalon- a white she-cat with black stripes (controlled by Wildfire)

Rockfur- a black tom with short, patchy fur


Leader: Icestar- a white she-cat with light blue tinges to her fur (controlled by Hiddensun)

Deputy: Swiftclaw- a silver tom with a black muzzle and white paws (controlled by Swiftclaw)

Medicine Cat: Bluepelt- a tortoiseshell she-cat with piercing blue eyes (controlled by or Sorrelsplash)

Warriors: Mosspath- a light gray she-cat with three brown paws

Sandfur- a sand colored golden she-cat (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Foxfur- a red-brown tom with white paws

Whiskerbreath- a black tom with a golden tail

Snowear- a pure white she-cat

Apprentices: Nightpaw- a black she-cat with navy blue stripes MENTOR: SWIFTCLAW

Runningpaw- a brown tom with a white ear, tail tip and paws MENTOR: SANDFUR

Mousepaw- a small fiery colored she-cat MENTOR: FOXFUR

Silverpaw- a silver she-cat with a dark gray paw MENTOR: SNOWEAR

Queens: Wildfire- a ginger she-cat with light blue eyes MATE: SWIFTCLAW (controlled by Wildfire)

Dawntail- a white she-cat with a golden ear MATE: WHISKERBREATH

Kits: none

Elders: Thornfur- a light brown tom with a white tail

Redfoot- a fiery red tom


Leader: Thornstar- a golden tom with a brown tipped tail (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Deputy: Spottedhead- a sand colored she-cat with light blue eyes (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Medicine Cat: Rainstorm- a pale tan tom with a short tail

Warriors: Sandheart- a tortoiseshell tom with yellow eyes (controlled by Wildfire)

Wildmarsh- a black she-cat with green eyes (controlled by Echomist)

Rockclaw- a light gray tabby tom (controlled by Eveningswift)

Claweyes- a white tom tom with a golden face

Brightshadow- a black and white patched she-cat with dark blue eyes (controlled by Pebbleshine)

Apprentices: Fuzzypaw- a tortoiseshell she-cat with unusually soft fur MENTOR: SPOTTEDHEAD (controlled by SpottedheadRC)

Tigerpaw- a brown striped tom with black eyes MENTOR: SANDHEART (controlled by Icestorm123)

Hawkpaw- a dark gray and white striped tom MENTOR: ROCKCLAW (controlled by Eveningswift)

Stormpaw- a black tom with navy blue stripes and yellow eyes MENTOR: BRIGHTSHADOW

Queens: Mudflower- a pure white she-cat with short fur MATE: UNKNOWN (controlled by Feathermoon)

Kits: Pebblekit- a black and white spotted she-cat with tiny paws MOTHER: MUDFLOWER (controlled by Swiftclaw)

Flowerkit- a white she-cat with ginger markings in the shape of flowers (controlled by Shimmersong)

Elders: Cloudpool- a black and white striped she-cat with blue pools for eyes

Dustmask- a dusty gray tom with a hard expression all the time (controlled by Wildfire)

Crowtail- a black she-cat with a light gray tail (controlled bt Sunblaze)

Cats Outside of Clans

Pool- a sand-colored tom kittypet who lives with the Twolegs that invade IslandClan (controlled by Icestorm21)

Detailed Description

Yellowstar is hunting through the woods when he hears Thornstar and Spottedhead talking about the move from the pond to the dumpster. Spottedhead finds out Yellowstar is spying on them and the duo get in a major clawed fight. Thornstar has to break them up. At the dumpster, Yellowstar reveals that he knows of a place the Clans can go to at the meeting. After the "Gathering" is done, Scarclaw shows up and tells Yellowstar that he found the perfect Gathering place. Yellowstar and Scarclaw then lead the leaders and deputies of each Clan toward this new, unfamiliar place. Spottedhead is cautious but reasonable at this time. At the new Gathering place, the leaders send their deputies out to explore the land around them and claim territories. Swiftclaw returns first and Icestar quickly claims the moorland right outstide of the Gathering place. There is questions about how the other Clans will travel to the Gatherings and Icestar agrees to let those groups through. Spottedhead returns next and she explains about an island in the middle of the lake. Thornstar agrees without even taking a glance. Then Loudtail interrupts them and he and Shadowstar leave to look at GuestClan territory. Yellowstar was feeling upset when Scarclaw finally appeared. The new RockClan place is fanastic and Yellowstar turned out to be speechless. Back at the dumpster, the leaders explain the new boundaries and Yellowstar starts to round up all his cats for the last journey.

