Hi, I'm Spottedleaf76 and I LOVE Warriors. I have alll the books and like to role play. My favourite characters are Spottedleaf and Leafpool and pretty much all medicine cats of thunderclan. I'm a bit of a chatter box so if you want to talk, feel free to go to my page! My current project is to get all RiverClan up to silver and reach 500 contributive edits.

PLEASE NOTE!!! Scince it is the holidays, I will not be on very much as I am busy with family and friends. Messages left on my talk page will be responded to after New Year. Happy New Year!! Thanks for your understanding :)

My Character

Spottedkit is 4 moons old and a female kit of ThunderClan.
Her parents are Cinderheart and Lionblaze. She is adventurous, clever, and determind. Though she doesn't know what she wants to do for her clan she knows she will be the best she can be. She spends alot of time in her uncle's (Jayfeather's) den. She speaks to the sick cats and is just about the only cat, other than Lionblaze and Dovepaw, who doesn't get on Jayfeather's nerves.

Spottedkit's family tree

Coming as soon as I find out how.


Here are a few of my favourite things:

Colour: Pink, but not the light pink. I like the darker pinks.

Animal: Dogs, foxes, wolves, wolverines, falcons, lions, cheetahs, tigers, pretty much all animals :P

Favourite series (other than warriors): Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, Night Runner, House of Night, Inkheart series, The Hunger Games, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. There are probably more but I'll add them later.

Cats, Please remeber these are my opinions and I mean no offense to any one who does not agree:


-Leafpool (When shes a medicine cat) - She's so like me!

-Spottedleaf - Because... just because.

-Brightheart - She went through so much and is still a great warrior.

-Briarlight - I liked her even before the tree thing but she's even more awesome now. She tried to save Longtail, risking her life in the attempt.

-Dovepaw - She's just cool.

-Jayfeather - I don't think I really have to explain.

-Feathertail - She is so nice!

-Princess - Kittypets rock!

-Squirrelflight (Before she gets all depressed)- So fiesty and determind I liked her best as an apprentice.

-Lionblaze - He's cool and he turned his back on Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. He also did what was right and left Heathertail no matter how much it hurt him.

-Longtail - You had a hard life, stuck in the elders den at a young age, dieing so Mousefur wouldn't. May Starclan light your path forever Longtail.

- Crowfeather - Sometimes I like him.

-Mothwing - I like you. Just because you don't believe in Starclan doesn't change that, you tried and your brother made it impossible. Don't blame yourself.

- Cloudtail - You brought life back to Brightheart the way no medicine cat. Shes changed you alot and you've changed her. Just because you don't believe in Starclan doesn't change how amazing you are.

Cats I dislike:

- Ivypaw - You could have been awesome. Why are you so jealous?

- Hollyleaf - You were okay as a kit, now? You're a murderer and a hypocrite. You killed someone so they wouldn't reveal a secret and then reveal it yourself. I really hope you don't come back.

- Darkstripe - You tried to murder a kit!!! I feel bad for you though. You followed Tigerstar to the Dark Forest and he left you to suffer. Your loyalty could have made you great if only you had chosen the right cat to be loyal to.

- Breezepelt - You tried to kill a blind medicine cat and a pregnant queen. You claim to hate your half- siblings but you take Lionblazes old love for a mate. What is wrong with you?

- Heathertail - I'm not gonna go into my huge rant right now. Look out for it in the future!

Favourite shippings:

- LeafxCrow - Soul mates!

- SquirrelxBramble - Please fogive her!

- FirexSand - Made for eachother, sorry Spottedleaf

-Cinder(heart)xLion- So cute!

-CloudxBright- Two of my favourite cats

-FeatherxCrow - LeafxCrow is better though

-DovexTiger- I really like this!!



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