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"I choose the life of a warrior. And I choose you."
Cinderheart to Lionblaze in The Last Hope, page 242

It’s Fall!

Sun that Casts Shadows.personal.png
Hey, I’m Sun. I edit frequently nowadays, and I’m really good at is sitting on the couch. I’m not lazy, I just rlly enjoy doing nothing. Yep, and that’s pretty much it. The forms for requests are down below and on my talkpage, and my chararts, sigs, nominations, my award drafter, and my userboxes are found above. Anywho, peace out ✌️


What blank?
What fur length?
What eye color?
Any markings? (Tabbies, etc.)
What fur color?
Any additionals? (Collars, etc.)
Have a great day! ( ิ◕㉨◕ ิ)


What do you want it to say?
What colors?
What font?
What should the small letters say?
Any shadows?
What should it link to?

Countdown to Darkness Within on November 10th.
Countdown to Winds of Change on June 1st.
Countdown to Place of No Stars on April 6th.
Countdown to A Warrior’s Choice on April 6th.
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