Hello! I'm Spottedwing. I'm a Brown she-cat with black patches with dark blue eyes and a white tipped tail. The clan I'd much prefer to be in is RiverClan because I really do like Leopardstar, Mistyfoot, Reedwhisker, Feathertail, and the taste of fish. ;).

I'll try to be here more often, but I do not wish to rejoin the PCA. (I'll miss it though) but thanks to everyone who introduced me to pixlr, I'm using a lot now for school work. Thanks guys!!!!

UPDATE: Wow, it's been years since I've been on this. I was thirteen when I joined. Holy crap! Well I'm eighteen now and ready for college. Looking over all of this made me realize that I was taught how to be a little bit more responsible, espeically when I was on PCA and boy do I miss it (even though I was really bad at it and everything I did was tweaked). It was fun. It really was, but don't expect me back anytime soon. Studying theater awaits!

2nd UPDATE: Dude! What I said about Hollyleaf! I totally called that!

Favorite and Least Favorite Characters


1. Tawnypelt I miss her so much she is just the best

2. Leafpool She goes through similar things that I have to go through

3. Brambleclaw Tough guy that I think needs to get back together with Squirrelflight

4. Squirrelflight She's sort of like me, I used to be that outgoing until I came to highschool

5. Heathertail She had to go through so much crap, Go Heathertail!

Least Favorites

1. Nightcloud She just kinda got thrown into the drama. And think we never saw "Nightpaw" in the past book have we? She just appeared out of nowhere

2. Breezepelt He's getting into a lot of things that really isn't his business

3. Crowfeather I liked him until Leafpool's secret got out. So instead of a "Leafpool how could I do this to you?" its "YOU MEAN NOTHING TO ME.....GRRRR"

4. Hollyleaf Yes I think you're still alive and will die later

Favorite and Least favorite pairings


1. CrowXLeaf

2. BrambleXSquirrel

3. LionXCinder

4. KestrelXHolly

5. BirchXWhite

6. JayXWillow

7. RowanXTawny

8. WhiteXLeopard

Least Favorites

1. CrowXNight

2. AshXLeaf

3. AshXSquirrel

4. AshXWhite

5. BreezeXHeather

6. LeopardXTiger

Things I think of when it comes to Warriors

WARNING: Very weird and may contain spoilers.

HollyXKestrel: I made this one up. I know weird. But think, we all know that Hollyleaf might be still alive, and may go to WindClan to be with her father. She was known for loving The Warrior Code more then anything else. So the unthinkable may happen and she falls in love with Kestrelflight, and the drama starts from there. In my opinion it could be a good twist in the story.

Crowfeather's three mates: I remember pointing this out in a forum. Feathertail lookes like Jayfeather in a way,being gray tabbies with blue eyes. Leafpool lookes like Lionblaze, being light brown or golden with amber eyes. Nightcloud lookes like Hollyleaf, being black with green eyes.

Code of the Clans: How come Medicine cats not falling in love wasn't included in this book? I really wanted to know the reason why medicine cats couldn't fall in love. Maybe the Erins just forgot. They have so many other things on their minds.

Blackstar and Shrewfoot: We all know Blackstar. The ShadowClan leader. Some of us may know Shrewfoot. She just became a warrior of ShadowClan. She and Blackstar have something in common: Their feet are black. This might meen that Shrewfoot is Blackstar's daughtor. Also notice their warrior names. Blackfoot and Shrewfoot.

Graystripe and Crowfeather: I have to say, these two have something in common and I think some of us have noticed this. They have two loves that look almost the same. (I'm not including Nightcloud) They fall in love with silvery tabbies with blue eyes who are Silverstream and Feathertail and then they fall in love with brown tabbies Mille (until her descrition got changed) and Leafpool.

The four clans and the four houses from Harry Potter The four clans and the four Harry Potter houses are a bit similar if you really think about it. Like how ThunderClan is similar to Griffindor because they both contain the main characters. ShadowClan is a bit similar to Slytherin because they both contain characters that Erin Hunter and J.K. Rowling want us to not like. RiverClan and Ravenclaw are similar because they tend to have characters that ones from other clans or houses fall in love with. For instance GrayXSilver, BlueXOak, CrowXFeather, CedricXCho, and HarryXCho. WindClan and Huffelpuff are a bit similar because they tend to have polite charaters. (until Power of Three)

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