• I live in who knows
  • I am female

Hey. I used to be an active member on this wiki and a rollback some years ago, until life got in the way and a loss of interest. I still pop up every now and then to check up on things, as this wiki was really important to me back then, and always will be! I had loads of fun being a part of this community, and I made many friends and memories here. Thanks to all those users who were a part of that. <3

Although I lost interest in the Warriors fandom, I still read the main books and the super editions, so I'm up-to-date with all of the recent stuff. Even though I'm really disappointed with the Vision of Shadows arc.

If you wanna chat, you can email me on my old wikia email

Nvm google has graciously locked me out of that account.

You can also contact me via discord, and my skype if you don't already have it. Just email me your name so I can add you as I don't really wanna list them on my userpage.

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