As the RockClan cats reach a Thunderpath, Yellowstar and Scarclaw send everyone across the Thunderpath two at a time. When Swiftspot and Mudpaw go, they almost get hit by a monster! Yellowstar scolds Swiftspot but lets Mudpaw off the hook. Scarclaw and Yellowstar are the last to cross. When they do, Scarclaw makes it but Yellowstar gets trapped underneath a monster. When he escapes, RockClan is gaping at him in amazement but Yellowstar shrugs it off. When they reach the camp, Yellowstar gathers his Clan together with the familiar call and explains the boundaries and the dens. There's two hills with several caves so each cave is a den. The high ledge on the first hill is the medicine cats' den, underneath is the apprentice's den and beneath that is two connected caves so that's the warriors' den. The top cavern on the second hill is the nursery (so the medicine cats can leap from one hill to the next) and under that is the elder's den with a prisoner's den attached. Tigertalon protested about the prisoner's den and Scarclaw snapped at her that RockClan isn't going to let trepassers go with just a warning. Yellowstar nodded in agreement and proceeded to his den, the biggest one at the bottom. As everyone was leaving for patrols and hunting parties, an idea popped into Yellowstar's head to get GuestClan back once and for all.

Yellowstar calls Swiftspot and Scarclaw into his den but to his surprise, Mudpaw is already there! Yellowstar yells at his apprentice until Mudpaw slinks out of the den, discourged. Soon after, Yellowstar feels a pang of something inside couldn't be pity...could it? The leader calls Mudpaw back in and tells the young apprentice to fetch him some wet moss. Mudpaw cheers up and scampers away. Meanwhile, Yellowstar reveals his plan to the two warriors. He tells Swiftspot to travel into GuestClan territory and capture an important cat of power while Scarclaw is to travel in IslandClan territory and beg for help, saying that GuestClan is attacking. Then when GuestClan tries to get their cat back, they can't because they will be outnumbered. Swiftspot and Scarclaw dip their heads and leave. Little did they know that Mudpaw was standing outside, listening to everything.

My Opinions About Warriors

My Favorite Cats From Clans in Need Series (my books)

1. Shadowstar- so brave and loyal and gah! Perfect!

2. Spottedhead- uhhh it's me, no questions needed.

3. Mudpaw- so cute and adorable...or is he? *dun dun duh*

4. Tigertalon- funny in the best ways! She always wins against Scarclaw, who said elders loved everyone?

5. Hawkpaw- OMG can you say silly? (watch out Evening!)

6. Sandfur- weird but totally focused and in control... why do I like you again?

7. Stormpaw- reminds me of my fish, don't ask, enough said.

8. Pebblekit- he'll grow up to be something special, believe me.

9. Iceshadow- oooohhh the bad boy, kind of like Tigerstar in the betrayal category *hint hint*

10. Sandheart- awwww I love Sandheart! SpottedXSand forever!

Favorite Cats

1. Cinderpelt- why did you have to die? You were the perfect character!

2. Feathertail- the color silver is amazing and you died to save your friends, what a hero...

3. Leafpool- no Hollyleaf! What are you doing? Don't betray your Clan! Leafpool, don't listen to her! *steams up*

4. Cinderheart- it's Cinderpelt...again, enough said.

5. Silverstream- *eyes tear up* See Cinderpelt.

6. Whitestorm- such a perfect character, never said no, always said go...hmmmm haven't you noticed all the characters I like end up DYING??? *resumes angel pose*

7. Ravenpaw- well this is a bad example but he is so kind and sweet

8. Sandstorm- spunky and determined but isn't she like a great-grandmother now? Yeesh! I liked you better when you were younger!

9. Brook Where Small Fish Swim- awwwww true love =D

10. Hollyleaf- I used to like you before you BETRAYED YOUR CLAN and hurt all the others I love D= Why are you still even on this list?

11. Leopardstar- nobody likes her but me... hehe I'm special...

12. Graystripe- now who doesn't love Graystripe? My heart broke when he got captured. Didn't yours?

Disliked Cats

1. Darkstripe- you two faced *please stand by for young children*! You're such a coward!

2. Boulder- what is your problem? You agreed to help Tigerstar which is bad enough and then you betray him! *makes face*

3. Berrynose- somehow you killed Honeyfern so you could mate with Poppyfrost...just a feeling...

4. Lionblaze- fight, win, kill, win, fight, win, fight, fight: is that all that goes on in your brain?????

5. Spiderleg- oh for crying out loud, spend some time with your mate and kits! Are you suddenly afraid? Scaredy pants.

6. Breezepelt- I have nothing good to say about him.

7. Mudclaw- *sticks out tongue* Geez! How many emotions can one cat carry?

8. Blackclaw- now whose side are you on again?

9. Furled Bracken- I don't know why I don't like him...I just don't, hmmm weird.

10. Kestrelflight- Okay you're WAY too friendly! If a ninja came up to you, would you be like HI MY NAME IS KESTRELPAW, WHAT'S YOURS? WANNA BE FRIENDS?

