aka Skyleap

  • I live in ThunderClan
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is Warrior
  • I am A Shecat


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About Me!

As A Cat


Skyleap is a slender, beautiful, black and white she cat with green eyes.

Father: Stormstep
Mother: Willowheart
Mate: Striketail
Kits: Cherryflower (shecat) , Berrytail (shecat), & Jaysong (tom)


Med Cat Apprentice: Skypaw
Apprentice: Skypaw
Warrior: Skyleap
Queen: Skyleap
Deputy: Skyleap


Skykit was born ThunderClan, with her brother Sunkit, the two were born in mid newleaf, but were sickly, Sunkit had died after 3 weeks, Skykit got well and survived.

When she was 6 moons, Mudsplash choose her to be his apprentice, Skypaw was clumsy and wasn't careful enough, so Redstar made her a warrior apprentice instead, which she was a natural at, as for Mudsplash, he choose Rosepaw as his new apprentice, which worked out well. Rosethorn got her name and Mudsplash died not so long later.

Skypaw was gifted, caught a squirrel on her first day hunting, her mentor Swiftwind was delighted. When she became a warrior, Skyleap met Striketail, who had saved her from a fox attack, The two later became mates. In early leafbare, Skyleap had 3 kits, Cherrykit, Berrykit and Jaykit, when she became a warrior again, Redstar had died, leaving deputy Branchtail to take over as leader. Later, Berrytail and Jaysong became warriors,and Cherryflower became medicine cat. Striketail retired because of a wound that wouldn't heal, and Skyleap is deputy. :3

As A Twoleg (lol)

Name: Laura (plz call me Lolli or Spotted)

Age: between 10-17

Birthday: the day I was born (01-02)

Fave Bands: Paramore, Maroon 5, Evanescence, Flyleaf.


Bluestar's Prophecy

Into the Wild

Fire and Ice

Forest of Secrets

Rising Storm

Into the Woods

A Dangerous Path

The Rise of Scourge

The Darkest Hour

Escape from the Forest

Firestar's Quest

Return to the Clans

Shattered Peace

A Clan in Need

The Heart of a Warrior

SkyClan's Destiny





The Lost Warrior



Warrior's Refuge

Warrior's Return

The Sight

Dark River



Long Shadows


The Fourth Apprentice

Fading Echoes

Night Whispers

Sign of the Moon

Secrets of the Clans

Cats of the Clans

Code of the Clans

Battles of the Clans

Yay I've almost read them all :D

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❅Spottedleaf❅ Let it snow

I'll probably not use this one very much, even if it is Leafbare/Winter..


✿ֆթՕեեҿծȴҽаʄ✿ ❀17 42❀

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Spottedleaf ✿Yay for Newleaf!❀

The Newleaf/Spring one! :3


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Spottedleaf ❤ⓛⓞⓥⓔ❥

Valentines one...



On Names

Squirrelflight - Squirrels don't fly!

Furzepaw - "This is Furzekit!" "Furzekit? Seriously?"

Billystorm, Snookpaw, Macgyver and Ebonyclaw- I know you're kittypets but Leafstar could've given you better names!

Onestar - This is weird, it NEVER SAID you have one whisker so WTDF (What the dark forest) ?

Lionblaze - Really?

Sneezepaw - He was sick so you're going to call him Sneezekit? You do know he'll be stuck with that name for the rest of his life...right? His brother's name is Coughpaw isn't it? And Feverpaw is his sister? LOL this is fun actually..

Mossypaw - "Sooo what should we name our kit? Mosskit?" "No Mosskit isn't good enough, I like Mossykit."

Little Mew - LOL

Goosefeather - Cats know what geese are???? O_O

Leafpool - A pool of leaves! Yay!!!

more later

On Cats

Cats that need their pelts ripped off

1) Breezepelt - Oh wow it is NOT Jayfeather's fault Leafpool kitted him seriously don't take your anger out on him. You are a big steaming pile of MOUSEBRAINED FOX DUNG!!!!!!! I could rant about you all day and think of worse names for you but there are kids here and I have to move on.

2) Berrynose - Your mate dies so you go off with her sister! Who does that!? Oh yeah, YOU do.

3) Hawkheart - You're supposed to be a MEDICINE CAT! So you're not supposed to kill you're supposed to heal. I hate you!!! I cried when Moonflower died and it was YOUR FAULT!

4) Dovewing  - I like your power but you are sooooo full of your self aren't you?

5) Lionblaze - Dumb power.


1) Jayfeather - Yayz u r awesome Jay!!! *squeals like a JB fangirl though I hate him*

2) Ivypool  - Awww, your dumb sister gets all the attention :(

3) Spottedleaf - ♫I'M WALKING ON SUNSHINE IN DREAMS!♫ You're awesome

4) Most SkyClan cats - GO SKYCLAN!!!! XD

More later


Countdown to After the Flood on April 12, 2012.
Countdown to My Birthday on January, 2.


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