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Likes & Dislikes

I love...

  • warriors (duh)
  • reading
  • watching stuff on TV
  • swimming
  • not cleaning my room
  • playing with my kitten
  • drawing

I hate...

  • people who can't sing but do anyways(unless they are doing it for other people's entertainment)
  • speaking in front of a lot of people
  • all green vegetables
  • computers that crash and/or lag

My Kitten

Her name is Mia. She likes to sleep in my closet. Her teeth are really sharp, but not sharp enough to cause bleeding. She's about 7 or 8 months old as of 6th April 2009.


My characters:

  • ShadowClan
    • Inkpaw/Inkflower
    • Stealthpath
    • Shadefang
    • Frostkit/Frostpaw
    • Darkkit/Darkpaw
    • Willowpaw/Willowgaze
    • Applepaw/Applenose
    • Berrypaw/Berrytail
    • Volestar
    • Pouncetail

During Warriors roleplay, I usually play Inkpaw and her older sister's name is Stealthpath. Her littermates' names are Willowpaw/Willowgaze(light gray she-cat with light green eyes) and Applepaw/Applenose(dark brown-gray tom with dark olive eyes). Her mate is Shadefang, and when she becomes a warrior, she plans to have kits with Shadefang. Shadefang is basically a darker, less brown version of her with one white paw.

In the case that I play her as already a warrior, she has two she-kits, Frostkit/Frostpaw(a brown-gray she-cat with white paws and warm, green eyes), and Darkkit/Darkpaw(a dark gray she-cat with icy blue eyes). She is currently training Moonpaw.

Her older sister, Stealthpath, has a tom kit called Graystorm(a light gray tom with amber eyes), but her mate is unknown. She previously trained Berrypaw(now Berrytail), a good friend of Inkflower.

Willowgaze is a successful warrior and has become deputy. She had trained Thornfang and is currently training Tigerpaw. She also has a mate, Quickstep, (but she does note have kits) and is good friends with the medicine cat, Underfoot.

Applenose has an apprentice, Dustpaw. He previously trained Pebblepaw(Now Pebbleshine), Moonpaw's mother.

The leader is Volestar, and his mate is Pouncetail. His warrior name was Voletail. He has eight kits, Berrytail(Inkflower's good friend), Eaglefeather and Hawkeye(born the same time as Inkflower, Willowgaze and Applenose), Quickstep(Willowgaze's mate) and Kickfoot(born slightly after the first litter's apprentice ceremony), and Nightpool(Apprentice med. cat), Thornfang(Willowgaze's apprentice) and Whitefoot(the last litter).


Favourite Characters

Characters I Hate

Names I would change

  • Cinderheart to Cinderfur (You know, so it would be more...Cinderpelt-ish)
  • Brokentail to Brokenheart
  • Oakheart to Oakpelt
  • Bluefur to Bluemist
  • Jayfeather to Jayfall (Not making fun of him or anything, I just thought it sounded nice...)
  • Berrynose to Berrytail (Since his tail got...chopped off...You know, Berrytail? Like his tail is like a berry cause it got chopped off? Know what I mean?)

Theories I believe



Ashfur helped Hawkfrost set the fox trap

Hollyleaf will be evil!

Theories I dont believe

Tigerpaw will be evil


Jayfeather will be evil


Books I Have

Original Series (6/6)

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The New Prophecy (6/6)

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Power of Three (3/6)

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Long Shadows.

Super Editions (1/1)

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Field Guides (1/2)

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