11. Dappletail- you were so cute when you were an apprentice and young warrior. What happened????

12. Snaketail- I'm kind of scared to be related to you because I was like Snaketail? What kind of name is that? Who's your mother????

Future Leaders


Cinderstar- I totally think that Cinderheart has what it takes. She's kind, patient and ready to fight to the death if needed and it's StarClan's decision to let Cinderpelt become Cinderheart so they're going to help her in anyway possible.

Lionblaze- he's too greedy for power so I think Cinderheart will beat him out but feel bad and choose Lionblaze to be her deputy.


Tawnystar- after Russetfur died *coughs*Lionblaze*coughs*, Tawnypelt should become deputy and then leader YAY!!!!!!!!

Tigerheart- he's adorable in many ways and totally leader-worthy.


Ashstar- she's not THAT old, come on people! She'll totally shape up WindClan after Onestar dies.

Breezepelt- *growls* Grandson? It's like the Brokenstar episode all over again!


Petalstar- she was so brave to go on the mission and watch her Clanmate die in front of her. She deserves this!

Minnowtail- she's cool and would totally make a great deputy!

Favorite Books

1. Dawn- this sets the scene for the rest of the series! Amazing!

2. Forest of Secrets- this book is SOOOOO sad but I love the revealence of Tigerstar... soooo awesome.

3. Sunrise- it's suspenseful, I like it!!!!!!

4. Fading Echoes- OMG this book was amazing! I couldn't put it down.

5. Dark River- I read this on a road trip and couldn't put it down until the car stopped! My fav part was the whole Cinderpaw/Cinderpelt reincarnation thingy. Nice job Erins!

What I Think About Other Users

  • Minnowclaw- my amazing mentor who thinks that I'm her favorite even though I'm not that good at making CharCats
  • Sorreltail18- the craziest most hyper person ever known to walk this a good way of course!
  • Brambleclaw14- a true friend who always wants to know details but that's what makes him awesome
  • Pebbleshine/Hawkstar of ThunderClan- I don't really know them as a person but they're great writers!
  • Icestorm123- she's very supportive and always has something to say
  • Eveningswift- the bestest friend ever so you can imagine how I felt when she quit *curls up into a ball and cries*
  • Shimmersong- an eager friend who always keeps me entertained =D
  • Hawkfire98- awesome buddy who's amazing at like everything! *smiles*
  • Bramble- AWESOME!!!! that's all I got, and it pretty sums it all up! You're awesome Bramble!

Poll of the Week

What do you think Scarclaw should do to Spottedhead?

The poll was created at 18:14 on January 30, 2011, and so far 9 people voted.

Week 1 (7/12/09-7/19/09): Which cat would be the best leader after Firestar dies?

  1. Graystripe
  2. Brambleclaw
  3. Brackenfur

Whoo hoo! Graystripe rules!

Week 2 (7/19/09-8/4/09) Which cat of the "three" do you like best?

  1. Jayfeather
  2. Hollyleaf
  3. Dovekit

Week 3 (8/4/09-8/11/09) Which important cat do you think will die in Omen of the Stars?

  1. Firestar
  2. Leopardstar
  3. Brambleclaw

Week 4 (8/11/09-8/24/09) What's your favorite book from Power of Three?

  1. Dark River
  2. Sunrise
  3. Long Shadows

Yeah! Go Dark River!

Week 5 (8/24/09-9/1/09) If you could pick any cat to die in The Fourth Apprentice, who would it be?

  1. Firestar
  2. Lionblaze
  3. Brambleclaw

Week 6 (9/1/09-9/12/09) What's your favorite book from The New Prophecy?

  1. Dawn
  2. Sunset
  3. Starlight
  *cheers for Dawn*

Week 7 (9/12/09-9/22/09) Which cat is your favorite from my series?

  1. Icestar
  2. Spottedhead
  3. Scarclaw

Week 8 (9/22/09-10/3/09) What's your favorite book from the Original Series?

  1. Forest of Secrets
  2. The Darkest Hour
  3. Into the Wild

Forest of Secrets is the most intense, don't you think?

Week 9 (10/3/09-10/31/09) Who's your favorite cat from the Original Series?

  1. Firestar
  2. Cinderpelt
  3. Silverstream

Week 10 (10/31/09-11/27/09) Who's your favorite cat from The New Prophecy?

  1. Leafpool
  2. Feathertail
  3. Squirrelflight

Medicine cats rule!

Week 11 (11/27/09-12/24/09) Who's your favorite cat from the Power of Three?

  1. Cinderheart
  2. Jayfeather
  3. Honeyfern

Yay Cinderheart!

Week 12 (12/25/09-1/2/10) Who's your favorite cat so far from Omen of the Stars?

  1. Dovepaw
  2. Sedgewhisker
  3. Ivypaw

Week 13 (1/2/10-1/15/10) Who do you think Spottedhead's mate should be from Confessions of the Shadow?

  1. Sandheart
  2. No one
  3. Thornstar

SpottedXSand Rules!

Week 14 (1/15/10-1/24/10) Who do you think should die in Confessions of the Shadow?

  1. Swiftspot
  2. Yellowstar
  3. Thornstar

Week 15 (1/24/10-2/15/10) What do you think Mudpaw's warrior name should be (from Confessions of the Shadow)?

  1. Mudstripe
  2. Mudheart
  3. Mudthorn

Week 16 (2/15/10-3/19/10) What Warriors Wiki do you go on?

  1. Warriors
  2. Warriors, Warriors Characters, Warriors FanFic
  3. Warriors Characters and Warriors

Week 17 (3/19/10-4/3/10) What do you think the next book that I'm writing should be called?

  1. Water's Nature
  2. Time Flies When You're In the Pond
  3. IslandClan's Revenge

Week 18 (4/3/10-4/20/10) What do you think Dovepaw's warrior name should be?

  1. Dovewing
  2. Dovecloud
  3. Dovesong

Week 19 (4/20/10-5/22/10) What do you think Ivypaw's warrior name should be?

  1. Ivypool
  2. Ivyfrost
  3. Ivyleaf

Week 20 (5/22/10-1/30/11) What do you think Fuzzypaw's warrior name should be (from my books)?

  1. Fuzzytail
  2. Fuzzyflower
  3. Fuzzyfrost

Wildfire's Corner

'Ello I'm Wildfire! I'm a queen of LivingClan and a Warriors reader! I'm friends with Spottedhead and we have a special connection in Time Flies When You're In The Lake, the sequel to Confessions of the Shadow. It's not written yet but keep your eyes out! See my posts and if you want to talk to me, I have a section on Spottedhead's talk page and my own signature so let me know what you think of me!

Moonrise Predictions

I'm currently on the Warriors book, Moonrise and I have some predictions and I promise I haven't looked at the series so here they are!

1. I think by the end of Moonrise, Stormfur will end up killing Sharptooth and killing himself as well.

2. I think Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw will mate and have a kit who turns out evil.

3. I think Feathertail and Crowpaw will mate and be exiled from the Clans.

4. I think Graystripe will kill himself in Dawn because Stormfur died.

Dated: 2/1/10

Dawn Predictions

Hey it's me again! I just finished Chapter Three of Dawn! Boy was I wrong on my predictions, so I added some new ones for Dawn!

1. I think Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw will mate.

2. Hawkfrost will influence Squirrel/Bramble's kit to be evil.

3. Crowpaw will never mate again because he's so devastated.

4. Graystripe will kill himself because Feathertail died.

Dated: 2/6/10

Starlight Predictions

Okay so I'm on Starlight yay! Number Four was wrong but I'mma keep on trucking! I think I'm on Chapter Five btw. Dawn is Spottedhead's favorite book, though I'm not really sure why. Oh well, my favorite so far is Into the Wild (the first ones are always the best) and The Darkest Hour. Well I'm getting off track but whatever. Check me out!

1. I think Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw will not mate.

2. Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw will become evil together.

3. Squirrelflight and Ashfur will mate.

4. They will have a kit which Bramble/Hawk will kill.

5. Mothwing will betray Leafpaw.

6. Crowfeather won't mate again until the next book.

Dated: 3/28

Twilight Predictions

Hey-oh! I haven't started Twilight yet and I'm keeping my predictions 1-5 but OMG I'm SOOOOO changing 6!

6 (revised haha). Crowfeather and Leafpool will pull a Romeo and Juilet/West Side Story. In other words: Crowfeather will think or hear that Leafpool's dead and therefore, kill himself or beg Hawkfrost to kill him. Leafpool will find out Crowfeather's dead and either a) kill HERSELF or b) kill someone else in revenge. Mwah haha!


Dated: 4/13

Subject: Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight and Ashfur

Alright, this "competition" is getting way too in depth for my liking. Brambleclaw is being a stuck up snob *growls at Brambleclaw*, Squirrelflight isn't helping the situation and Ashfur is too keen to get in the middle. This arguement is getting way too overboard. Haha that didn't even make sense LOL! So Spottedhead told me someone important is going to die in Twilight (the book I'm on) and I think it'll be Squirrelflight. Suicide is my guess because she'll be too upset with Brambleclaw to live. Ashfur will find her body and mourn and never mate again. Also, Brambleclaw and Ashfur will probably fight each other. *sighs* I wish Squirrel and Bramble would get back together, things were so much easier then. But if that happened, there would be no drama right? Right. Still... Well what am I going to do? Keep on reading that's right!

Dated: 4/21


Wow a LOT of time has passed since I wrote last. It's finally summer and I cannot wait for fun in the sun! SPOILER ALERT! I finished Twilight and cried with everyone else when Cinderpelt died. Then I read Sunset and screamed and danced happily when Hawkfrost died. I thought Brambleclaw was going to be evil for sure. Ashfur is most definetatly the evil ThunderClan cat. My prediction in which Spottedhead says "I'm NAWT going to tell you." Whatevs. Next came the Tigerstar and Sasha comic books. Those were uber sad. Then I read Secrets of the Clans. I had an inkling I read it before but that's just me. The Code of the Clans was just as good. I loved learning about all of the secrets about the codes. I liked the pages where Leafpool told the reader about the codes that didn't make it in the Warrior Code. I finished The Sight too. It was really action-packed and I'm waiting for the whole Cinderpelt-Cinderpaw thing to be revealed. Spottedhead tells me it's in Dark River so I rushed through The Sight. Then I read the Graystripe trilogy. That was ADORABLE! Best comics yet in my opinion. Finally, I'm in Dark River. I just read the part where Leafpool and Jaypaw found out 100% that Cinderpaw was indeed Cinderpelt. I almost cried with happiness, cuteness and sadness. It was soooo sweet. I almost had a heart-attack when she fell out of the tree though. There was no way StarClan would let her suffer again...but now it's all good. END SPOILER ALERT! So thanks for reading you guys and please comment. I'm lonely. Thanks!

Dated: 6/28


Yuppers, that's the one I'm on! You guessed it haha! Anyway, it's kind of boring compared to Dark River. Best Po3 book yet! I love it or as Spotty would say, I heart it! Hehe I always tease her and it annoys her! Bonus points! I shouldn't critize though because I'm only on the third chapter. I really don't have much to say but I feel for Heatherpaw. I wanted to smack Lionpaw in the face when he said he was leaving. I probably should've said SPOILER ALERT but oh well. I didn't reveal much so me sorries! So I better go but thanks for reading!!!

Dated: 7/16

The Rest of the Series

Whoops, I think I forgot to post a lot of stuff. So here I am, little old me, back again... So I finished Outcast pretty quickly and trudged through Eclipse which was just as boring as Outcast. Long Shadows started to pick up and when I read about Squirrelflight saying that secret that everyone's talking about, I gasped and turned to Spottedhead for an explanation. It was terrible! So then Sunrise went pretty quickly and I must admit that I cried when Honeyfern died. The ending was pretty shocking and now I'm on The Fourth Apprentice. More sooon! Mwah!

Dated: 10/1

Fading Echoes

Well I'm on Fading Echoes now and loving it! Spottedhead's told me two cats die in this story and I've already experienced the first. I felt soooo bad for Mousefur!!!!!!!!!!! She looked so sad and depressed, I wanted to cry! Hopefully, I'll be done soon. Spottedhead's lost her voice so that's delayed us (because she usually reads along with me). Anyway, maybe I'll continue without her because she already knows what happens! I'm almost caught up to her! I only have to read Night Whispers, Battle of the Clans, Bluestar's Prophecy, and SkyClan's Destiny. I know it sounds like a lot but I'm hoping to catch up to her by the time Sign of the Moon comes out in April. I already have my Barnes & Noble gift card ready lolz! But Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! See y'all soon!

Dated: 12/27

Night Whispers

I finished Fading Echoes in plenty of time and now I'm moving on to Night Whispers. I'm about halfway through and I have two words for you: Ivypaw is an idiot. Whoops, that's four XD! Anyway, it's intense and I feel bad for Dovepaw. She has so much pressure on her shoulders.  :( I feel her pain. I'm super busy today! So this will be quick and short but after this, I'll be sad. Because then I'll have to wait like the rest of you. :( Oh well... I still have the three extra books to keep me busy until April.  :) See you soon!

Dated: 1/30


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